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Name Req. Level Slot Type
Zardonis' Ebon Cord 50
Zardonis' Ebon Gloves 50
Zardonis' Ebon Hood 50
Zardonis' Ebon Leggings 50
Zardonis' Ebon Ribs 50
Zardonis' Ebon Shoulderpads 50
Zardonis' Shade Stalker Belt 50
Zardonis' Shade Stalker Boots 50
Zardonis' Shade Stalker Cowl 50
Zardonis' Shade Stalker Gloves 50
Zardonis' Shade Stalker Legguards 50
Zardonis' Shade Stalker Spaulders 50
Zardonis' Shade Stalker Tunic 50
Zealous Treads 51
2020202020 12th Guard Banner
12th Guard Orders
A Black Key
A Bogling Key
A Chess Piece
A Chess Piece
A Chess Piece
A Chess Piece
A Chess Piece
A Chess Piece
A Chess Piece
A Chess Piece
A Copper Key
A Glowing Key
A Grimy Key
A Knight's Key
A Large Key
A Polka Dot Key
A Queen's Key
A Rusty Key
A Sapphire Key
A Square Key
Abandoned Holy Symbol
2020202020 Abandoned Rations
2020202020 Abomination Essence
Abomination Lab Key
2020202020 Absorption Rod
2020202020 Abyssal Artifact
2020202020 Abyssal Cultist Disguise
2020202020 Abyssal Manifesto Fragment
Abyssal Modifier
2020202020 Abyssal Notebook
Abyssal Plans
2020202020 Abyssal Rune
2020202020 Abyssal Schematic
Abyssal Talisman