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Name Req. Level Slot Type
Grovekeeper's Hauberk
Hallowed Carmintium Hauberk 50
Hallowed Chromite Hauberk 32
Hallowed Cobalt Hauberk 38
Hallowed Copper Hauberk 19
Hallowed Gantimite Hauberk 50
Hallowed Iron Hauberk 26
Hallowed Karthite Hauberk 53
Hallowed Tin Hauberk 11
Hallowed Titanium Hauberk 44
Hauberk of Divinity
Hauberk of Emancipation
Hauberk of Flame
Hauberk of Revelation
Hauberk of the March
Hauberk of the Renown
Hauberk of the Savior
Hauberk of the Warden
Haunting Hauberk of Doom 53
Haunting Hauberk of Invocation 53
Haunting Hauberk of Virtue 53
Haunting Hauberk of Whimsy 53
Hermit's Hauberk of the Fortress 3
Hermit's Hauberk of the Sage 3
Impenetrable Carmintium Hauberk 50
Impenetrable Chromite Hauberk 32
Impenetrable Cobalt Hauberk 38
Impenetrable Copper Hauberk 19
Impenetrable Gantimite Hauberk 50
Impenetrable Iron Hauberk 26
Impenetrable Karthite Hauberk 53
Impenetrable Tin Hauberk 11
Impenetrable Titanium Hauberk 44
Impervious Carmintium Hauberk 50
Impervious Chromite Hauberk 32
Impervious Cobalt Hauberk 38
Impervious Copper Hauberk 19
Impervious Gantimite Hauberk 50
Impervious Iron Hauberk 26
Impervious Karthite Hauberk 53
Impervious Tin Hauberk 11
Impervious Titanium Hauberk 44
Imposing Carmintium Hauberk 50
Imposing Chromite Hauberk 32
Imposing Cobalt Hauberk 38
Imposing Copper Hauberk 19
Imposing Gantimite Hauberk 50
Imposing Iron Hauberk 26
Imposing Tin Hauberk 11
Imposing Titanium Hauberk 44