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Name Req. Level Slot Type
Lil' Smoulda
Lil' Swagga
Little Black Book 50
Maelforge Balloon
Mini Regulos
Mossy Tartagon
Mountain Najmok Reins
Noble Guard Armored Valmera 50
Obsidian Armored Spindrel 60
Pearlescent Conch
Queen's Gambit 50
Rampant Fluffy
Red Ursin 51
Regulos Balloon
Rescued Oreling
Santa Claws
Scoots' Favorite Treat
Scorched Collar
Scotty's Companion Whistle
Screechling Crate
Seeing Dots 50
Shiny Lil' Trinket
Shiny Tartagon 50
Shiny Tartagon
Soulbound Charger 50
Sparkling Geode
Spectral Ash Strider
Spectral Crocnard Bridle
Spectral Kontartula
Spectral Najmok Reins
Spirit of Tears
Spotted Festive Fae Yule Vaiyuu
Stone Egg
Stormtouched Dragon Whelp
Striped Vaiyuu Reins 50
Striped Vaiyuu Reins
Swift Armored Ash Strider 50
Swift Armored Murdantix Bridle 50
Swift Buff Valmera Collar 50
Swift Copper Armored War Horse Bridle 50
Swift Copper Armored War Horse Bridle 50
Swift Copper Eldritch War Steed Bridle 50
Swift Desert Najmok Reins 50