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Name Req. Level Slot Type
Rugged Medium Leather Leggings 23
Rugged Medium Leather Shoulders 23
Rugged Soft Leather Belt 7
Rugged Soft Leather Boots 7
Rugged Soft Leather Brigandine 11
Rugged Soft Leather Gloves 11
Rugged Soft Leather Hood 11
Rugged Soft Leather Leggings 7
Rugged Soft Leather Shoulders 7
Rugged Soulbind Leather Belt 47
Rugged Soulbind Leather Boots 47
Rugged Soulbind Leather Brigandine 50
Rugged Soulbind Leather Gloves 50
Rugged Soulbind Leather Hood 50
Rugged Soulbind Leather Leggings 47
Rugged Soulbind Leather Shoulders 47
Rugged Striped Leather Belt 55
Rugged Striped Leather Boots 55
Rugged Striped Leather Brigandine 53
Rugged Striped Leather Gloves 53
Rugged Striped Leather Hood 53
Rugged Striped Leather Leggings 54
Rugged Striped Leather Shoulders 54
Rugged Thick Leather Belt 35
Rugged Thick Leather Boots 35
Rugged Thick Leather Brigandine 38
Rugged Thick Leather Gloves 38
Rugged Thick Leather Hood 38
Rugged Thick Leather Leggings 35
Rugged Thick Leather Shoulders 35
Rugged Thin Leather Belt 15
Rugged Thin Leather Boots 15
Rugged Thin Leather Brigandine 19
Rugged Thin Leather Gloves 19
Rugged Thin Leather Hood 19
Rugged Thin Leather Leggings 15
Rugged Thin Leather Shoulders 15
Ruinous Jerkin
Runner's Hood
Ruthless Belt of Infamy 52
Ruthless Belt of Infinite Chains 52
Ruthless Belt of Slaying 52
Ruthless Belt of Viciousness 52
Ruthless Boots of Alteration 50
Ruthless Boots of Dancing Blades 50
Ruthless Boots of Doom 50
Ruthless Boots of Endless Crisis 50
Ruthless Boots of Infamy 50
Ruthless Boots of Infinite Chains 50
Ruthless Boots of Invocation 50