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Name Req. Level Slot Type
Threadbare Tunic of the Fortress
Threadbare Tunic of the Trickster
Thug's Tunic
Timeworn Tunic of the Fortress 5
Timeworn Tunic of the Trickster 5
Tortured Tunic of Dancing Blades 51
Tortured Tunic of Endless Crisis 51
Tortured Tunic of Infamy 51
Tortured Tunic of Infinite Chains 51
Tortured Tunic of Slaying 51
Tortured Tunic of Viciousness 51
Tough Tunic of the Fortress
Tough Tunic of the Trickster
Treacherous Dense Leather Brigandine 50
Treacherous Exotic Leather Brigandine 44
Treacherous Heavy Leather Brigandine 32
Treacherous Medium Leather Brigandine 26
Treacherous Soft Leather Brigandine 11
Treacherous Soulbind Leather Brigandine 50
Treacherous Striped Leather Brigandine 53
Treacherous Thick Leather Brigandine 38
Treacherous Thin Leather Brigandine 19
Tunic of Emancipation
Tunic of Rebirth
Tunic of the March
Unwavering Dense Leather Brigandine 50
Unwavering Exotic Leather Brigandine 44
Unwavering Heavy Leather Brigandine 32
Unwavering Medium Leather Brigandine 26
Unwavering Soft Leather Brigandine 11
Unwavering Soulbind Leather Brigandine 50
Unwavering Striped Leather Brigandine 53
Unwavering Thick Leather Brigandine 38
Unwavering Thin Leather Brigandine 19
Vandal's Tunic of the Fortress 25
Vandal's Tunic of the Sinister 25
Vandal's Tunic of the Stalwart 25
Venerable Tunic of the Fortress 20
Venerable Tunic of the Rogue 20
Venerable Tunic of the Sinister 20
Venerable Tunic of the Stalwart 20
Vengeful Dense Leather Brigandine 50
Vengeful Soulbind Leather Brigandine 50
Vengeful Striped Leather Brigandine 53
Venom-stained Duster
Verlin's Tunic
Vest of Quickness
Veteran's Tunic of the Fortress 37
Veteran's Tunic of the Sinister 37
Veteran's Tunic of the Stalwart 37