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Name Req. Level Slot Type
Vicious Rhenium Bindings 60
Waistplate of Malleable Ice 60
Waistplate of the Grand Falconer 60
Warforged Infernal Girdle 50
Warlord's Girdle 60
Warlord's Girdle of Retribution 60
Warlord's Tassets of Fortune 47
Warlord's Tassets of the Defender 47
Warlord's Tassets of the Sinister 47
Warlord's Tassets of the Stalwart 47
Warlord's Tassets of the Tenacious 47
Warlord's Tassets of the Warfront 47
Warlord's Tassets of Valor 47
Wildfire Plate Girdle 50
Wily Hardened Rhenium Bindings 60
Wily Vicious Rhenium Bindings 60
Wrathful Tassets of Dancing Blades 58
Wrathful Tassets of Endless Crisis 58
Wrathful Tassets of Slaying 58
Wrathful Tassets of Viciousness 58
Zealous Hardened Rhenium Bindings 60
Accurate Carmintium Tassets 47
Accurate Chromite Tassets 29
Accurate Cobalt Tassets 35
Accurate Copper Tassets 15
Accurate Gantimite Tassets 51
Accurate Iron Tassets 23
Accurate Karthite Tassets 55
Accurate Tin Tassets 7
Accurate Titanium Tassets 41
Ancestral Tassets of Dancing Blades 51
Ancestral Tassets of Endless Crisis 51
Ancestral Tassets of Infamy 51
Ancestral Tassets of Infinite Chains 51
Ancestral Tassets of Slaying 51
Ancestral Tassets of Viciousness 51
Antiquated Storm Marauder's Pillaging Belt
Arbiter's Tassets
Assailing Tassets of Dancing Blades 54
Assailing Tassets of Endless Crisis 54
Assailing Tassets of Infamy 54
Assailing Tassets of Infinite Chains 54
Assailing Tassets of Slaying 54
Assailing Tassets of Viciousness 54
Attendant's Tassets
Averting Carmintium Tassets 47
Averting Chromite Tassets 29
Averting Cobalt Tassets 35
Averting Copper Tassets 15
Averting Gantimite Tassets 51