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#1 Nov 22 2010 at 9:18 PM Rating: Decent
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I recently posted in the thread Top Heavy... and suggested an idea that I know would appeal to role players, the idea being NPCs reacting to you based on level, quests completed (and where those quests were), gear ect, and I was wondering if an idea like this appeals to the more hardcore players as well; or casual players for that matter? It led me to wonder how many ideas that you generally see written off as "only for RPers" would actually appeal to a much larger player base.

So here are a few more "role play-y" ideas that I'd like you all to comment on, do they interest you, do they seem pointless?

An appearance tab, essentially once you've earned a piece of equipment you can always look like you are wearing it even if you get rid of it. Lets say pre-expansion 1 you go all out and get uber gear set 1 however it's now expansion 1 and while you have uber gear set 2 (UGS2 henceforth) it just doesn't look as cool as uber gear set 1 (UGS1 from here on out). With this tab you could keep on sylin' in UGS1 but get the awesome stats and bonuses from UGS2, and lets say you like the way some old out-dated weapons look, well your weapons could look good and still kick just as much ***. I figure that's enough on this and you all get the point, moving on.

Stances/walking/emotes, walking is something that most gamers don't realize they love until its gone. City of Heroes did not have the option to make your character walk for years, and even the most non-rp hardcore min/max-ers came out and said, yeah, it's kind of stupid to not be able to walk. So what I'm asking here is, how about being able to control how you look when you walk/run/jump/kneel/sit and so on. Even if you aren't role playing you see these animations a lot and if you don't like them it can be frustrating, so having multiple versions of things like /dance, which is an emote I'm sure every MMO player has done at least once while they were standing around waiting from some to come back from afk has done, can be a quality of life thing, but beyond that what about if you are big on PvP and you've just gone up against the first person to give you a run for your money in a long time and finally won, wouldn't you like to be able to humiliate them or flaunt in a few ways, instead of say some wimpy have-assed cheer that your stuck with because while the race you rolled has the ideal stats for PvPing with your class of choice in the lore they are kind of effeminate. Or say you know you are a serious BAMF but your character kind of shuffles along, wouldn't you like the option to walk with shoulders high head back, a champions roar poised on your lips?

I have a few more idea I'd like to suggest later if discussion goes well but I think I've presented plenty of food for thought right now. Obviously anyone is welcome to offer their thoughts on these ideas, although it would be most appreciated if things were kept civil and everyone offered more than a, "I don't like that." I'm curious about the why as well, also if everyone could focus on these idea just for right now, I think there is a lot to talk about here and it might get confusing and hard to follow if like five pages in (assuming this thread gets that large) people start throwing out new ideas, someone who wants to comment on something from the first page might get confused or feel like it is too late to make their point. Finally, I obviously wouldn't advocate for major delays in the release of a game to add things like this and the actual implementation of these ideas is less what this is thread is about and more the interest in such ideas. Feel free to mention that one of the reasons you disagree with an idea is because implementation is difficult/costly/time consuming but don't make it the entire point of your post, please.
#2 Nov 22 2010 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
Personally I feel that this would be a neat and probably pretty effective idea, if only for people who have even a casual interest in roleplay. Oftentimes I've found myself seeing someone do or say something just utterly ridiculous and I readied my hand for a facepalm, and found that the game lacked such a feature. Perhaps a superfluous thing, but there's something just more interesting when you can facepalm along with your character at your friend who just asked if his rogue should use a weapon with intellect instead of agility.

I fancy myself as a "hardcore raider" type of player, but still I love to see various things like this added to games for flavor and even the occasional RP with a friend. From a player's standpoint, there's no harm in it, really.
#3 Nov 22 2010 at 9:49 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm glad to know the interest is there from players that identify more towards the hardcore. I half expected this thread to just get flamed to death with, "Let the devs focus on things that matter." Then again I might just be spending too much time on the WoW forums.

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#4 Nov 22 2010 at 9:49 PM Rating: Decent
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Aesthetics have always been something high on my priority list. -- When I was playing WoW I was so sad that you weren't able to customize the color of your gear or weapons at all, not even with dyes. ;/

I had just stopped playing DAoC when WoW came out, so you can see how big of a let down that all was... you can do whatever you want in Dark Age. ;/

The walking thing... eh, not so much. I would like to see each race have it's own movement but other than that it would get too crazy if you go further.
Custom content is nice, but it bogs down what you have to download and even load when you see or get near another pc/npc.
#5 Nov 22 2010 at 9:51 PM Rating: Decent
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Actually in WoW you could use enchantments to get your weapons to glow a certain color. The armor you were s.o.l with however.
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