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#1 Dec 03 2010 at 11:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Rift is the best game I have ever played. When somebody asked me if it was better than WoW, I responded by smacking them upside the head. If Cataclysm does not make some major changes to WoW, Blizzard is in serious trouble. The only thing keeping them from being overwhelmed by that which makes Rift so amazing is that it contains "Warcraft" and "Blizzard". WoW be damned.

I could probably write up a full review for this game, but honestly, those who haven't had the pleasure of playing the beta should begin doing some serious *** kicking to get a VIP key/beta key for the next 2 betas. This game has some serious innovation to it, and it's paving the world for a better MMORPG.

To Trion,

This is your first game, and I am utterly impressed. Never have I seen a game in such early stages come out so well crafted. Though there are some definite quirks here and there, -- animation glitches, a crash or two once in a while, and that the game can sometimes hog resources even on higher end machines -- there is nothing else that I feel lives up to it. Finally, an MMORPG that can stand up to the current.

See you all in game.


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I just recently switched to Lotham, you should see a few Defiant names:

Virus - Reaver/Warlord
V - Cleric
Verc - Rogue
Vex - Mage

(If you see these names on any other server, they ain't me!)

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#2 Dec 04 2010 at 2:18 AM Rating: Decent
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didnt thread yet, but careful about breaking contract

ive been at lab all day (sucks) so havent gotten to get in yet, im patching as we speak

#3 Dec 04 2010 at 10:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the input, Virut!

I'm very glad to hear it's living up to some of our ridiculously high expectations. My husband and I are intending to buy the game whether we get into any betas or not simply because the comments around the web thus far are overall positive regarding Rift.

Though it's Trion's first game, just from the preview videos and articles released the past several months I am already thoroughly impressed as well. They remind me a bit of Mythic back in it's heyday, if we're only counting DAoC as an early release from them and nothing non MMO-based. It's a pleasure to see how hard they're working to create a well designed, entertaining, and smooth product.

As for Rift being better than WoW so far, well...I've heard the term "WoW killer" tossed around before. In fact, it was used to refer to LotRO during it's early closed beta stages (which I participated in and didn't think it had the potential to dethrone the behemoth), and it was also used for Warhammer and Aion. I've no doubt at all that I'll LOVE Rift. I already do and I haven't even played it. World of Warcraft has such a massive playerbase, one that has been with them for years, that nothing will really draw large numbers away from it except for perhaps another Blizzard MMO (Diablo 3 might do it). Cataclysm can't fix the problems in WoW; it's only going to worsen them.

At any rate, I look forward to more mini reviews from beta testers like yourself. I don't see anything that might be construed as violating the NDA, so I hope you continue to report vague, very non specific bits of the game. <3
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#4 Dec 04 2010 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
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There will never be a "WoW-killer". Just like EQ2 has been proclaimed dead for about the past 4 years. There will always be a consistent playerbase that loves the world and the game.

As for Rift, after playing the beta. I can tell you that all of the descriptions, all of the press is definitely not lying. Only the most jaded people either looking for gameplay that no longer exists or something entirely new, will not be impressed by this game. After playing the beta for a little while, its far exceeding the expectations that I had walking in.

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