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Some mage builds.Follow

#1 Jan 03 2011 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
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I played only in 3rd beta and I leveled up to 20 lvl with Stormcaller/Elementalist. After I had hit 20 lvl I rerolled as Necro/Warlock I think that this setup is superior in PVP, and quite better in instanced dungeon dps. I've tested many setups for lvl 20 mage, and found out that best solid dps can be achieved in few ways.
Firstly I was trying out Stormcaller/Elementalist/Dominator build with 5/11/10, but wasting 10 points in dominator for 5% intelligence bonus at this level is terrible, and thus this setup ain`t even worth talking about.
Then I gone as Stormcaller/Elementalist/Dominator 6/20/0. Basically I get 10% air spell critical chance and recharge ability, which is really worth spending that one point into it. It recharges not only mana, but also energy for fighter/rogue classes, thus is usefull for your tank. Finally the Elementalist: 5% spell crit chance, 10% damage reduction and 10% air elemental damage, and 50% bonus to spell critical hit damage (SIC!), the last 5 points could be spend differently either +10% Lightning Strike crit chance (2), Exposure +5% elemental damage for target 30 sec duration (1), Improved exposure +1% to damage for each point (2), or drop the Lightning strike crit chance for 4 points in improved esposure.
Finally I've rerolled for Dominator/Warlock/Elementalist for instances I've decided to go 0/21/5, as I can`t find up-to-date Warlock soultree I can`t recall all the bonuses, but from which I remmember:
-Void bolt 100% chance to refresh life leech
-5% spell crit chance from WL and 5% from Ele
-8% chance for 100% cast time reduction for next spell (4/5)
-Improved life leech
-Bonus damage for DoT abilities
I've choosen this setup over WL/Necro which would gave me 3rd DoT instant, because of combined 10% spell crit chance bonus, which gave me total of 20% spell crit chance which I found devastating on Instanced dungeon bosses. But I'll have yet to try efficency with 3rd dot in PVE.
As for my last day of playing I decided to go and have fun in Defiants territory, so we've gathered 2 and a half of raid parties from our guild and we gone to Freemarch. Here I've gone Necro/Warlock/Stormcaller. Can`t bring up correct values but it was, again, with dominance of Warlock as I wanted the Draining Bolt and Dark Fury (instant damage + 1 sec stun nuke). I think it was something like 5/21/0 build. So basically I would get:
-5% bonus to death based abilities damage for me and pet
-Void bolt 100% chance to refresh life leech
-5% spell crit chance
-10/8% (can`t remmember) chance for 100% cast time reduction for next spell
-Draining Bolt
-Dark Fury
-Bonus damage for DoT abilities
Also I get nice cc skill from SC - Electrocute (Push enemy away 15 meters, channeled lightning damage).
So I had pet, 3 DoT spells from which 2 were instant, and one drained some % of damage dealt back to me, instant damage + 1sec stun, 15 meters instant pushback, Draining bolt which heals you quite well, and chance for my Void Bolt (Or other spell) to become instant one.

I can already think of few more setups and I'll also test other mage classes in 4th beta, which I'll participate thanks to the beta key from Zam! I'll share more build ideas next week.
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