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#1 Feb 06 2011 at 10:57 AM Rating: Good
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If you saw the post on the main site, sorry I moved it here only because the main site is infested with trolls and my trollblocker is out of order.
OK so some of you have been following me, reading my site and most of you have been playing Rift, duh.

I have videos coming by the end of the week/end of BETA of just some PvP and PvE.
OK SO far this is what I'm seeing/witnessing and I want to discuss it with you guys and see what you think on it.

As we obtain more skill points for our talent trees and get geared up from our local dungeon/quests, the PvP only seems to be getting more exciting. I talk a lot about WoW only because when a game comes out there has to be a hater/competition involved; only way a game can be successful or not.

I always tell myself this is only BETA so therefore, the game is not final and more features may be implemented. With that being said; many of you will agree that Warfronts is just like PvP in DAoC or Warhammer. For those who experienced that level of PvP, we can all say that seeing this kind of battleground is actually a relief. The only difference is in those games, castles and keeps were involved and a much more larger land scale was walked on. I only encountered World PvP only a few times and actually went head to head with a few groups. I'm not a magician or a fortune teller but when the game is released and people are level 50, the PvP is only going to get better. I know it.
Playing around with the talent tree can honestly make you spend a few hours just sitting there in amazement with the combination you can create.

OK this is a little rambled up but I'm thinking out loud and I wanna finish this so I can log on!
-We have our capture the flag, capture the points (arathi basin), and something that was in Warhammer were you hold a relic, damaging you over time but gaining points for your team. My guess is, we should have a few more battleground style's and that's it!

TBH, I don't know why people fear Arenas so much. I understand that in WoW the PvP gear was absolutely rigged and anyone who wore it basically felt the power of getting crit for 100 damage -_-..Listen all I'm saying is, as long as the honor you gain from Warfronts, Arena, and world PvP are the same, we should have no problem.
At the end of the day, people want better gear in a more easier fashion. They don't want to be tied down to a particular method of obtaining loot.

-You will never know what build your opponent is, which is why this PvP is going to work! You may know, but not fully understand cause while your sitting there pondering your probably going to get back stabbed by a cleric, fire-balled by a rogue, ROFLstomped with a halberd by a mage, or maybe healed by a warrior.

-The builds are endless and there is no special build.

-There is no OP character, you are the OP character.
Many people are afraid this game will go the direction of WoW, but...where in WoW do you see Rifts? Where do you encounter World PvP? And how many different builds can you go for PvE and PvP? Questing and leveling can only be different by so much and so little. Many people need to understand dynamics and that dynamics in an MMORPG have already been set in stone. It's the company/creators job to morph that concept into a more fun and unique style of play to allow players to feel like they actually bought a brand new game.

Why not a fire throwing class? Why not a 6 DOT warlock/necro class?
Well simply because Im letting you guys do that, I'm assisting you in getting those kills. By the way, instant poly morph or in this game, transmogrify; is possibly the best and most annoying spell. I can put a player out of a match for a minute, gain a buff that increases my damage, and if it breaks just squirrel him again. Healers, if I see you running down the mountain by yourself; your going to be a squirrel in the mountains all by yourself! I think I made a guy quit cause he literally didn't get to do anything all game. TBH, I haven't seen ANYONE playing this build yet!

Quick thought, Trion says 45 min downtime, WE GET 45 MIN DOWNTIME. Amazing service #justsayin

Before I go into PvE, many of you hate the idea of damage meters, most of you love it. I for in fact am fully for it only because in order to fully understand my characters strengths and weaknesses, I need to see numbers. That's what it comes down to.
Healers should be able to see how well they're healing and if they're over healing.
It's only a tool guys, you guys make it seem like it's some UBER mod that's going to ruin the game.
Implement it please, for the people who truly care about the dynamics of damage and boss fights.

OK this is getting long and I'm rambling.
So I guess it's cool now that Rogues can tank, mages can heal, clerics can DPS, and warriors cast spells.
Wait did I type that...No I didn't.
If you haven't experienced PvE dungeons such as Iron Tombs, Deepstrike or Cascade, be prepared to see some funky shieettt.

PvE generally seems to attract players more than PvP does only because PvP is a whole different game in my eyes. To be able to balance both and master your art; you need a lot of fricken time haha.
This patch I felt NERFED...I don't want to bother reading patch notes but I know....I know that my mage was nerfed somehow.

In BETA 5, my warlock/necro build, I was able to pull five, six, ten mobs and not die and just smash through everything.
As I progressed toward level 30, I realized it challenging. BUT I LOVE IT! Finally a game were I'm actually dieing and sitting there wondering, is it my spec? or is it just me?
I'm going to end this cause not much to talk about PvE right now other than the fact that is like no other game. I understand BETA has many players in it and that's why the game is so much fun. A group of like 40-50 of us running around in Freemarch closing rifts left and right while being invaded by other monsters from the back!
So what to expect in PvE?

-basically when game launches, there should be NO EXCUSE to finding a group. We are allowed up to four roles and we can change them at any given moment. Literally in the middle of a fight if you can get out of combat, you have the option of switching .
With that being said, my mage is able to have a DPS class, CC/Support Class, PvP, and healing.
We have been given the tools to stretch our characters abilities and skills to see how good we think we are at MMOS.
We all subconsciously believe that we have the best character, or that we're the best PvPer or the highest DPSer.
I believe this game is going to test that ability on everyone.
So check out my site, videos will be coming by the end of the week, and keep up with me!
I will be supplying some unique builds that I create and test myself.

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#2 Feb 06 2011 at 12:01 PM Rating: Decent
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long post but I was able to read most of it. For some reason i'm just not as excited about rift as you are. I'm hoping that what time I have left with beta 6 will change my mind. I'm only lvl 14 warlock so we'll see how things go. Fear is already OP in WF's from what i've experienced lol
#3 Feb 07 2011 at 7:33 AM Rating: Decent
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Basically I have played nearly every major MMO since 1999 and I think this one has the potential to blow past teh competition and claim the title of top MMO of all time. I realize this is way early but this game has it least thus far =)
#4 Feb 07 2011 at 9:32 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm going to have to agree with goneawol. I gave this game a fair chance, and while I can't find anything majorly wrong with the game, I just can't get excited about it. It feels generic and there's absolutely nothing about this game that makes me want to keep playing.

It does some things right and some wrong. But I'll let everyone judge for themselves and not get into that. Let me just say I disagree with a lot of your points OP. I also want to say this isn't going to be some "WoW killer" as some people say it will. People have been saying that about every game that has come out since WoW and it's just not going to happen, not with Rift.

To the people that enjoy the game, that's great. From a technical standpoint, the game is amazing. I've had no issues with lag and no bugs. If the rest of the game fits your needs, I have no doubt you will all enjoy playing this game.
#5 Feb 07 2011 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
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stopped after

"With that being said; many of you will agree that Warfronts is just like PvP in DAoC or Warhammer."
#6 Feb 07 2011 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
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I've done the last couple beta sessions. I have not crashed or lagged or anything like that.

The only glitch I encountered was corpses that sparkle after they've been looted, but I couldn't tell if it was that someone in the group still had a quest item to loot, so not sure on that, even.

It worked well enough that I sprang for pre-order DE. Thanks to ZAM for the discount code!

I quit Warhammer last summer because they messed things up so bad that I couldn't even stay logged in to my server. For me, it's that kind of thing that makes me drop a game. From what I've seen, Rift looks promising.
#7 Feb 07 2011 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
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wow really interesting comments.
Listen I'm not trying to offend anyone or change their mind, just talking how I see it.
I quit Warhammer too, it failed me after a year of going back and forth with the subscriptions.
DAoC was fun for me cause I literally had like 40-50 people in the guild on at all times so it was fun.
Interesting to say that a lot of comments and feedback I've been getting is negative.
I'm just excited for it cause I really see a different method of PvP builds which is what I'm all for.
PvE is the same to me in every game only because I've been playing MMO's for 10+ years.
We'll see what happens, I really want to see the outcome of numbers of gains and losses in this game.
#8 Feb 07 2011 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Lack of paragraphs makes your post next to impossible to read without a massive headache, but I did my best.

I played DAoC for over 4 years, and WAR for a few months (regrettably), but the Warfronts in RIFT are nothing like DAoC's BGs or RvR. WAR's Scenarios were just copies of WOW's BGs, and I only played the first Warfront but they seem to be the same way. I don't personally have a problem with BGs structured that way, because they work for people who aren't able to play for several hours at a time and take part in a large-scale siege. I am much more of a fan of open-world PvP, large or small-scale.

I noticed that on the beta several servers were in my Warfront, and I would rather they be specific to each server. After fighting the same people a few times you build a rivalry and I have a lot of fun fighting the same people as they try and learn to beat you and vice versa. My brother and I had a heated rivalry with a Rogue, Warlock and Mage in WoW pre-BC, and it lead to some good fights.

I haven't done much research into the game other than playing the Alpha and Beta sessions, mainly due to the fact that I followed WAR a little too closely and after enjoying DAoC so much, I was expecting the same great style of RvR in a new package, and Mythic mucked it all up. So I don't personally know if in the later zones there's any kind of towers or keeps in the later zones for people to fight over. Fear and other CC effects are definitely going to be OP in PvP until players can unlock the "PVP Soul" for their calling, which provides a CC breaking ability.

IMO, PvE should not be all that challenging aside from dungeons and other group efforts like the Rifts and Invasions. I don't really want to be challenged while I'm questing considering it's not the most enjoyable aspect of any MMO, unless you love following the lore/story in the zone. I would say that pulling 10 mobs at a time and killing them all, even as a pet class is OP, so a nerf would be in order.

Maybe some people are lazy and just don't feel like building a character that suits them by choosing the right calling and souls, but I think that alone is what sets it apart from other MMOs. I played a Shaman/Warden in the last beta and personally didn't notice myself lagging behind in damage like many people claim about the DPS Clerics, and I had a few HoTs to throw around at the same time. Back in classic WoW, when Enhancement Shaman had to use 2-handers and were considered to suck in PvP, I played an Enhance/Resto build and wrecked face in PvP.

There's always going to be the "best builds" and cookie cutter specs, but in a game where you can literally be anything regardless of what calling you choose, there will always be wild card builds that are so out there that no one knows how to deal with them. I for one have gotten tired of WoW for many reasons, and am cautiously optimistic that RIFT will be the next MMO I actually play for more than 3 months.

I actually just made the connection that what I want to play in RIFT is a lot like my old WoW Shaman.

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#9 Feb 07 2011 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
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I rather liked the first warfront in beta, although I'm not a big pvp'er, it was a lot of fun. Also, the rift invasions(PVE) were epic in proportion and the fun factor can be described as awe-inspiring.
#10 Feb 07 2011 at 6:50 PM Rating: Decent
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To the OP:

Just wanted to let ya know something about your "Mage" build that you linked. Not sure if the link was broken for me or if you are just unawware is all. In the Link you have it set for 43 pts. sent for a character lvl of 50. You are aware right that you can spend 66 pts right? Many times when u lvl up u get 2 pts instead of just 1. This is to allow you to spec in more then one tree while still obtaining a max build of 51 pts in one of them if you like. So if it wasn't the link, and you just didn't know, go ahead and max that build out to 66 pts. spent in order to see what ur desired lvl 50 build is. Enjoy.
#11 Feb 08 2011 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
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Thank you Treys for the lookout, I actually wrote this so quickly before class cause I was just so amped up for BETA and had much to get off my chest. I did a fail job on grammar and punctuation but thank you for pointing this out.
Did some re-editing, should be much easier on the eyes, sorry to the people I temporarily blinded.

Arcanilis, thank you very much for that lookout. I went back and was like....wait...WTF did I do here? lol
Ok here was my mistake. I currently specced because I didn't even get a chance to hit max level (35) on BETA.
I got to 33 I believe but for some reason the talent calculator automatically puts it up to level 50 when I put 10 points in total for archmage. A little weird...might be a bug but this is my real PvP spec at the moment.

Here is a PvE build I wanted to show. I'm not too sure if many people tried or is using this.
Again if I had damage meters I would be able to compare with different builds but after closely examining the combat log I feel this Pyro/Warlock Spec is just omg-dps-rape-sauce.

I chose Pyro mainly because in every MMO Fire was a main DPS class so I chose it to see if Trion added the same mechanics. Simply did because the ultimate spell (top most spell on talent tree) is just absolutely unbelievable. Now with Pyro armor you have a chance of proccing instant cast Cinder Burst (for those never played Rift yet but play wow, picture instant Pyro blast). Now the best part is the Warlock role. Opportunity gives you a 10% chance of instantly proccing ANY SPELL, and **** this thing procs OFTEN. More than expected to the point were I found it necessary to spec into that tree.
Say you start your fight with fireball, boom, instant proc cinder burst, BOOM, instant cast fire bolt, BOOM, opportunity procs another fireball. You understand what I'm saying?
You must incorporate Smoldering Power once you have enough charge because mana will go down quickly.

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#12 Feb 08 2011 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
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My hope is all the little PVP QQ'rs won't ruin the PVE side of this game, as in almost all the other mixed PVP/PVE MMO"S. I hate PVP, you happen to like it, thats great, just save the QQing as it really drains the respect value of any who claim to be PVP gods. personnally if your that great, why all the crying to change/nerf classes you can't beat or own you in your PVP godness? I can promose you this, if the DEVS take the QQing seriously and nerf classes and it hurts the PVE side, my **** will be long gone as in the other MMO's ruined by the QQ crowd of PVP'rs. I happen to like this game to date, please don't ruin it for the rest of us because you overload you humming bird **** with your allagator mouth.
#13 Feb 08 2011 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
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The original post is a million times easier to read now, most people just get mad when I tell them to use paragraphs, lol. I can understand being pumped for the Beta for this game, I made a Shaman/Warden Cleric and started playing just like I did with my old WoW Shaman before any expansions came out and didn't even realize it until I posted here. And now that I've talked a few friends into registering for the upcoming OB I'm a little more than cautiously optimistic that I will be able to enjoy this game even more.

banecrushr wrote:
My hope is all the little PVP QQ'rs won't ruin the PVE side of this game, as in almost all the other mixed PVP/PVE MMO"S. I hate PVP, you happen to like it, thats great, just save the QQing as it really drains the respect value of any who claim to be PVP gods. personnally if your that great, why all the crying to change/nerf classes you can't beat or own you in your PVP godness? I can promose you this, if the DEVS take the QQing seriously and nerf classes and it hurts the PVE side, my **** will be long gone as in the other MMO's ruined by the QQ crowd of PVP'rs. I happen to like this game to date, please don't ruin it for the rest of us because you overload you humming bird **** with your allagator mouth.

Any form of QQing is almost always done by a very small minority of actual players, they're just really loud about it.

Anyone who's PvPed in other games understands that some MMOs the devs are too lazy and just create a Rocks, Paper, Scissor element where X class will always beat Y class who will always beat Z. Considering the breadth of builds RIFT has available I don't think this will happen. If you suck in PvP as a certain spec, you either just suck at PvP, the other person is better, or you need to take another look at your spec and adjust it so said person won't beat you again. I can't tell if you're speaking to the OP personally, but I didn't take anything he said about PvP as complaining.

Ideally, you'll be on a PvE server, I'll be on a PvP server, the devs will ignore the whiny little children who suck but don't accept it and everyone will be having a great time with a great game. Except those whiners, of course, but they'll hopefully quit shortly after release.
And we will strike with the arms of gods and leave nothing in our wake.
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