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Questions concerning Lvling and moreFollow

#1 Feb 12 2011 at 3:34 AM Rating: Default
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Hello Rift community,
I have a couple questions concerning Lvling, grping, respecing, etc.

1)Is it solo leveling (pure questing/solo exp grinding) or can you group up for the same pexing speed ?
2)Is there dungeon for leveling ?
3)Is the world a bit hostile like the old hardcore everquest days where you had to be in a group to achieve anything or it's more of a solo game until you reach pvp/pve instances?
4)Is the leveling fast ? as in 2h a lvl or more like 10+?

5)Soul tree, from what I heard we can have 4 different spec but can we change them at will or is there a fee/downtine of any kind (real money game money etc)?

6)How exactly do you acquire all those soul points ? as I have read some contradictory comments, if someone can enlightened me please.

7)About raids and groups, how many are we?
8)Is it only instances and rift or is there other world target for high end gear?

Oh and THE question , do you enjoy the game?

#2 Feb 12 2011 at 5:13 AM Rating: Decent
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I dont know everything about Rift but I can answer quite a few of these.

1) It's solo or grouping. You can solo quests, get a friend with you so you can have company, or just join the public groups for any rifts you may find (you get XP for closing rifts among other rewards)
2) Several
3) You can solo all the way to max lvl if you want from what i've seen.
4) It's fairly fast. You can hit 10 in 2 hours if you dont stop and stare at the pretty graphics. At 10, it does slow down a little though. Maybe 30-45 min a lvl at that point.
5) You pay a small fee (in game money) to buy Roles. Roles = Specs. You start off with one spec but you can buy up to 3 more for a total of four. The fee is small for the 2nd role, larger for the 3rd, and bloody huge for the 4th.
6) You gain soul points simply by lvling. Soul points are like talent points in WoW.
7) Raids, we dont know yet. The beta testing hasn't gotten to that part yet. There probably will be raids though.
8) Raids and high lvl pvp will probably be how you get endgame gear.

And yes, i enjoy rift very much. I've played wow for several years now and Rift is a breath of fresh air. Like WoW but better looking, lots of small improvements (aoe looting, spell queueing), and an insanely fun class system. Also, rogues that tank. That alone does it for me :)
#3 Feb 12 2011 at 7:54 AM Rating: Good
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Rift is fun. They took a lot of goodies from other MMO's. Those goodies are still basic except for the souls/callings, which are just awesome.

Rift has all the tools to be a very good PvE centric game with PvP aside. Beta is running very well which is promising for release.

All in all, Rift is worth a try. Why don't you apply for OB and see for yourself, it starts the 15th.
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