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Chloromancer/Archon/Domninator healing buildFollow

#1 Feb 16 2011 at 7:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok, I was looking through the healing classes, trying to find a class that I liked, and i stumbled upon the chloromancer. Now, i dont usually heal that much, so I dont really know whats best for healing, but i came up with this build and would like some feedback on it, so feel free to post XD

heres the linkie:

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#2 Feb 16 2011 at 8:16 PM Rating: Decent
I would say it's a decent, rounded support build, but I feel that, despite how strange it may sound, the Chloromancer soul goes best with the Necromancer and the Warlock souls.

There's a few reasons for this:

Above all else, the Chloromancer is still a DPS tree. You just passively heal while you DPS. So by speccing into Archon and Dominator, you're someone removing the flexibility of the class and gets you pigeon holed into the support role.

Since the Chloromancer makes use of several DoT based mechanics, it works well to compound that with the Warlock, who's all about DoTs. The Necromancer, on the other hand, is actually a fairly interesting pick. Well, first, it gives you access to another DoT. Making you a truly formidable DoT class. However, if you spend 14 points into the Necromancer tree, you get the Life Shift root ability.

Life Shift is a spammable heal, something that, as a healing soul, the Chloromancer lacks. You do a ton of passive self healing and have a couple of instant (if specced) heals for emergencies, but if you're the only healer, what happens when your passive healing and emergency heals aren't enough? Yes, life shift deals damage to you, but you've got a ton of Self Healing going on that will probably counter that. The best part is that it's considered a life based spell, AND a damage dealing spell, so it triggers Natural Awareness AND Circle of Life, AND it gains benefits from Call of Spring.

This is most definitely going to be the build I use on my Chloromancer at 50:

However, if you feel like you generate enough charge, an alternative spec could be:

Minor Notes:
- If you don't feel you need the AoE, you can drop the point from Grave Rot and pick up Consumption for extra group support.
- Fresh Graves is really filler, but if you like the spec enough, it also helps with soloing. Gives your Skeletal Stalwart more threat. If you want to get fancy, you can fill out Deadly Plague and weave Plague Bolts in and out to keep up Deathly Calling, but, meh...
- You don't really need to many mana regen talents from the Chloromancer tree because as a Warlock and a Necromancer, you have infinite mana as long as you have health or your pet has health. Though the pet won't be doing much, I still recommend keeping it out for the free mana. If you don't want the ugly skeleton out while healing, feel free to use the Warlock's Sacrifice Life: Mana to restore mana and rely on your self healing to recover from it.
- In my second build, you'd cast an occasional Void Bolt to refresh Life Leech's duration instead of re-hard casting Life Leech. This way you refresh the dot with a little bit of damage at the same time.
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#3 Feb 17 2011 at 1:17 AM Rating: Decent
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thanks for the feedback! :D

ok, first i gotta say that it was intended to be mostly support in the first place lol. that being said, i like what you did with the lock/necromancer additions. im mainly interested in what you said about life shift, since in the tooltip it only lists it as death magic. if it IS life magic, i might ditch archon or dominator for it.

however, another thing i was looking at when i made this build is the threat redux from Memory Wipe and the mana gain abilities from both side trees, which allow me to get mana while also hurting the enemy (namely Leeching Flames and Mana Wrench). Also, i dont know if you took into account searing vitality, which is also a dot, or transmorgrify, which can help make sticky situations a bit easier (i know poly helps tons endgame in wow).

lastly, i have Raised in Nature in my build for the extra hp so im a little bit less squishy, whats your opinion on keeping it vs dropping its points down to Natural Awareness?

Once again, thanks for the feedback, looking forward to more XD
#4 Feb 17 2011 at 2:34 PM Rating: Decent
The damage Life Shift deals to you is Death Damage, but the healing portion is life-based. The healing component benefits from Natural Awareness because the heal is life-based. And it benefits from Circle of Life by dealing damage. Unless something changed between Beta 6 and Open Beta. I'll check later this afternoon when I get home, but it should still be the case. It benefits from Call of Spring simply be being a healing spell of any sort.

As for Leeching Flames and Mana Wrench, I can't speak for Leeching Flames, but I'd assume its effectiveness really depends on your mana pool, which could potentially be great damage, but after messing around with a pure Dominator build, Mana Wrench does horrible damage. You could probably make deal more damage and gain more mana by spending a global cool down on Reclaim Power or Sacrifice Life: Mana and continue DPSing.

Searing Vitality's definitely not a bad DoT, but Necrosis and Dark Touch are stronger, and Life Leech is about the same, but also causes additional self healing.

With a Life Shift build, you'll be taking decent damage every now and then. Having Life Leech (Improved) and Withering Vine compounding its self healing on top of the passive self healing from Radiant Spores and Lifegiving Veil.

Having Transmogrify will definitely be a bonus, but with the number of two-soul mage builds going around, I suspect we'll be having a lot of transmogrifying people running around as is. But who knows?

Again, this would be a build for more personal DPS plus having the option of a spammable heal.

If you wanted to keep it simple, you could simply stick with your build, use the Archon for the buffs and utility, and use Dominator for the support, and stick with dealing damage with your Life spells almost exclusively. The passive damage that Lifegiving Veil causes is much greater when you deal life damage, so it may very well add up.

Memory Wipe DOES sound nice, but I just don't know how healer threat will be like at end game, so I just don't know if it's worth 10 points spent in Dominator. At least for this build.

Lastly, I cannot say for sure, but generally speaking, health pools (other than that of the tanks') generally don't matter in PvE for most MMOs. Chances are, if you pull threat, your clothy ****'s going to get one shot anyway. Raised in Nature will probably be more attractive for PvP.

For a purely support perspective, I might roll with this build:

It's essentially a Chloro/Archon dual-soul spec (you can grab Dominator as your third soul just for Transmogrify if you want.

The basis of the build is to get the RIDICULOUS cast speed buffs, mana reduction and damage boosts from the Altruist, Speed in Numbers and Power in Numbers soul points with all the Archon auras you'll be keeping up. Apart from your Archon auras, you'll be pretty much be playing as a pure Chloromancer (keep Searing Vitality up and only cast Pillaging Stone to maintain your stacks of the buff). But with those three soul point things, your spells will cost quite a bit less, cast quite faster, which directly relates to more damage, and thus, more healing, and you also just get quite the nice pure damage boost as well, which also means more healing.

You can juggle the two points from Swift Thoughts to Enduring Tether, but Soul Tether's quite situational to begin with, and at a 5 minute base cool down and 4 minute cool down fully talented, it probably won't make or break an encounter.

Just some thoughts.

I've been toying around with the Chloromancer since they first officially released hard information on the class.
All Characters on Aedraxis - Defiant-side.
Neuroticaine - Level 19 Cleric (Shaman)
Rhayge - Level 10 Warrior (Reaver)
Veyne - Level 10 Mage (Archon)
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#5 Feb 17 2011 at 4:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Okej... But now. Can Chloromancer do the job as the main healer?
The idea is intrestig (your builds) so it makes me quite excited. After relase I want to play a healer. Was thinking of cleric, but mage allows me to quest easier. And I find it more... challenging. Sb tried to heal with it? I'm quite intrested in it!
#6 Feb 18 2011 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
Unfortunately, I sort of forgot to test that little bit that I was going to test yesterday because my new hard drive arrived and I didn't have a spare SATA cable to transfer files off my old hard drive to my new one easily, and I didn't feel like swapping in and out the drives and moving files to and from my external hard drive, but anyway, here we go:

I believe it is' Trion's intentions for Chloromancer to be a valid healing build, at least for five man dungeons. I think the role would likely be more of a secondary healer for raids, but considering their drive to make Rogue and Cleric tanks viable, I see them doing as much as possible to make Mage healing viable.

If you've dabbled with the Chloromancer already in Open Beta and haven't had the opportunity to reach a decent level yet, and you don't feel like the self healing you've seen would be strong enough to be a real healer, keep a couple things in mind about a higher level Chloromancer build:

- Withering Vine is an multi-target heal-over-time effect that heals up to 10 nearby allies for almost as much damage as it deals. However, I think that it's damage also triggers healing from Lifegiving Veil and has a chance to trigger Radiant Spores on top of that.
- 3/3 Empowered Veil almost doubles the effectiveness of your passive healing from Lifegiving Veil.
- 3/3 Phytogenesis doubles the chances of Radiant Spores trigger, and causes it to effect multiple allies. A 30% chance for all your DPS and tanks to heal themselves for 100% of the damage they deal is nothing to scoff at.
- 1/1 Synthesis and 3/3 Natural Fusion gives you a buff to put on your tank that REALLY increases the passive healing they receive from your Lifegiving Veil. By quite a lot.
- 3/3 Healing Slipstream, your Bloom and your Flourish spells are quite nice, instant-cast emergency heals.
- Natures Touch is both a damage dealing spell, and a decent healing spell with a relatively short cool down, as it by default heals the the target of your Synthesis Buff by 100% of the damage dealt, presumably on top of already causing healing through Lifegiving Veil.
- For when things REALLY hit the fan, you can instantly heal a tank for 100% of their health every 2 minutes.
- Once a minute you can also cause your next Single Target damage ability to heal your enemy's target (likely the Tank) for 200% of the damage dealt.
- While I'm add it, I should make the additional note that Life Shift is actually quite an effective heal. I remember quite a few times during major, zone-wide Rift invasion events where I would switch over to healing on my (non-Chloromancer) Necromancer, and I was able to keep my allies up as well as keep myself up with the healing from Life Leech (with 3/3 Improved Life Leech) and using the Necromancer's 16 point tree ability "Soul Purge" whenever I got low on health, which is a very strong channeled damage spell and a very strong channeled self-healing (and pet healing) spell that consumes charge. Generally speaking, a Necromancer rarely has health issues anyway considering that whenever they're not refreshing DoTs or reapplying stacks of Deathly Calling with Plague Bolt, they spend most of their time with Soul Purge anyway.

So all in all, I think that the Chloromancer will be a fairly strong healer. You probably wont be the main tank healer in a raid, but you won't be a slouch when it comes to healing either, IMO.

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#7 Feb 18 2011 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
Also keep in mind that you won't have trouble leveling as a Cleric, either. You've got a strong, Nuking build in Inquisitor/Sentinel/Cabalist with access to the Sentinel tree for a healing build for dungeons right off the bat. You also have a strong Damage-over-Time/Channeled damage build with the Cabalist/Inquisitor/Warden with access to the Warden tree for a healing build for dungeons right off the bat. There are also two viable melee DPS builds (Shaman/Druid/Justicar and Druid/Shaman/Justicar) AND a tank build (Justicar/Shaman/Druid). AND keep in mind that you'll eventually have all 8 souls for your calling unlocked and 4 respeccable specs to switch between. A Cleric can effectively have a ranged DPS, melee DPS, tank and healer build at any given time once they unlock all 8 souls and purchase all 4 "roles." Not trying to convince you not to play a Mage, just letting you know that you'll be able to level a Cleric just as effectively.
All Characters on Aedraxis - Defiant-side.
Neuroticaine - Level 19 Cleric (Shaman)
Rhayge - Level 10 Warrior (Reaver)
Veyne - Level 10 Mage (Archon)
Sevrys - Level 15 Rogue (Assassin)
#8 Mar 05 2011 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
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I really don't think a cleric can level as quickly as a mage. No downtime, very high dps. But this is just from a questing perspective.

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#9 Mar 10 2011 at 12:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Sorry i havent replied for a while, havent been on much :P

i see what you mean with the dual archon/chloro build...i really like the casting speed and casting cost buffs from that, it was one thing i really wanted out of the tree, but i really wanted that memory wipe and deny from dominator. i guess it depends on endgame threat like you said as to whether or not i pick up dominator or not.

even if i change my main healing build, i might still keep my original build with some tweaks (like a few more points in dominator) for pvp healing seems like it would be pretty effective to have a healer with decent cc and silences (Priests Lament, Arresting Presence), as well as decent dps from dots and such

thanks for your feedback neuro, its helped alot :)
#10 Dec 05 2011 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent
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The points in necro don't really complement the points in chloromancer at all. Also, some of the points in chloro arnt setup right

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