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#1 Feb 20 2011 at 4:11 PM Rating: Default
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I'd like to know some things about ability macros since I always try to bind 2 or 3 skills to the buttons that are easily reachable on my keyboard, with the help of modifiers (Shift, Alt and Ctrl).

1. how do I write a macro that updates the tooltip based on what skill is chosen? "#showtooltip", like in WoW, doesn't work and "#showtooltip skillname" only ever shows the same tooltip of "skillname" instead of updating when you use modifiers to cast a different skill with the same button.
This is a real problem.

2. there's no such parameter as "nomodifier" in WoW, is there? So a skill is cast when no modifier is pressed?

3. In WoW macros you can check conditions like this:
"/cast [nomodifier] skill1; skill2"
So in every case that is not classified by "nomodifier" it will cast skill2, no matter which modifier you press. I find it hard to work out how to tell a Rift macro NOT to try casting 2 skills at once. Like:
"/cast [alt] skill1
/cast skill2 "
This gives me problems because the game apparently tries to cast skill2 everytime I press the button, even if ALT is pressed. Casting skill1 and skill2 at the same time doesnt work, of course. So what's the solution?

4. Is there some good macro guide to Rift? Well, not a guide even, more like a dictionary to see what's possible. That'd help me MUCH.

Thanks in advance.

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#2 Feb 22 2011 at 6:41 AM Rating: Default
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I am not trying to flame you or anything, really. Macros and keyboards like the G15, G19, etc., ruined a lot of MMO's because everyone was looking for that one "I win" button. Because developers have to make games that appeal to the masses (i.e kids) and their propensity of having some kind of attention disorder gaming companies have allowed macros and "key cheats" to be a "grey area" within the game. Something the devs did not intend, but allow to keep subscription rates up. Stop trying to find the easy way and play the game as the developers intended.
#3 Feb 22 2011 at 7:20 AM Rating: Default
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Hey, I'm not talking about keyboard macros (also I don't use any macro-able keyboard) but about the very intended macros offered by the game.
I use them primarily to, let's say, bind 3 different skills to my bottom extra mouse button. Works simple: I write a macro that casts a spell based on what modifier (ALT, SHIFT or CTRL) I'm holding down. This is easily done with ingame macros like this:
/cast [alt] skill1
/cast [ctrl] skill2
/cast skill3
Just to update your information, maybe you thought this cannot be done without keyboard macros...
Then I move that macro to some actionbar slot and in the key bindings I bind my bottom extra mouse button to that slot. You see what I mean? Simple multi-binding using modifiers, which is very much a must in any MMO if you want to play your class efficiently (except when you have arms made of rubber and really really long fingers to reach your whole keyboard in splitseconds ^^).
Other buttons to do this with are Q, E, R, F, V for me.

Without that option my gameplay would suffer severely because in Rift, more even than in WoW, there are LOTS of skills you use often and which have to be easily reachable.

So, Rift uses quite a similar macro system to WoW but the syntax and available options are different and reduced, respectively. Can someone help me on my questions?

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Truth is a curious and pretty rare phenomenon. In the bathtub of history, it resembles a slippery piece of soap which is difficult to hold on to... if you find it at all.
#4 Feb 22 2011 at 8:45 AM Rating: Good
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Info on the macro still seems somewhat sparse. I found this and this with a bit of google fu, but it's not terribly detailed on the level I think you're seeking.

Given the devs apparently shooting down the idea of something like auto-facing to curb on bots (which I don't agree with), I wouldn't be surprised if the macro system doesn't graduate too far to avoid different forms of exploitation. I can understand wanting to have vital commands within easy access, but for most basic users, I'd say that's best achieved by weighing what you'd want to put at (ctrl/alt) 1-4 while maybe putting lesser used things in places where mouse clicks are more appropriate. I actually haven't say down to see if I could play the game fully via keyboard, but I doubt it's possible within certain windows for quest logs and such. That's something I've missed of FFXI's interface when playing other games.
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#5 Feb 22 2011 at 8:49 AM Rating: Good
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Meh, I just have the 3 skills on different action bars on top of each other that correspond to the alt, ctl, and regular button clicks. I do see how it could be useful to condense space, but I prefer to be able to see what the cds are on all of them.
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#6 Feb 22 2011 at 9:17 AM Rating: Default
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Yeah that's why I asked if there's a way to have macro show the current tooltip rather than a fixed one. In WoW it works fine. Having to use single slots for each ability is very annoying because you have to keep looking at different positions of your screen to check cooldowns and if a skills is available (energy cost, reactivity etc.).
I sent 2 messages to customer support, the first was answered with some rudimentary beginner information on how to *access* the macro system and the second stated that customer support isn't allowed to give out that information. I mean, it's part of the game, they clearly intend the use of macros and then they're not allowed to tell players HOW to use it? Umm... well.
Let's hope some more detailed info is available soon, I hate playing without macros ^^

This post here helps everyone who looks for the same info I do:
Found it by googling a bit.
The ';'-Syntax works, apparently. So something like
/cast [mod] skill1; skill2
will cast skill1 if you press ANY modifier (very useful) and otherwise it will cast skill2. Now the only problem is to make the tooltip update. Normally you would put this at the beginning of your ability macro:
#showtooltip skillX
However, then it only ever shows skillX tooltip, even if you cast something different with it (like skill2).
Maybe by experimenting a bit other players will find out how to do this. I can't imagine Trion would prohibit such a vital and useful aspect of multibinding macros. It is in no way affecting that whole messy bot-topic, as well. So... how the **** does it work? ^^

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Truth is a curious and pretty rare phenomenon. In the bathtub of history, it resembles a slippery piece of soap which is difficult to hold on to... if you find it at all.
#7 Feb 27 2011 at 8:16 PM Rating: Decent
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Here is a good macro guide.

One thing you will notice is that unlike WoW macros, if an ability is on cooldown or reactive (such as after a block), it will go on to the next ability in the macro. An example is in the advanced macros area.
#8 Feb 28 2011 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
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I've noticed as I level that Rift tends to end up with a lot of abilities that you'd really just love to use but you run out of fingers to use them. For me it's not so much about being able to keep track of what I want to do and triggering everything manually; it's about the convoluted keybindings that wind up being created to facilitate access to everything. Ideally, everything should be in easy reach of my left hand while still being able to keep fingers on the strafe keys if I need to.

So today I sat down and wrote a few simple macroes for both of my current warrior roles: tank and dps. Every ability that falls under the category of "use whenever it's off cooldown and/or you get a proc" is in one macro. And if all the cooldown/proc abilities are unavailable, it uses my basic attack. For my dps role, that type of macro freed up 4 keybindings. Three keybindings were freed up on my pally. Then I've got selective long cooldown macros. For my champion, I've got an ability on a 30 second cooldown that guarantees my next attack will crit so I've got it in my finisher macro.

Here's what my pally basic attack macro looks like:

#show Pacifying Strike
cast Aggressive Block
cast Disarming Counterblow
cast Retaliation
cast Pacifying Strike

It's set up to ensure that Aggressive Block is always used if it's off cooldown. For a tank, that 10% block buff is pretty significant. Disarming Counterblow and Retaliation are on-proc abilities that only become available after I block. Disarming Counterblow takes priority if it's off cooldown because it can help reduce incoming damage if I disarm my target. And if Aggressive Block is on cooldown and I don't have a block proc (or DC/Retaliation are on cooldown) it defaults to Pacifying Strike.

There's a certain amount of ignorant whining going on on the official boards with people insisting that Trion nerf the macro system so that you can no longer use them to drop down the list looking for the first available attack. For a game with so many different abilities you can put into play, this kind of macro system makes a ton of sense and I don't expect to see too many builds that can just write one macro and sit there spamming one button from the start of any fight until the end. I still have over a dozen keybindings for my pally despite having consolidated at least a half dozen abilities into macros. Some things are no-brainer priorities. Others require on-the-fly decision making. The last thing I want is AoE macros tied to basic attacks that wind up breaking CC or doing other stupid things. I took my pally into Runic Descent tonight. First time tanking with the new macros/keybindings. It took me a little while to get used to them, but once I reacquainted myself with what was where, it was smooth and quite fun. Still very busy combat, just less carpal tunnel ;D
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