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(EU) (Guardian) (PVP) Pyran are recruiting (was forum=222)Follow

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Brief Overview so we aren't wasting your time

Timezone: GMT (Europe)
Age Restriction: 18+
Guild Type: PvP (casual)
Server: Undecided (but will be PvP)
Faction: Guardian

More Info:

About us
What we can offer
What we're looking for

Still interested? Good, read on.

Pyran Background

Pyran is a longstanding gaming community of friends who've played MMO's together for many years - we're a bunch of oldskool gamers seeking likeminded individuals to hand out a bit of pwnage. Pyran is the PvP guild that we've created for Rift. We did start with the name Woodenduck but when we saw old friends and guilds we reverted to Pyran.

We've players from SWG, DaoC, WoW, Fury, AoC, WAR. We've ran some of the best battleground premades EU has to offer and have a wealth in PvP battlground, arena and tactical experience. We've dominated the PvP scene on every game we've played for the past several years.

Pyran would like to add a few more adult (not necessarily ''mature'') players to our growing playerbase. Due to the nature of our repulsive guild chat, we deem ourselves ''unsuitable'' for anyone under the age of eighteen.

We understand that the internets is srs bizniz and we're looking for skilled players of all classes and level ranges, ''elitists without the attitude''.

Our primary focus is PvP which we're plan on undertaking in a variation of different forms and level groups.

What can Pyran offer me? What makes Pyran different?

- Pyran operates more like a PvP team than a guild so the traditional structures of GMs, officers and minions won't apply. We value everyones opinion and experience. Pyran isn't a tyranny. All major decisions will be taken by the Team as a whole. All applications and trials are voted on by our members.

- Tactical, solid players with heaps of Player vs Player experience

- Adult guild chat and ventrilo chat with adult sense of humour (note again, i didn't use the word ''mature'') with an average player age of between 25-35.

- We know each of our players who log on, and tend not to invite random nabs, you'll find a close-family and welcoming atmosphere. We'll take the time to get to know you.

- We have an extensively awesome website and forums

- We run the server ventrilo with our own guild ventrilo attached, so you're never short on people to have a chat with

- We hold guild meetings to plan events, discuss issues so you always know what's happening within the guild

- Maturity(lol), Security, Friendship, Fun, Respect, Honour

- Most of us work for a living and use gaming as our way of unwinding (or in some cases - doing something other than forum trolling), we understand that real life comes first sometimes (omg!) and we don't expect you to be online 24/7.

- We'll have premades up every night which are of course, hosted on ventrilo. *We also plan to engage in as much world PVP as we can.

- Knowledge Based - we run a knowledge forum where you can give and learn tips on your class and for the more nerdish among us to post their spreadsheets.

What can you offer Pyran?

- Skilled PvPer with a strong PvP background

This can be from any game, we want gamers who understand the concepts of Team PvP, if you're in it for yourself, might I suggest trying a single-player game. We're not looking for the ''lol-i-can-solo-the-world-by-myself'' types.

- Ventrilo (latest version) and preferably with Microphone, and not afraid to use it

We're a voicechat-based guild. Your ability to communicate via voice comms is essential for participation in any guild events, and just generally having a bit of a laugh.

- Preferably aged 18+

Our ventrilo chat often isn't suitable for younger ears so we give preference to older players. We will however review exceptional applications.

- Can speaky teh Englishes!

English is our primary language and communication is all important in PvP so we expect you to be able to speak/write understandable (is that a word?) English. We have many different nationalities in Pyran, and we don't really give a toss where you come from, so long as we can understand you and you can understand us.

- Social Skillz

We run a two week trial on most applicants to ensure that they fit in with our sense of humour and aren't easily offended by the nature of our chat... you need to be prepared for some sick when you join this guild as well as laughs n thrills.

- Later Play-Time

Our most common events time, mid-week begins usually between 8-9pm, because that's when most of us are online, leaving you enough time to get home from work, shower, , eat and spend some time with ''the missus'' or ''mister''. Weekends are a bit more relaxed with events organised ''as and when''... allowing for drinking/pub time. Guild Meetings are held fortnightly, usually on a Sunday evening.

- Fair Game Play

We don't tolerate unfair game play which involves exploits or other forms of cheating. Any member caught exploiting is likely to be severely disciplined or kicked.

- Involvement

Being in a Guild means playing with the other people in your guild. We expect you to be able to attend as many events within your level range that the guild organises. We expect you to be able to contribute to said events in a positive manner. *We want to get to know you and getting to know you involves playing with you (no, not that way.... ).

Applying to Pyran

Our application process is simple and fast (usually you receive a decision within 24 hours), and all the info you need can be found in the recruitment section of our forum.

Generally, if you meet the requirements, you will be offered a 2 week trial period, and your suitability and how you ''fit in'' with us will be assessed. This will be down to our members though, all our members vote on all applications and all trials, so its not just a handful of ''officers'' you have to impress.

>>>>>Apply Here<<<<<

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Adding extra information: Official Forum Thread
Also we shall be taking part in the Open World PVP Unite

I am so glad a decent MMO is coming out with a solid dev team and a beautiful PVP base to build, even and play to death!

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We will of course be starting at the headstart!
We are hoping to get all members on Vent to introduce one another, discuss stuff and make friends, chat **** and take the **** whilst we level. Throw in an application to join our venture into the world of Telara!
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We have reverted back to Pyran due to the appearance of old friends, guilds and enemies!
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