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Cleric Heals in PVPFollow

#1 Feb 27 2011 at 3:28 AM Rating: Decent
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Poll question, does Cleric Heals seem way to imba in pvp?

To me it seems like they heal too well in Warfronts, I think healing should get a redux while in WFs just like how everyone gets a health buff, Bards and Mage heals are fine IMO, cuz ive never seen a mage or bard take out 3+ guys and walk away at 100% health... maybe I'm just QQing but... lol who knows.
#2 Feb 27 2011 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
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Not terribly.

At low levels they have some survivability, but they trade that for all of their dps. Even then they really can't stand up under that much focus fire.

At later level though I've been hearing massive complaints from clerics. In addition to classes having access to a plethora of 50% healing reduction debuffs which used to stack (they still might), meaning it was possible for someone to be unhealable (100% healing debuff), there were also voidnights and dominators who would just drain away literally all of the clerics mana in a few seconds. Even suriving that, the cleric still had to sit out much of the warfront to simply drink and regain mana.
#3 Feb 27 2011 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
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I feel that Cleric heals are a bit too strong for what there able to do, reminds me of (sorry for saying this) WoW during BC, where Druids has such survivability that there were jokes 'How do you kill a Drood? Bring 4 of your friends, and jump him while soloing group quests.' since I'm still in the 30s bracket I cannot say for higher brackets, but it just seems silly when I roll Sab (and I'm saying things are OP...) but If I take 1.5 seconds per action (Time Bomb, Blastx5, Frag, Anni, Det (can drop someone to 25% health roughly 13 seconds) and say I timed it all perfectly and get the damage to go off in a 3 second window I can understand someone surviving just me, but when I had multiple times from 20-30 that a cleric takes that burst and in 2-3 seconds it's back at full health with 2+ people on him, not just once but constantly until they wait us out till back up comes (5 minutes in Codex... at the Codex). Im not saying there healing should be nerf'd at all levels, but it seems like at lower levels heals are a bit to strong for 1v1 2v1 or sometimes even 3v1.

Clerics can heal all debuffs to my knowledge (poisons, bleeds, curses, magic) so healing debuffs should not be a massive issue since they can bubble... twice if they go Pur/Drood. I guess since I only played Cleric till 18 in beta, and seeing how they are to fight against it feels like a losing battle so I avoid them and target the squishier warriors. I do see Clerics hit top Damage, Healing, KB, and Kills in Warfronts, sometimes its the same Cleric hitting all 4... I'll stop ranting though, I guess I'm trying to see what others think, and if they found any way to combat Clerics at level 10-40.
#4 Mar 03 2011 at 11:21 AM Rating: Decent
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I've used my healing build in warfronts as well as went up against healers with my pvp builds. Honestly, it's all about how well someone plays their class and what else is going on imo. As a healer, I've been stomped to the ground in less then 3 seconds by one player and have stood with 5 people beating on me for a few minutes. Going up against a healer, I've had both happen as well.

I think as more people unlock their pvp souls we'll see a better balance happen. I really hope they do not do what wow does and kill pve abilities based on what is going on in pvp. If they want to change how something functions in a warfront, great. But it is disheartening to have something that works as intended in pve get changed to the point of almost unusable because it was considered too op in pvp.

#5 Mar 03 2011 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
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This is just opinion from a non-cleric player, but honestly heals are right where they need to be. The problem would be if a heal spec couldn't stay up vs one player. With proper use of CC and teamwork, 2 players should easily be able to drop a healer. As players level up and get access to more tools (including interrupts, drains, dispels etc), healing specs should be less of a problem. Especially as a rogue, who has a whole branch of the pvp soul tree dedicated to annihilating healers.

Also, bear in mind that, unlike other games, the soul combinations in this game mean that healing specs can take tanking or survival oriented souls too, helping them stay up. Their pvp soul tree also gives them tons of tools to survive.

As Allegory said, the one big weakness is mana. All 4 classes have access to souls with abilities to hurt mana users. Also, some souls like the warlock and dominator seem designed to kill healers easily.

One thing I really like about this game is you can't just drop someone with one combo. You need to use your tools and use teamwork if you have allies nearby. Yes, clerics can put out a lot of healing, but isn't that the point if they spec that way?
#6 Mar 04 2011 at 1:32 AM Rating: Decent
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So, now being in the level 30 bracket and having participated in a considerable number of warfronts, a few things seem to stand out.

1. RuEInd has spoken some degree of truth. Wardens are incredibly durable. As a Warden, if I choose to get reckless, I can easily find myself at the top of the damage taken chart while still doing a lot of healing.

2. Any bard of competence will easily top the heal charts, and there is nothing a cleric can do to beat them out. They can't put up teh single target healing a cleric can, but they constant, mana free, aoe heals will keep every singel nick and scratch at bay.

3. Dominators and Voidknights wreck casters hard. There is almost nothing any caster can do to stop this.

I've drawn a few conclusions from this. Conventional wisdom in RPGs is to kill the healer first, but this is only half true in Rift. WArdens can withstand quite a bit of focus fire, and even through stuns and silences can have hots ticking away. If you're a DPS, you should probably ignore them. The far better target for DPS are bards. Bards contribute a huge amount of healing to the group, but are fairly bad at direct healing, especially when stunned or silenced. They should be much easier for the DPS to take out, and that will enable your team to put more pressure on the enemy due to the lack of solid aoe healing. Wardens, other clerics, and casters should be taken out by voidknights and dominators. It really is OP how quickly and easily they can destroy mana. My friend is a voidknight, and with me keep him up and decursed, our win rate tends to be proportional to the number of casters on the enemy team. In black garden, when there was 6 casters, it was a total shut out for us. None of their clerics ever had mana, and neither did their mages. There was nothing they could do about it either because he was a a durable tank build and had a pocket healer.

I'd be fine with a durability nerf to clerics if it meant they weren't hard countered by voidknights and dominators.
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