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[warrior] rate my tanking buildFollow

#1 Mar 01 2011 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
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The tanking build I have come up with goes up to lv lv30.

I was hoping for some feedback from some warriors who are more familiar with the abilities than me.

I have prioritized damage mitigation abilities but there are some nice ones in there for both single and multi-target threat.

paladin / warlord / your choice


first 10 points into solid mitigation seemed like a good idea.

2 in aggressive guardian for the needed +20% threat.

shield of the hero - for only 1 point a solid 5% block and much needed 5% hit. later you can choose to get shield of the chosen which drops that hit and gives armor instead.

I had 2 spare points here, I went for...

light's hammer - 1 point to help with those pesky casters. shield charge will also help with this when you get it especially when your snared.

martial shield - don't know how good it is really. if you dropped shield of the hero and the 5% hit it provides you could put that 1 point into graceful under pressure (3% hit). Tbh I don't know how much hit you need for Rift, for now I am going on wow figures which is 5% for now mobs, 8% for raid mobs as melee.

next 5 points into unyielding defense - I am not sure on how much block I will have at level 30 but it seems like its the thing I am stacking and 20% mitigation when I block seems nice.

I wanted to go for vengeful wrath + Karmic resolution for the healing but just did not have the points for it. Perhaps someone has figures of how much healing this provides?

I had 2 points here, I put them in Paladin's Devotion, as well as stun / fear and confuse effects it also breaks disarm which is awesome. The other point into reverent Protection. It does have a moderate cool down but provides total damage mitigation for you and your group. Nice as an 'oh ****' button or on aoe pulls to help your healer.

next points I went down the balance of power + tip the balance route. Again I am not sure on how much I will block at 30 but this seems to provide solid passive self healing to help your healing and oc damage / threat. Maybe good to help get agro on those aoe pulls.

Now this is a lv 30 build so I have not gone any further and put the other points into the warlord tree. Powerful countenance + enhanced dodge seemed like no brainer talents.

I had a choice here where to put the last points. weapon blow seems great. 5 second disarm every 15 seconds looks like a great damage mitigator against melee mobs, maybe even bosses. You also get a disarm on a longer cd in the other tree.

for the other point the choice seemed to be between shield of the chosen (replaces you other shield. proves 5% block + armor buff) or improved weapon blow. I put the point in warlord since this last point also proves Pin target. Looking at these 2 talents now though perhaps there more geared towards pvp, hmmm.

Ok that it. What do you think? Constructive feedback welcome. Sorry about my grammer / spelling etc btw. I am not a native english spe.. ah **** ok ok I am english but I am just lazy / rushed.
#2 Mar 04 2011 at 3:38 PM Rating: Decent
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its a great build so far, same thing I use. Although I am 31 and I have 31 in pally and the rest in warlord with my 3rd being beastmaster with no points just to have a pet
#3 Mar 04 2011 at 3:51 PM Rating: Good
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Personally i'd stop at 10 pts in warlord and put those 2 pts in 1 handed damage in the pally tree.

I have a question though, does threat generation talents stack? like, the talent in paladin and the talent in reaver for example?

Edited, Mar 4th 2011 2:24pm by KTurner
#4 Mar 28 2011 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Yes the threat generation, from the pally tree and the reaver tree do stack together, but the threat gen from the reaver tree is only for your DoTs, so the pally threat gen would stack just for your DoTs and the reaver threat gen will not help with your regular melee hits.
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