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#1 Mar 06 2011 at 5:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Good day every one.

I used to be a WoW player since release, and I will never bash the game because, well id be an idiot to do so after playing for over 6 years. But unfortunately I got to a point when I simply stopped having fun. Plain simple, no bad design, no issue with Blizzard, I personally stopped having fun and it became sort of a routine.

So here we are now: I love MMO, the feeling of communities and parties and all that stuff makes my day. I loved playing the Beta of Rift and I see a lot of potential in this game. But on the other hand, I got AoC and WAR as soon as they were released and they felt also good, but then they went down the drain, and I am honestly scared of getting Rift (keep in mind I am a student, so every penny counts in my world) and then seeing that there's no community and the game is slowly fading away. From what I have seen in the Beta, Rift is very much driven by the community, since all the Rifts open up and change the world, the game needs a substantial player base to run properly. I read all the player reviews and all the comments regarding the game, but I am still lingering over here and this is why I am asking for help.

So this is my question: What do you think of Rift. Do you see this game succeeding in the MMO field (I am not saying "WoW killer", but more of an alternative)? Since everyone is only talking about the good parts of the game (that's what I see on the forums) is there any bad experience that you had so far? If you are in the same position as me (in terms that you used to play WoW and stopped having fun) and you got Rift, does it make you happy?

I am looking forward to your answer guys. Than you in advance.

P.S. English is my second (or even third not sure) language, so please ignore any issues, regarding improper grammar or bad sentence syntax.

I thought i would add a few more details. What I am searching for are two things:
Firstly: the questing experience. I remember when I was levelling in WoW and it actually felt like an adventure rather then go there and quickly do this. On the other hand when I played WAR it always felt like a grind for me. And lastly AoC starting experience (Tartage island) was incredibly fun, but then the game lost, how to explain, the feeling of depth, and became a lonely empty football stadium where you just run back and forward. I hope this makes sense.

Second: End-game. I always loved playing a healer in WoW. Styles of healer were mainly Resto Druid or Holy/Disc Priest. What end game Rift has, in terms of mechanics (are the bosses tank-and-spank) and from a healer point of view, is it an interesting niche to fill, or do you feel like you are doing nothing.

I am hoping that people wont get offended for asking these questions, I did my research and everything looks too goo to be true, I simply would like some independent opinions regarding these questions.

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The best way I can describe Rift is it's a game that takes the best of a good bit of games out there, and twists it together into one package. Liked the quests and story lines of WoW (some of which, let's face it, were pretty **** good), and dungeon-running/raiding? Rift has that. Did you love the public quests in WAR? Rift has that. AoC's well-done landscapes and artwork? Rift has that. Really the only thing that I've found lacking in Rift since I started playing it is the character creation. It's a bit more detailed than WoW's, but not a whole lot more. Just enough so that everyone doesn't look exactly the same.

If you're on the fence thinking about buying Rift, I'd say visit their website and take a look around. I'd definitely recommend it to just about anyone out there.
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#3 Mar 06 2011 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
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A, that sounds pretty nice. I caught myself that I am spending all my time doing research on Rift. I will probably pick up a copy in a few days and just give it a shot. Too bad there is no free-trial right now.

Thank you for the reply.
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I played Wow hitting cap in Burning Crusade. I played mainly for the PvP aspect of the game. I very much enjoyed my time on WoW, was a very well built game and would expect nothing less from blizzard, they are the kings of the computer gaming industry. Now the reason i sold my account on WoW was the lack or anything new since BC. Arenas stayed the exact same nothing changed, got a new venue and some new numbers on gear that u can find on mobs in the world, but the mechanics stayed the same. So ive been floating around waiting for anything that could compete with the WoW pvp experience. World PvP, and battleground loose there luster after you hit 75k HK's believe me.

I beta'd Rift and loved it. The game (if you have a decent computer) is smooth and looks amazing. The dungeon system is nicely laid out and they dont seem to be just tank and spank till u hit cap (witch should help end game raids a bit more, since people are learning you have to do more then just stand and heal/dps/tank early on). The warfronts are awesome, nicely laid out and i love the different terrains(cliffs over codex, seal'd off hidden vault etc.) they add for another dimension to the game play (i think there needs to be a bit of tweeking done here also) So overall the game seems amazing..

Heres my beef..There is absolutely no competition for PvP or PvE, Whats keeping us playing the game? what other then time spend sorts out the scubs from the talent? There are no ranked "arenas" (or anything in that nature) there are no ranked warfronts, there are no special ladders for witch guilds have done what dungeons. There is absolutely nothing but a time sink in this game, No goal.. I can't be like ooo man i wish i had that weapon but i have to be this its oo man i wish i had that weapon but i have to kill 5000 more skill i can have a bot do this form me?

Overall i just think this game is lackign on competitive side. I love the game, yes its unbalanced atm but it just launched (sure they are saying they wont balance pvp but who are they kidding? there will be nurf after nurf soon as there 1m subs disappears), and im willing to let the game go for a while to see if they decide to add something to keep people playing. If not ill gear up and then be bored end of game.

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#5 Mar 07 2011 at 11:40 AM Rating: Default
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I am a raiding WoW healer and Hunter(d. heh). Right now, the RIFT healer feels as good as my resto druid used to feel (before we got wapped with the nerf hammer to make things "challenging")

However, for a pure healer I like War/pur/dru rather than the war/pur/sent mix. I like that extra dot of healing that the pet provides vs having more dps.

The community isn't fading (considering how many freakin rifts were open on my server yesterday. I got 7 levels off chasing rifts on an alt)

I haven't gotten to end game yet but the dungeons and pvp are great.
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