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I'm having trouble getting started with Rift. Played EQ and WoW for years, so basic concepts are fine. But I'm having difficulty figuring out some thing and I can't seem to find answers. All searches for guides are either blank, gold sellers, or useless (One guide basically said to level you can quest, grind, instance, or do rifts. That's all it contained, not very helpful). Wiki entries are mostly empty. So if anyone can point me to some decent resources or answer some basic stuff, I'd appreciate it. I didn't beta or follow the game until a few days after launch I bought it, I'm currently testing different classes and getting a feel for the trees and such, haven't levelled past 8 ( just so you know where I'm coming from). Here's a couple of things that I'm just not getting, help with these and anything else I might miss is appreciated (I've read the official forum "guides" and those here and am coming up empty, everyone seems to consider this common knowledge I guess).

1. How do you 'do' an invasion/rift. I know I can join the public group but that's about it. I saw messages saying 'close such-and-such' rift and 'bring shadestones to spomeplace'. How do you close rifts, and how do you get the shadestones? Any other help in understanding what I'm supposed to do instead of running around aimlessly killing stuff would be great.

2. I found an artifact. It's asking me what collection or something that I want to put it in. Thing is, I don't know what an artifact is for, what the choices are, etc.

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The answer to both of your quests is probably a lot simpler than you were expecting.

1) Shadestones drop when you seal a rift. All you need to do to seal a rift is complete each stage. Each stage will tell you to kill x amounts of y enemies, and the final stage is usually a tougher, boss sort of thing. Once all stages have been cleared, the rift is sealed and the shadestone drops. Simply click the shadestone as if it were loot and it will be placed on your back, which you must then -walk- it to where it needs to go (cannot mount with a shadestone on your back). Basically, the only thing different from invasion rifts and normal rifts is the shadestone mechanic.

2) Artifacts are purely for fun. Once you find all the artifacts in any given collection (some artifacts belong to multiple collections, but don't worry, you can find multiples of the same artifact, and as I understand it, you can even sell duplicates in the Auction House if you wish), speak to the NPC in your capital city (Artifact Collector, or Antique Collector or something like that, I know Defiants get a quest in their capital city in the early-teens from said NPC where they have you walk around town and collect pieces of a two-piece collection and return to them, so you shouldn't have trouble finding the NPC). Once you "turn in" a complete collection, the NPC gives you a Lucky Coin, and you can use Lucky Coins to purchase things like silly cosmetic armor pieces, mounts, non-combat companion pets, etc... so it's a purely optional thing that provides you with no tangible benefits that effect gameplay, just something to do for fun.
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1a. To 'do' a rift, you need to 'contribute' to closing it. Closing a rift involves killing the waves of mobs that come from the rift [hanging out in despoiled landscape under the big visible rift in the air]. Each wave usually has harder mobs than the previous, so it usually involves having multiple players or seriously out leveling the rift/mobs. After several waves, the rift is successfully closed. If the countdown timer is still showing on the rift UI element [circular with a 'bag' loot button and the contribution list button] when you kill all the mobs in the last stage/wave, you get a bonus wave of mobs to kill and more potential loot.

At the end of each wave that you contributed to, you can click the 'bag' button in the rift UI element to get your loot. Usually, you just wait for the rift to close to loot all the stuff you got from all the stages you participated in, but you can loot earlier, as well.

Your 'contribution' to the wave is shown as a vertical bar on the left side of the rift UI element. Right now, the 'contribution' is basically how many 'actions' you did compared to others also 'contributing', so instant casts are best to build that up the highest.

1b. For the invasion events that have further criteria, for example the Death invasions in Freemarch that require shadestones, you need to close a death rift and then a purple floating crystal/shadestone appears where the rift was. 'Using' the shadestone puts one on your back that you can carry to a collector [there's one near a really large wardstone near Meridian and another near the village on the ocean; can't remember the name at the moment; these collectors and wardstones only exist during this invasion].

One restriction for carrying a shadestone on your back is that you can't mount, which the UI doesn't mention. :( To drop a shadestone without running and delivering it, right click its icon in your buff/debuff section; relogging also gets rid of it.

The 'Invasions' roaming the land at this time [crossed swords on the map] contain some tough mobs, with one tougher than the others. When this toughest mob is killed, it spawns another floating crystal/shadestone that you can pick up a shadestone to bring to the collectors, as well. The Invasions come out of rifts; have bubbles around them at first and ignore people working on the rift if not attacked until they leave a rift. They are always heading toward a wardstone elsewhere in the zone; hovering over the crossed sord icon on the map will show the destinations of all the Invasions on the map.

Most invasion events have a phase where you close rifts and/or kill Invasions roaming around the zone and maybe collect something [like shadestones in Freemarch]; After that completes, a new objective appears, which is to stop a 'big' Invasion [shown on the map as a fanged skull over crossed axes]. This is often a large, 'champion' mob, or a large group of strong mobs. Defeating this Invasion usually 'wins' the invasion event. The event can be be lost, which makes the zone a lot more dangerous due to the many rifts and Invasions running around for a while [they eventually despawn after a period of controlling the zone after a 'loss']. Even after winning an invasion event, the unclosed rifts and unkilled Invasions are still up and require clean up, or waiting for them to despawn naturally, which takes quite a while.
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