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Rogue builds for pve solo/pvp/groupingFollow

#1 Mar 15 2011 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey folks!

Ok, question to anyone out there who has played the rogue class. I'm looking for 3 different builds here. One for solo pve, one for pvp and the last build will be for running in dungeons and group questing.

Solo pve.....I'm thinking high in the *** tree, but...
I'm just not sure what to do to supplement the *** tree....bard for heals or nightblade possibly?

pvp build.....***/sab but not sure how far into the sab tree

Dungeon crawling/group questing....I was thinking bard/ranger possibly? I like having the utility of the bard class and a pet in case the tank falls.

Any comments, criticisms, advice, etc....

Many thanks!
#2 Mar 15 2011 at 12:45 PM Rating: Good
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Though I haven't tried it yet, Nightblade seems to be very useful in instances. It has limited stealth plus a ranged 45s disable (Lost Hope), which can be excellent for keeping a patrol from surprising you during trash pulls. It also seems to have a couple really good aoe moves for when you just want to take out a lot of trash at once.

For solo PvE, I have to say I love my Assassin build (see sig). Stealthing around everywhere + Incapacitate makes getting to quest objectives incredibly easy (not to mention for mining / foraging), and once you get Slip Away you can escape if you ever run into trouble.

For PvP, there's a lot of options and it also depends on which warfront you're doing... but I've seen Riftstalkers do some good stuff, particularly in the CtF warfront. I personally just stick with my assassin but I'm sure there are better builds out there.
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#3 Mar 17 2011 at 9:15 AM Rating: Default
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these are what i use and have yet to find something better:

solo pve: ranger / marksmen / saboteur with 90% points in ranger, you get your pet as an ally to help hold aggro and you can pretty much handle whatever u need to. im 27 as of right now and i can take on 5-6 mobs at once with my pet.

group pve: i either use my role mentioned above, or marksmen / ranger / bard with 90% into marksmen this time to get great output. between these two souls it all depends on the enemy layout. for large groups (if you have a tank that can hold large groups) i use the ranger build, for rain of arrows, etc.

pvp: im using a marksmen / nightblade / saboteur build... pretty nasty damage in every sense, long range, short, traps, etc... very fun
#4 Mar 17 2011 at 3:39 PM Rating: Decent
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For PvE I have found Blade Dancer(41)/Rift Stalker(13)/Assassin(0) has been working very well. Blade Dancer does very well against solo or small group targets, so I tend not to care about adds as much as other builds. The 13 points is mostly for Healing, but the 5 points for higher attack power works well with the blade dancer powers with attack power additional dmg. The assassin is just for the poisoned weapons.

For PvP I haven't found a build that really shines, but I think that has more to do with being level 40 and 41 when I finally started trying to PvP alot again.

Lastly for Group PvE I find myself loving a Night Blade setup, the ranged incap, spammable PBAE, and ability to go to a ranged rotation without a huge step down in damage for some of the weirder bosses feels good. I also don't feel like I am giving up alot on my attacks abilities to the bosses immunities. (I do plan to try the Blade Dancer a time or two, but the lack of aggro makes it seem like I am giving up to many of the passive bonuses.)

Edit: fixed a small mistake.

Edited, Mar 17th 2011 5:43pm by Target17
#5 Mar 18 2011 at 3:42 AM Rating: Decent
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WarTornPanda just released his endgame ranger spec. It's worth looking at and he puts alot of information into it.
#6 Mar 18 2011 at 7:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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I've leveled a rogue to 33 as saboteur and I've loved it. Grabbed ranger up until 30 for the pet, although now I need to switch around some points as the pet is starting to fall behind. Sab is great fun in PvP and awesome for kiting in PvE. I've soloed all my group quests so far using stuns and slows.
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#7 Mar 20 2011 at 4:57 AM Rating: Decent
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i love the ranger build as you have little down time between mobs and great dps. my build is 31 in ranger, placing points in the pet++ slots, and 20 in marksman to complement the ranged abilities. last, nightblade takes 10 points, for the combo skills improvements. this works for both both questing and instances.

as for pvp, i really do get a kick out of playing bard, after all someone has to heal during pvp as which team has the most heals tends to win. with this i go deep into the bard soul, and then the infiltrator soul as far as it will let me. last i go with riftstalker to get the teir 2 "Boosted Recovery" cause you tend to be singled out alot and need more heals than most. i really have had fun and my team happens to win more than we lose, but that could just be my luck. but thats what i do. oh, i also have a bard setup for instances, just in case.
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