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Hotfix #10 - Now with more hubrisFollow

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Hotfix #10: [NA] 8:00am PDT 3/25/11 - [EU] 1:00am GMT 25/3/11

* Cleaned up some edge case looting bugs that may fix the case where only tanks could loot bosses in dungeon instances.
* Valmera mounts now require Guardian faction to purchase.
* Server stability tweaks.


* Burning Purpose: The damage proc can now only occur a maximum of once every 1.5 seconds. Fixed an issue so that the damage proc is only affected by buffs active on the caster at the time it is triggered.

* Reverent Protection: Now only affects up to 5 targets, and range increased from 10 meters to 35 meters.

* Infestation: Cooldown increased to 1 minute; damage increased due to the higher cooldown.

* Rift Shield: Corrected a bug causing Rift Shield to absorb too much damage. It will now absorb an amount more in line with other absorption shields in the game.


* Dabbling in the Forbidden: Tweaked quest so it should update consistently.
* Mob population of Icewatch Outpost has been revamped to be a bit less punishing.
* Armament Recovery: Increased the quantity of Icewatch Armaments available, and corrected the map marker.
* Abyssal Schematics: Removed the cooldown from the quest objective to make this less annoying for group play.
* A Demon's Grimoire: Removed the cooldown from the quest objective to make this *also* less annoying for group play.
* A Traitor Amongst Us: Reduced the respawn timer on Epov Itol.
* Cleansing the Keep: Reduced the respawn timer on Lis Disrata.
* Technology Confiscation: Greatly increased the respawn rate of quest targets and increased number of quest spawn points.
* Transformation Interrupted: Greadly reduced cooldown time on quest targets.

* Guardians on the Edge: This quest will now display map locators.

* A Failure of Leadership: NPCs should no longer steal credit for this quest.

* All players on the quests 'The Fall of Hazeed' or 'Hazeed's Demise' now receive the Tarnish the Maw achievement after killing Hazeed at the event in Golden Summit. Players who missed out on this achievement previously can now receive it if they are in the vicinity of the event when Hazeed is killed.
* Foiled Plans: Fixed up some spawning issues with Hazeed during this quest.
* Lester Ironbole at Gildstone Sanctum will not be attacked by the Storm Legion in the area.
* The Defiant respawn point in Tempest Plains should no longer occasionally have a big rock on top of it when a nearby Rift is active.

* Broken Trust and Broken Hearts: Quest is now fixed for updates thanks to player feedback!


AKALA [Outdoor Raid]
* Fixed a rare issue where Akala would not reset properly after repeat wipes.

* Moved the Messenger of the Vigil respawn NPC closer to the Charmer's Caldera respawn point.

* Falling through the world, or using the Customer Service 'I'm Stuck' button, will now result in a respawn inside the Warfront instead of teleporting you out and applying the Deserter debuff!

* The spacing of objectives in the Rift meter UI is back to the original settings.
* Twitter credentials are not included in /exportui or brought in via /importui.

svlyons wrote:
If random outcomes aren't acceptable to you, then don't play with random people.
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