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#1 Mar 25 2011 at 8:20 PM Rating: Decent
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Been reading some of the threads for why the game is so great and why I should run out and buy it. I might, I dunno, after watching an hour of content of youtube the game looks amazing.

But, I'm curious, if some of you could form a personal list consisting of: 1) the top three things you love about this game and 2) the top three things you dislike about this game, or would want changed, or are just dissapointed with.

From what I see so far, here's my analysis:


1) The environments are beautiful - the first time I saw the water rift open I was amazed.
2) The interface - seems like wow but with more helpful stuff and the players on youtube seemed to navigate it well.
3) Playstyle options - seems to tend to the needs of different play styles well. Good for people with lots of time as well as little time.


1) Seems like you just mow through enemies - reminds me of Diablo speed - I like a little more substance to battles.
2) Mage play style - I watched several mage videos and wasn't too impressed, but the melee portions looked fun.
3) Haven't found a third thing yet - game looks pretty solid mostly.

I like lists and I believe every game has it's own selling points that makes them unique; so, again, I'm curious, what hits home with you?
#2 Mar 26 2011 at 8:55 AM Rating: Decent
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I like to do my research on a game also before i play it, And if i must make a suggestion dont listen to all the whiny YOUR NERFING me im quitting threads on the rift forum, There not doing anything terrible bad to any class, some people just cant handle the fact the game was made for PvP from the start and there going to balance the classes for this.
Watching a game is never as good as playing it..

Comments on what you mentioned

The environments are indeed very well done. The only problem is can your computer run it on max..Also there seems to be an optimization problem with the engine atm, When i change my setting from custom max to min i gain maybe 8 FPS (run at 35-40 max settings) witch is not a huge change for what your removing. The interface is very nice, You can move and resize everything on the screen so you can set it up how u want it to be...Of course there are a few things that would be nice for them to touch up but hey its been out a month. I would have to agree T1 (PvE) gear is actually quite easy to get..ran 2 expert instances last night got 15 plaques (currency used to buy tier gear - takes about 30 to get a piece) and 4 equivalent epics.

Well i wouldnt say you just Mow though low lvl sure. I cant say how many time ive died to npcs some of them are pretty tough to be completely honest.Sure there are aoe grind specs but thats based on your soul and it own limitations. I would have to agree i dont like the idea of having to stand on a single spot to gain bonous to your char...Mages should kite and kite like a ****, anyone can stand still.

What i like

1) Rifts / Invasions / Dynamic realm events - I lump these all together because well there similar. Rifting is awesome there are so many different mini events and mechanics to the rifts its just plain fun to do Puggin it or guildes. Invasions make the game interesting because it changes the map litterly one second there is a quest hub here, you come back from questing and now you have to fight a HORDE of invasion creatures. And this weekend going to be the first taste of the realm events and this wensday kicks it off for the week so im really interested to see how this gos.

2) Public Groups - This is awesome because well it brings players together...You and a friend are just grinding away a rift pops open and a couple people just come join your invites nothing (there is a privacy setting just incase you are anti social) Ive met allot of my friends this way and it nice to see them forcing people to play together in a multi player game.

3) the instances - Not one of them is just a tank and spank instance..Right out the door there teaching you how to work with your group on the mechanics of the fight. So when you hit cap your not going to be like ooo snap i have to move during this fight omg. This also helps for people that are experienced in instance boss mechanics because all the low lvl instances are allot more interesting.

My Dislikes

1) My number 1 problem with the game is there is no Competitive PvP atm in the game..Notice i say 'ATM' because i am not trion and i do not know what they have planned and it is the first month. Im not like all these other kids saying 'This games content is shallow'. My problem with no Comp PvP is that is literally just a grind to get your gear, dont matter how good you are or how bad your are you can get the same gear as anyone else..Skill should be a determining factor to some degree.

2) Number 2 i would have to say the quests..They get rather repetitive by the time you hit 40 and you just want it to be over. Its a rinse and repeat of Kill these things pick up those and find this. But i guess thats why you can rift and instance to LvL also.

3) Number 3 would be a grouping of minor problems in the game - E.G not being able to shift click an item into the AH search bar, Sometimes when you movie something in the 'Edit UI' tab is looses it anchor for a quick second, When your fighting some big behemoth you cant see your dmg being done because its 90 meters in the air above him so you dont know if your hitting him, The fact your cant change your EXP bar at 50 to your prestige bar / Rep bar, like really do i need a bar to say MAX all the time? just general things that may have been looked over.
#3 Mar 26 2011 at 10:58 AM Rating: Good
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Alright, I'll bite. Some background; I come from FFXI/FFXIV and have only played WoW for 3 days on a free trial. I played Aion for about 3 months. AoC for about a month.

1. Dev team - Trion has some of the most responsive developers I have seen in an MMO. The headstart was smooth, any bugs that were identified were fixed within a few hours, and there were no server crashes to contend with. When their queues filled up, they were quick to open new servers to funnel people into, which tells me they were prepared for this. There was daily downtime for 15-30 minutes, tops, which is better than having hours of downtime later to fix the same issues. They post in forums! Their Facebook page is updated regularly. All of this is worlds better than anything I've seen from Square-Enix.

2. Environment - I'm able to run on ultra, which makes things look great! The areas are varied, you can clearly tell when you're passing from, say, Silverwood to Gloamwood from the lighting and the scenery. Exploring is fun; while there's a few mountains that you can't climb and areas you hit an invisible wall on, for the most part, if you see it, you can get to it in some fashion

3. Zone invasions/rifts - I'll go ahead and say it; I love zone invasions and rifts. I've seen griping about frequency on the forums, but I can't tell if its a popular opinion or if they're just a vocal minority. In fact, I think they toned down the frequency within the last patch or two; I could be wrong. In any case, I like running around closing rifts when I come across them, I'm always participating in the zone invasions, its great fun for me.

1. Community - Maybe here, I mean mostly the official forums. Going to the official forums for information is a pointless task; the forum seems filled to the brim of angst and complaints about nerfbats and ragequitting and other such nonsense. If you say you like the game, you're an automatic fanboy (rather like how the FFXIV forums were, though on a much larger scale). In game, for the most part people seem helpful, though on my server there's a few notorious trolls that yank on people's chains in global chat for no reason that irritate me. I guess you get that wherever you go, but FFXI/FFXIV had no global chat so it seems to irritate me more than most.

2. Quick leveling - I'm 42 after a month of casual play. The cap is 50. Yes, there's content after 50, but my current schedule doesn't allow me the freedom to join many raid guilds. I'll probably end up rerolling a new class when I hit 50 and hope my schedule opens up sometime down the line to allow me to play my 50 some more. In the meantime, I wish getting to 50 was more of a task.

3. Auction House - A minor gripe only, the AH interface seems awkward. I can't put my finger on why, though. I just know it takes me forever to search/list things.
#4 Mar 26 2011 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
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BlueDolphin wrote:

2. Quick leveling - I'm 42 after a month of casual play. The cap is 50. Yes, there's content after 50, but my current schedule doesn't allow me the freedom to join many raid guilds. I'll probably end up rerolling a new class when I hit 50 and hope my schedule opens up sometime down the line to allow me to play my 50 some more. In the meantime, I wish getting to 50 was more of a task.

I cleared IT pug in 45 mins fresh 50..Np if 1 person knows the fight...In that 1 run 3 Epic wands droped, Epic rouge chest, and a Epic Healing mace..These were all within 7 overall stat points of Tier 1 gear witch isnt bad at all. Also u get about 6 plaques of achievement a run and it takes 20-50 to buy a piece of tier 1.

I dont think you'll have a problem gearing at all..just read some instance guides so u dont wipe a bunch :D

but i do have to agree the lvling is rather short but they did say that in interviews. Games that make time sinks in lvling have no end game..and there pretty proud of what they have to offer.

#5 Mar 26 2011 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
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Cool, thanks for the replies everyone.
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