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#1 Mar 28 2011 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Not asking for advice, just putting these out there. They're all specialized builds for world event(pve) and world action (pvp) and general world exploration. I can't attest to the heroic raidability of any of them as I don't do that sort of thing. Most of them will be useful in battlefronts but they're mainly designed for assault and/or defense of world objectives. (towns, quest areas, ridding the world of gankers)

Sab gets added at 0 points to any build that doesn't need BD's dodge rhythmic for adhesive bomb.

Main build:

This is what I'm in 99% of the time. It offers near absolute maximum mobility, (all rift ports, 5/5 in reduction, minus hasted time, perma-stealth, 1/2 stealth speed) general pve survival, (~40% reduction in damage w/barrier up and cloak-dagger) cc, anti-cc and plenty of burst damage.

Yes you lose most of your burst if you're not the ambusher but with slip away and all the teleports it's not hard to regain your advantage.

You should almost never be walking with this build. You should either be porting between enemies, porting *around* a single enemy (to maintain the 15% crit) or stealth-porting to unsuspecting enemies.

Remember, plane shifting doesn't break stealth unless you use shadow assault or shadow blitz (because they have attacks).

Durable build:

I don't use this one very often, but it's a more durable build. I often just tank minor things in bard or in the main build as generally there's someone with better gear for it (with avoidance stats or more armor) or with a setup with avoidance that self-heals (warrior or cleric).


Yeah, it's a full on bard build. NS is the only good compliment to 51 bard imoo, as all the talents help and it nets you a different damage type ranged finisher (fire) plus it gets you stealth and lost hope.

This build can do a surprising amount of damage with code of wrath/fury and virtuoso. I solo elite invasions without popping the planar ability if virtuoso is up. Plus this gets you +20% movement speed which is nice when major rift events are occurring.

This is the build I'm usually stuck using for most major world pve events as there is usually a lack of healing.

Ranged assault:

Mainly concerned with maximizing ranged dps this one comes with the caveat that I dislike using pets, hence no pet talents. The pet is there to soak damage and possibly annoy people but it's not the focus. It might help you solo some hardier elites as rogue lacks the long term solo fight capability that clerics or warriors get given we can only heal minor damage constant aoe (bard) or on kill. (rs) This is my least used build and only gets trotted out when there's tons of other bards already running around healing everyone.
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#2 Mar 29 2011 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
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Why not, my cleric builds:

Water General:

The character is mainly water themed (yes, I play on RP-PVP) so her mainstay is a mixed healing/dps water themed build.

AoE Healing:

This is what I put on for mostly backline healing.

Justicar tank:

This is fairly useful at ******* non-void knights off in world pvp.

Mixed DPS:

And this is my main "go find someone else to heal you" build.
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#3 Apr 06 2011 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
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Im gonna try your rogue main build - seems to be kind of what I'm looking for.
I'm currently level 42 and questing my way up solo.
Had a similar build myself for a while but switched to a sucky one for a couple of levels.
What rotations do you use? Any usefull macros to share?

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#4 Apr 06 2011 at 2:28 PM Rating: Decent
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The RS/ASN build doesn't really have a rotation persay.

I actually dropped Backstab in favor of puncture given savage strike has a higher crit rate and nearly identical damage.

Normal NPCs should be dying very very quickly. This build underperforms against harder solo targets since you can't heal yourself enough with the asn poison heal to counter incoming damage. I actually switch to bard for them.

You should be using savage strike and final blow unless you need to reapply impale bleeds. (which shouldn't happen on normal targets, they should be dead)

If you're trying to burn down a larger target you need to keep up the riftstalker buff as much as possible and you need to stay behind them unless you're tanking. (which is also possible with a healer)
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#5 Apr 06 2011 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok cool,
what's the point in advanced flanking if you dropped backstab?
Hmm I think i need a 5th role for all the variations :)

Edit: Stupid question.. I guess I'll throw in jagged and paralyzing stike into the mix!
Trying to figure out what and where to put on the hotbars! I'm getting there...

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#6 Apr 07 2011 at 7:14 AM Rating: Decent
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This is actually my lightest button build for rogue. I should screenshot my interface, but it's really cluttered and asymmetrical.

My toebomber and NS builds have like 2 dozen buttons all sitting around the character. I need 3 hands to play this game sometimes >.>
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