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#1 Mar 30 2011 at 10:56 PM Rating: Decent
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i will be posting 4 builds and will also try to explain why i in my humble opnion like them

For Dps i like this one
this is a tipical selfish build that will only think to buff themselfs

the 51 points in the Riftblade is to get the avatar of the rift
the 15 points in the champion is to get more dmg =P
the 0 in beastmaster is because (imho) there is no better 0 point for Dps that the minor pet.. while is true that his dps is low.. it will still increase you dps... and for 0 points

high dps
high mobility (with 2 charges)

IMHO the best priority is (if you are not suposed to interrupt)

single target
3 ap -> fire burst
ap generators
rift strike
stone spear
wind spear
flame spear
frost strike
searing strike

rift storm (if there is at least 5 if not dont the others will do more dmg via enhaced burst)
storm burst
earth burst
ap generators
thunder strike

now.... since i am a really nice guy

a macro for you if you are not the top player but still wants to be competitive

#show searing strike
/cast inescapable fury
/cast rift strike
/cast stonespear
/cast wind spear
/cast flamespear
/cast frost strike
/cast searing strike

with this macro you just need to push 2 buttons.
the macro and flame burst once you get 3 ap

this is my humble tankling build
i like this one because it has high mitiligation
high avoidance
can handle aoe situations well
has some magic dmg reduction (not like VK but still nice)
has several Oh @#!% buttons for diferents situations.

lets see a little closer from paladin it gets
25% block chance
improved blocking
10% armor
9% hit
9% magic dmg reduction
and some armor from shield of the chosen
+ some buttons

from warlord
10% armor
8% dodge (5 from talent 3 from battlefield awareness)
5% block
5% chance to be missed (from battlefield distraction)
5% dmg redution buff
some defence from empowering strike
incrises the party dmg (via spotter order -> with can be used to refresh battlefield awareness)
and some armor from empowering strike

from reaver
20% dmg reduction when HP > 30%
5% dmg reduction
9% magic dmg reduction
some def from crest of the abyss
5% ap/sp debuf (via binding of atrophy)
5% chance to be missed (via blood fever dont know if it stacks with battlefield distraction )
a easy way to handle many mobs at once (via plage bringer)

30% block chance
improved blocking reduction
20% armor
18% magic dmg reduction
9% hit
8% dodge
5/10% chance to be missed (if they stack)
5% + X ap/sp reduction
10% dmg reduction
20% dmg reduction when HP> 30%
several + armor skills


this is my warrior as a suport build =)
while many will think.."warrior as a suport is a lie" thats very untrue (well not if you are thinking suport heals)
but aside from the non-existent heals this build can really improve a raid dmg (if they are lacking suports)
the details:

call of battle (ap/sp buff)
5% less armor
some endurance
and a raidwide +dmg debuff via spotter orders

from BM
Improve bond of might (+str)
Improve bond of feline grace (+dex)
improved alacrity (+ out of combat movement speed)
the pet will give the raid
5%+ dmg buff
5%+ dmg debuff (via bite)

From Champion
armor Debuf
and you main source of dmg =)

/cast frenzied strike
/cast inescapable fury
/cast flesh rip
/cast fierce strike

outside of the macro you will have to
keep armor debuff up
keep call of battle up
keep spotters call up
and if all of that are up and you have 3 ap
deathblow if the target HP < 30%
or punishing blow if it isnt

this is my Leveling build

will explain if needed...

please give your sugetions and thoughts
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You might want to point out what calling they are for in the post title. :P
Helsing / Defiant Cleric / Carrion Shard (PvP)
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