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#1 Apr 02 2011 at 2:18 AM Rating: Default
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Anyone that provide a List or a link 2 a list of single target heals. Caus asfar as i see it theres several "single target heals" eks. Warden specc wich doesnt migate with r5 Creeping remedy. - eks. Dot heals Initial heal target hits it but the repetedly heals afterwards Will not make it procc healing.."im aware of the point, but in theory as its written it should allso make it proc" - Same goes for the Life rift greater source wich procs 50% healing of what u done 2 one target" - any Help would be excellent. ;) or if nothing else a Complete rundown on how "DOT" heals mitagate with the whole "heal another target procs
#2 Apr 02 2011 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
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well IM not really sure what the question was in that.. But ill do my best to help you out..

A DoT(Damage over Time) heal - is actaully called a HoT (Heal over Time). Now In the warden spec its self i think theres only 5 single target heals..And those are

Healing current - Small castable heal that also leaves a HoT on your target
Healing Spray - Instant cast HoT
Deluge - Your big cast heal (bonus healing based on the amount of hots on your target)
soothing stream - A instant cast stackable HoT
Orbs of Stream - Castable Puts 3 stacks/counters on a ally and when hes struck it removes a stack and heals for a set amount

I checked all the roots/trees and i couldnt find anything about creeping remedy. so im kinda left out in the dark there..Now as for your planar essences They can proc off HoT's because as of right now each tick counts as a healing spell. I have one "you healing spells have a chance to heal your target for an additional 200HP/8s(this was a lvl 18 epic essence). ive seen this proc on a player off of my soothing streams.

Now the last thing i want to mention is your use of the word mitigate. this means to Lessen..So you dont mitigate heals thats bad...Tanks Mitigate Damage so they take less. Im assuming u meant to use the word more like this, How do HoTs (work, synergise, Act, Respond) with the target procs.

But if this didnt help at me the creeping remedy and ill try it out if i can find one.
#3 Apr 02 2011 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
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awesome reply. Yer now that i think about it. I mistakened it with synergize ... >.< Just came home from night shift so was kinda dead.

Creeping remedy. is a R5 in Templar build. - Pvp specc.

The Greater source stone 50 - Epic - Has a proc chance 2 heal for 50% of the Healing done.... if thats the case, What is the PPM of such an item or is there no GCD on the proc? Any infoes on that?
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