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#1 Apr 04 2011 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm a 37 cleric right now and am just looking for some feedback from some fellow players as to how I might improve. I have three builds each serving a different purpose.

Build 1: PVP Healer that is sometimes used for PVE Group Healing. While I use this for PVE, PVP remains the main focus.

My main spells for this are: Healing Spray, Soothing Stream (Stacks x4), and Healing Breath since they are all instant casts. I mix in Healing Current, Deluge, Orbs of Stream, and Tidal Surge when the situation demands it. For AOE Heals I do Ripples, Healing Showers, and Healing Flood.

Build 2: PVE DPS Solo & Group

This was originally built up as an inquisitor with a heavy focus on vex, sanction, and bolt of judgement. However, i'm starting to discover the power of cabalists. This build probably needs quite a bit of work still, and I'm really interested in suggestions. The purifier is only used to get one healing spell and two shields.

Build 3: Tank

I haven't found much problems with this build and have had a lot of success tanking PVE so far. I chose the zero point druid soul for the pet, but to be honest, might switch it for a zero point sentinel soul for the heal/lightning bolt. I only have so many points invested into the Shaman so as to get Ageless Ice to help me with my mana. Given two +10% mana spells I have no problem spamming Even Justice. As I continue to level, I was planning on putting the rest of my points into Justicar and filling in the pieces.

Build 4: Melee DPS

I haven't built this one yet as I don't have enough money to buy the pre-made soul slot yet. But I plan on making it a Shaman or Druid focused build with something else (maybe inquisitor) mixed in.


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#2 Apr 05 2011 at 1:04 AM Rating: Good
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Here are my thoughts as a 50 Cleric entering Tier 2s.

Build 1: Is quite effective for PvP healing. I run a 44 Warden / 22 Sentinel for my main pve healing spec and also bring it into pvp because it is versatile enough. Warden makes a great pvp healer with the reliance on instant casts. Depending on what you decide to do, you might want to change the soul selection around a bit. For general healing what you have is good, though you might want to consider going up into sentinel enough o grab 1 point in protect the flock (only 1 point is needed as aoe hots constantly proc it for the duration) and also getting reinforce from Templar, to get some fairly significant damage reduction. If you give up a little of your healing potential you can grab some additional utility by speccing into purifier. I have purifier as my 0 point 3rd soul, and the shield is amazing for capturing objectives while people are peppering you with aoe. If I combine the shield with healer's covenant I'm almost certain to take an objective unless I'm under single target focus fire.

Build 2: I'm also a primary inquisitor for my soloing build, and I can say that your biggest issue is lack of healing. Without some additional healing in your spec you're going to struggle killing elites or handling situations that go sour. You might consider trading cabalist in for sentinel. Healing breath is a great heal to have on hand, with a very high coefficent, and sentinel can make up for a fair bit of the dps lost from cabalist, though you can't make up the mana upkeep. If you want to play a cabalist, consider maining it instead of trying to use it as support for inquisitor.

Build 3: Shaman is the appropriate soul to use as a secondary for justicar tanking. Vengeance of the forzen earth is a wasted point for pure tanking, throw it into something else to get your ageless ice. PRecept of refuge combined with commitment will take care of most of your mana needs, and so it's possible to give up ageless ice once you have both of these talented if you want to redistribute some of those shaman points. Druid is not very useful as a third soul. The pet healing is incredibly minimal (less than a 0 point warden hot) and it can become a problem in certain types of boss encounters. Look into sentinel or purifier for a decent 0-5 point third soul. It's not a big difference, but druid really doesn't give you much at all.
#3 Apr 05 2011 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the feedback.

Build 1:
I've leveled a couple times since I posted this and have put them all in the sentinel chain. I ended up getting touch of light (which has helped already), so I often do -> Tidal Surge -> Touch of Light -> Orbs for an instant cast quick 2,000 shield/heal. Plus they all have the same cooldown so it works out well. Adding points to both flocks and erupted breath. I'm not sure of whether I should add 1 point to healing invocation (and use touch of light for instant cast on it instead of orbs), but we'll see.

I'm still struggling on going to a 3rd purifier soul. I see the value in capping flags/fangs, but the Break Free is just soooo useful especially if you go up against people who are constantly blacking you out. I might even do this as my fourth soul and switch off mid-game to see which works better for the situation.

Build 2:
Great advice. I will probably drop one of them as i'm finding I have more damage spells than I have use for.

Build 3:
I'll probably lose frozen earth. Originally I thought it might help keep any monsters from getting to the mages/clerics, but I have never had trouble keeping agro, so it's not an issue. After I invest a couple points in commitment, i'll see how my mana is doing, and if it's working out ok, i'll probably drop a bunch of points in shaman as you suggest (and probably invest them in sentinel instead of druid).


#4 Apr 08 2011 at 11:38 AM Rating: Good
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Regarding Build 3, I've found it useful while leveling to have the secondary soul be a healing soul instead. I tended to get enough mana back from blocking to only need Purpose, and the benefits of having a secondary healing soul include instant cast effects, like being able to get rid of some really irritating debuffs/DoTs that a lot of healers seem to never notice or can't remove.

Warden: Instant cast damaging Pushback effect 4 points in (VERY nice to kick something out of a pack), instant cast Curse/Poison/Disease remover (like those irritating snares from rogue mobs) 10 points in if your healers are bad at status removal (which , and Restorative Tide for 11th and 12th point. Dissolution is nice too.

Purifier: Strong Shielding ability that doesn't seem like it is affected by Mien of Leadership, Flame Ward available for 6th and 7th point (every swing you do triggers it), Endurance buff 8 points in, and instant cast Curse/Poison/Disease remover (like those irritating snares from rogue mobs) 12 points in.

Sentinel: I don't like this one as an option, as the abilities focus too much on actually casting healing spells. The only benefit available quickly seems to be the low level Endurance buff. Cleansing Prayer is 16 points in unlike the other two, and I have no idea if Protect the Flock will work with Justicar abilities or not. >_>
#5 Apr 16 2011 at 6:50 AM Rating: Decent
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As a cleric, I usually roll with my guild, so my dps spec is built around doing as much damage as I can and not so much survivability. It's good for both AoE and single target. When questing solo, I usually don't run into much trouble and when I do, I just hop into tank spec for a bit then right back out. I'm only 35 in game atm, but I didn't see any reason not to look at full builds. Without further explanation these are my specs thus far.

DPS: Still very much a work in progress, it seems I rework this spec about every 10 levels. I chose not to put points into reducing the cast time for Bolt of Judgement because some channeling spells are more effective and while those are on cd, I use decay to keep my lurking decay up for obliterate.

Tank: I don't get why people use shaman, as far as mitigation goes, its pathetic, as far as damage increase goes, well its not worth losing the extra mitigation other souls (purifier) have to offer. After all the point of a tank is to eat damage and keep aggro.

As for a healing spec, well I haven't found my own solution.

Edit: The shaman 10% healing bonus is nice to have at lvl 50 I've found but until your getting tons of healing and taking tons of constant damage, the shields from other souls give more utility, the shaman soul does have a nice shield for tanking too, but going into a soul for a single ability begs the question if its worth it, and the answer is no. Until your taking more than 10k heals in a 30 second period, shaman doesn't come out on top.

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