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How I got geared up and how you can too!Follow

#1 Apr 07 2011 at 11:13 PM Rating: Excellent
I originally posted this on my guild forums but thought I would throw this out here as well in case the info is useful to anyone.

This is a guide to gearing up at level 50, and preparing yourself to be ready to contribute to groups.

Now gentle reader I know we all have different amounts of time we can dedicate to our gaming hobbies. And that it can be hard to make the transition from fresh 50 to raid ready dynamo.

I first hit 50 in this guild about a week behind most of the speed demons due to that pesky career that pays my internet bills. So many of the harder core-ish people were already into t2 when I finally dinged.

I did not know anyone particularly well in the guild. I came from a guild in WoW that I have been with for 3 years after getting hooked on Beta 5. I did not try to recruit them to Rift though because they are progressing on Cata raids and I did not want to poach raiders.
Anyway so here I am at 50. I want to gear up and see the endgame content. I want to get to know my new guildies, have fun, and make friends.

I knew my gear was not great yet.

Step 1:
Complete all the quest chains for IPP Stillmore and Shimmer that you can solo. Look for pick up groups doing any raid ones like the epic legs that drop off the raid quest at Zareph’s Return for beating the Baron. I pugged that, and you can to.
This will also get you rep enough to buy some starter blue rings with hit or Focus, which is your greatest stat pretty much up till cap for DPS. (50 for t1, 100-150 for t2, 200-220 for raid)

Then start running the dailies. This will net you good coin you can use later to buy crafted level 50 starter gear and get you rep for recipes and more gear from the faction quartermasters.

Step 2:
Do all of those level 50 puzzles and Cairns! You can luck out and get some great starter epics. Google will show you the way to them and their solutions.

Step 3:
Check out the crafting recipe vendors in Sanctum. See a recipe that would make something awesome for you? Odds are a guildy already has it and will make it for you for if you provide the mats. If not check the AH. Odds are someone on the shard got the recipe and you can buy it.

There are crafted things of all sorts that can help you get more hit, focus, toughness, whiter teeth, a shinier coat and mane.

EDIT: Step 3.5 Apply runes to your gear! They are not that expensive and many of the guild including myself can make them. Need more hit? There's a rune for that. Need more Dex? There's a rune for that too. Need more love? No rune for that but you get the idea. ;)

Step 4:
Did you buy a sigil of 5 yet? It comes from the sigil vendor in Sanctum. Have you been hitting rifts and invasions to put 2 useful greaters and 4 useful lesser in it? If not do that. You can buy many of the level 42+ ones cheap on the AH.

Step 5:
Read up. Go to the Rift forums and read up on what specs are performing for your class and chosen roll. Ask guildies or class captains what they are using and what is actually practical in runs. Get a parser. I’m using ACT because the Rift Junkies parser is unstable on my system. Go to the boss dummy and practice your rotations! I have spent many hours trying new builds and rotations.

Step 6:
This step is partially optional at this point. But run Normal CC and AP. I did not because there is so much gear available in other ways now. Some may disagree.

Step 7:
Ok so your ready to hit some T1 experts! You have a decent starter kit. You have at least 50 hit, or focus, or toughness. You know your spec. You know the rotation is not so complex that you can actually keep it up while running from spots of hurty fire on the ground.

It’s now time for you to be an asset. Be flexible. Does your class have a great support spec like Bard, or Archon/Chloro? I know you want to DPS but have that spec ready on demand. On some fights it’s a game changer. In Some groups you may need to support heal along with the normal healer.

Now you have a couple of options. Be proactive and make your own groups. Or be patient and wait for a group to form and try and jump in a spot. I do a bit of both depending on my mood. If you are DPS though be ready to do a lot of waiting. There are lots of DPS in every MMO ever created and never enough tanks or healers. Want fast groups? Want to be wanted? Roll a healer or a tank. Otherwise be patient and try not to get frustrated.

I suggest starting t1’s should be FC, KB, FoLH, IT. There is one tough boss or so in each of them and you will wipe while you learn but that’s ok. I must have farmed FC just for plaques at least 10 times. It’s gravy until the last boss. And if you can’t beat him no biggie you still got some plaques.

Make sure you collect the T1-2 daily quests even if you don’t get it done that day you may get a run for it later and get a free bonus 10-20 plaques. That NPC is located at the inn in Sanctum on the back side of the island. That is also where you buy epics with plaques from the vendors their.

Good luck and I wish you all many epics!
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#2 Apr 07 2011 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Gearing to get your foot in the door is actually quite reasonable. I've been looking at what I can do to get the 50 hit rating I need to make my rogue viable in T1 dungeons because I've been lazy with questing (rogue is my PvP character). It's actually really easy. (I still haven't done it...I'm just saying it's easy :P)

I'm finding now that I'm geared for T2 and making the final push into raiding that things have slowed down a bit. (@128 toughness on my warrior...the last 22 points are going to take some work) but the game is still only 6 weeks old. I can remember trying to gear a new character for TBC raiding in WoW back when I was new to the game and it took a lot longer with a lot more hoops to jump through. Worst case scenario, I can do two more raid rifts and I'll have the planar currency for the +20 Toughness lesser essence and I'll be totally fine to start in GB.

Also, tomorrow's hotfix is supposed to be adding in all the extra items to dungeons/raids the devs have been promising for some time, so I'm hoping that helps. Even T2 dungeons have been dropping little more than runebreak fodder for a while now despite the fact that most of the people I run them with could still stand to do a lot of upgrading out of the content.

Also, puzzles are just plain awesome. I got an epic dagger for my rogue out of the Shimmersands puzzle. Some people get their knickers in a tizzy over getting good gear without having to spend 1.2 years grinding for it but for me, I was just happy. I went to the puzzle location, I did the puzzle, I got a really sweet dagger to help make me a bit more competitive in level 50 warfronts while I grind out prestige. Win. Charlie Sheen doesn't even have that kind of win.
#3 Apr 08 2011 at 1:00 AM Rating: Good
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I think you neglected crafted gear too easily. Some of the crafting plaque gear I've taken into starting T2, and beats or matches the achievement plaques T2 gear. The mats aren't hard to farm or buy either. Crafted gear with he right augments can be a great shortcut through T1.
#4 Apr 08 2011 at 8:38 AM Rating: Good
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Nice. Knowing wtf to do once you ding 50 can be confusing at first, this is quite helpful.
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#5 Apr 08 2011 at 8:40 AM Rating: Good
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This weekend is the weekend. I should be able to do some flippin instances finally. I didnt realize there were some quests worth doing in the higher zones, so i'll be sure to do that.
#6 Apr 08 2011 at 11:49 AM Rating: Good
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KTurner wrote:
This weekend is the weekend. I should be able to do some flippin instances finally. I didnt realize there were some quests worth doing in the higher zones, so i'll be sure to do that.

Please remind me that I need to run an instance or two with you this weekend.
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#7 Apr 08 2011 at 12:11 PM Rating: Good
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yeah not sure if i should do experts or regular CC/AP.
#8 Apr 09 2011 at 12:02 AM Rating: Good
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This is very helpful thanks!

I don't have time to group or raid a lot and right now it seems that people are quickly getting into t2s and I haven't even been on one raid. :X

This will get me at least started when I do decide to raid/group.

Ironically, just like in WoW I'll start to run t1s then an expansion will come out and those "greens" will be better than epics, lol.
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