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#1 Apr 14 2011 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
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So I have been trying to find the most efficient/effective Chloromancer build and I realize this isnt possible without understanding how the numbers work on Lifegiving Veil.

Right now this is the build I was looking at HERE. One point floating till I figure out if filling out Nature's Corrosion or Nature's Awareness is better.

So how does Lifegiving Veil (LV) work? 50% of dmg you do with Direct dmg heals for 50% in an AE, 60% of the DOT dmg off first tick heals AE, 80% reduction of dmg your AE spells heal (I take this to mean that 80% reduction of the 50%) So that would give us 10% of your AE dmg heals in an AE.

I think I got that, but please let me know if im confused or misunderstanding it. Now comes the fun part. Synthesis says 150% increase to the healing done by LV to target of Synthesis. Is this increase additive or Multiplied?

Say if i nuke for 200, LV heals everyone for 100 hp, does Synthesis heal for:

200 x (50%) x (150%) = 150 hp
200 x (50+150)% = 400 hp

As you can see this is a big difference. Same Math issues apply to how Nature's Fusion and Nature's Touch are calculated. Any insight would be appreciated.
#2 Apr 14 2011 at 8:46 PM Rating: Decent
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Empowered Veil makes LGV heal 80% of the damage, up from 50%. It also increases the damage of the first tick of life dots from 60% to 90%. The 80% reduction happens after these numbers (as you speculated), or 16% of damage done on dd aoe. Synthesis adds 150% of the amount done, so that 80% becomes 200% of damage done. 3/3 Natural Fusion adds 225%, so the 80% becomes 260% (80% * 3.25).

So you Vile Spores for 100 in a 5man:
-Four people are healed for 80
-The Synthesis target is healed for 260

You Nature's Fury (chloro chain lightning type thing) for 100:
-Four people are healed for 16
-Synth target for 52

You spec 3/3 Nature's Corrosion and Vile Spores for 100, getting the healing above, followed two seconds later by:
-Four people healed for 30 (0.9*100/3)
-Synth target healed for 97.5

Nature's Touch is special and wonderful: NT for 100
-Four people healed for 80
-Synth target healed for 260+325 = 585 total
#3 Apr 14 2011 at 8:50 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts is a more common basic chlor/lock build.

Call of Spring doesn't affect LGV heals, only direct heals, so it's commonly skipped. That said, it certainly adds some healing based on how often you cast Bloom/etc, so it can make sense. The warlock defensive cooldowns are obviously optional. Many people don't like Essence Surge and Wild Growth+Destructive Growth.
#4 Apr 16 2011 at 8:59 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for all the information! Also I didnt realize that about "Call of Spring", I rarely use Bloom and Flourish so I will be skipping it.
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