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Defiant - Belmont

Why the heck should I join Schenanigans?
Why the heck wouldn't you? We are a small tightly knit group of experienced gamers who are constantly pushing them selves to overcome any and all challenges. Schenanigans values intelligence and skill over everything else. We do not require specific time commitments and understand that the majority of smart and mature players have lives outside of the game.

If you want to surround yourself with players who are interested in understanding the whys and whats of the game, figuring out solid tactics to overcome difficult mechanics or crazy odds and who encourage each other to play their characters above and beyond the average toon then you would likely find yourself in good company with us.

- You must be at least level 45
- You must have a good understanding of your class, and the many roles it can fill in a group and raid situation.
- You must be willing to put in some time gearing up (if you are not already) for raiding content.
- You must not be stupid (We have 0 tolerance for players who can not figure things out on their own or listen to instructions)
- You must have an epic sense of humor and be willing to give it as good as you get. We enjoy giving each other a hard time and joking around. If you take everything personally we will gladly make you cry and then see you on your way.
- You must have a mic and headset or speakers to enable you to communicate over Ventrilo, there are no exceptions to this. Communication is of the utmost importance when we are working together as a guild.

Code of Conduct
- Be respectful of persons outside of the guild - We do not trash talk about people publicly or make fun of newbs or grief other players for no reason. Some people may deserve this but we try to maintain a professional and high standard of conduct towards the community.
- Guild is Greater than Greed - We have no problems with people making money, but if that drop can help a guild member, give it to them. If that drop is a small upgrade for you, but a huge upgrade for someone else who put the time in, consider giving it to them. We do NOT charge guild members for items or services beyond asking for materials to craft something if they are capable of providing them.
- Help the Helpless - If you see someone struggling with something jump in and give them a hand. Supporting people in the community and especially within the guild will go a long ways towards bringing us new recruits and helping us achieve our goals as a guild.
- Board Warrior Be-Gone! - We do not under any circumstance ever ever board warrior or troll forums. There is no reason to brag about what we did or to attack or put down someone on the forums. We have a zero tolerance policy for trolling(both in game and out). We encourage members to be a part of meaningful, gainful discussions but if you can't say something nice or constructive just keep that **** to your self.

How to Join Schenanigans
1. Head to our homepage at
2. Register an account and character
3. Read over the things you need to know in our forums
4. Fill out an application
5. Start playing with us.

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to approach one of our leaders or officers in game.

We hope to hear from you soon and are very excited to be recruiting some top notch players as we head into raiding content.
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Bumping for great justice. We are still recruiting level 45+ people interested in getting on end game progression.
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