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PvP - 35 Blade Dancer / 31 Assassin / 0 RiftstalkerFollow

#1 Apr 16 2011 at 6:12 PM Rating: Decent
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So after last weeks free trial I decided to purchase this game. And after looking at all the classes I decided on going Blade Dancer / Assassin. I been hearing a lot of bad things about rogues in general. But I'm not interested in rolling the flavor of the month class or looking for an overpowered class to faceroll in pvp. Rogue is what I do. This is the class I play in any game. So instead of crying about it or rerolling, I'm determined to make it work. I also hear rogue is getting buffed next patch. And the buff is to the two classes this build is based on. Blade dancer and Assassin.

When making this build for pvp there are a few things that I looked for that I thought it should have to be successful in pvp. Those are control, mobility, survivability and of course damage. After playing around with a soul builder and lots of theory crafting this is the bulid I came up with:

A rundown of this build and it's abilities:


Paralyzing Strike (opening stun)
Foul Play (stun)
Disengage (stun)
Disassemble (disarm)
Malicious Strike or Maim (snares)
Blinding Powder (cc, fight reset)
Incapacitate (cc)
Slip Away (fight reset)

You have 3 stuns. An opening stun out of stealth followed by another stun. And your 3rd stun is based off a dodge or parry proc which is very good vs melee. You also have a disarm move for melee.

You can reset fights with Blinding Powder and Slip Away and start controlling your opponent again.


Flash of Steel (gap closer)
Shadow Shift (gap closer, escape route)
Sprint (gap closer, escape route)
Dancing Steel (CC immunity)
Blinding Powder (can be used as a gap closer or escape route)


Alot of your survivability comes from your control abilities and mobility but you also have these abilities ito increase your survivability:

Slip Away (a gtfo ability)
Side Steps (evasion)
Enduring Brew (heal)
Leeching Poison (heal)


Blade Tempo (30% damage buff)
Double Coup (damage boost to your main attack)
Expose Weakness (debuff on target that increases your damage)

For damage you will be using your Bade Dancer abilities with the points spent in Assassin to increase your overall damage output.

Here is your main combo point buliding spam macro:

#show Precision Strike
cast Disengage
cast Reprisal
cast Precision Strike
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike

So this is how the build looks on paper. Seems to have a good amount of the 4 things I was looking for in a build (control, mobility, survivability and damage). I haven't reached lvl 50 yet (I'm only 31 at the time of this post) but this is what I'm working towards for my final build. And with the upcoming buff to Blade Dancer and Assassin this seems like it can be a real good build.

Any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms feel free to post. Also looking for any level 50's willing to test this out and leave some feedback on end game pvp with this build. Play with a emphasis on control and surviving though. I don't want to hear you were just spamming the macro and not getting results.
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