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#1 Apr 23 2011 at 12:48 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi All,
I am relatively new at MMORPG(played aion + guildwars = 3yrs).

I am a healer at heart. But wanna be a healerTank.
Goal = Heal + survivability

RIFT offers so many options that I have not been able to make up my mind & confused. I understand that there are no straight forward builds.

Can you share how you define a healerTank. I am bound to hear different thoughts and there are no correct answers. But its going help me figure out who my healerTank should end up being.

Tx in advance

#2 Apr 23 2011 at 1:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Can you share how you define a healerTank

I have a dual answer to this question. First off ALL tanks have self healing abilities in their respective builds. Second, there is no such thing as a HealerTank, you would not last past your Tank CD's in any fight that the mobs hit hard enough that requires an actual tank to control. It is part of any Tank build to have some self healing and tank cool downs to help smooth out incoming damage so the healer(s) can handle the extreme amounts of incoming damage that 1 person is taking.

It's far more productive to be the best TANK you can and let the Healers do their job.
My Roles:

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Raid Healer: (Puri) 32 (Sent) 34 (Ward) 0
MT Healer: (Puri) 51 (Sent) 15 (Ward) 0
Tank: (Just) 47 (Sham) 7 (Inq) 12
Inquisicar: (Inq) 51 (Justi) 14 (Sent) 1
#3 Apr 28 2011 at 7:35 AM Rating: Good
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There is actually a large discussion about this type of tank here

Justicar is pretty much the optimal tank if you want to heal as well. Using doctrine of loyalty is great for wrangling up an AOE pull when the mages start getting out of control, along with a few other abilities that help you heal (especially in pvp).

also: I've already responded to this guy on this subject LOL

stewewewewism wrote:

delindsay90210 wrote:
[quote] Lastly you talk about Enflamed Rejuvenation wondering if it would help you. People need to stop thinking that "heal tanking" is viable (no offense to you personally). I guarantee you that in ANY situation where a tank is required to control any mob (because it would destroy any other player in 1-2 shots) the self healing a tank "could" do is insignificant past their own tank CD's which in most cases is a shield or 3, increased healing done/decreased damage done for xx sec, and a 5/10m cd half-full hp ability. Even an off-healer usually cannot help keep the tank alive once the true healer dies for more than a few seconds.

You cannot be the best Tank possible while trying to be a good DPS and/or self healing thingamabob. It's no different from any other Role. If a DPS spec'd into a bunch of tanking abilities so they "could" OT when needed then they would not be topping the DPS meters (unless OT was their job, then it's appropriate). If a Healer spec'd into a bunch of DPS talents (discounting Bard/Chloro since that IS what they do) then they probably wouldn't be capable of dealing with the tremendous damage output of "I'm going to kill you now" boss move.

Edited, Apr 27th 2011 2:12am by delindsay90210

I've no choice but to point out a fallacy in this idea.

Heal tanking is viable because healing IS mitigation. It is different than DPS speccing into tank or heals speccing into dps. If DPS specs into tanking, they will spend less time using pure DPS and more time using tank abilities. The same goes for healers, they cannot keep up with healing while using DPS abilities. Heal tanking is different. It merely gives you a more active role in mitigating damage consistently. The point isn't to do most of the healing, but rather to contribute to it via doctrine of bliss, caregiver's blessing, the shaman shield and the pur shield when you have a few global cooldowns to spare.

TL;DR: If you are missing out on tanking talents to get healing talent you are doing it wrong. If you can spare a couple of points to get significant healing that will not interfere with your tanking talents or abilities, then it would be helpful.

Edited, Apr 28th 2011 9:23am by stewewewewism

it'd be nice to try to keep this discussion to one thread...
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