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#1 May 17 2011 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
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hi there,
I doign regular dungeons atm but i'am feelign that i dont do very much damage its normaly around 200-400 with aoe attack like *migthy blow * *thunderstrike* *stromburst *
iam using this build at the moment
with the rotation *migthy blow * -> *migthy blow * -> *stromburst * -> *thunderstrike* ( with other spells when they dont have CD )
any suggestions? or other rotations would be very welcome

thanks in advance
#2 May 19 2011 at 5:11 PM Rating: Decent
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Unfortunately Riftblade is broken unless you go 51 Riftblade/Reaver/Champ (<-- current AoE/Range build for warrior I researched does roughly 500dps in t1-t2 gear)But the top DPS right now is BM/Champ/Para <-- can sub with Riftblade but not sure of results yet. This is roughly my current build for my DPS warrior build. But feel free to make your own alterations. It is just 2 hander's deal the most damage and DPS at the current moment and level of play. Paragon/Champ/Paladin to me was ok but I wasn't going to top dps charts it was sustained DPS though and had little energy issues.

Rotation wise it's mostly going to rely on bleed effects so keep those up and mix in champion crit buffs on single target or armor debuffs on single targets for increased dps. Crit is more important since that will let you deal that big damage.

I'll quote myself from another thread.
but rotation wise I generally use

Debilitating Strike
Frenzied Strike
Slashing Strike
Flesh Rip
Power Strike

my hit rating doesn't let me miss anymore so Inescapable Fury is worthless IMO, but as for my 3 point finishers I'd use
Strike Like Iron
Tearing Slash/Punishing Blow <--- I alternate these depending on the fight tearing slash is mostly for bosses or mobs with large health pools. Punishing Blow is just because I don't have TS like I said just not worth it because of the CD and the fact stunning the enemies for 2 seconds isn't a big deal to me and by the time it's back off CD it's several pulls later.

AoE I use Mighty Blow then I'll use Bladefury at 3 AP then I'll use Feral Sweep while Bladefury is on CD. That's mainly my AoE rotation.

But I do have power issues unfortunately with this rotation. I generally have to stop DPS because of it and I haven't found a way around it.

Maybe switch Paragon with Riftblade? and lose TS since that is not essential. But that's all the input I got.

Just make sure you got plenty of plat, you'll blow through a lot of it with experimenting lol.

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