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Pondering on DPS Mage (Ele/Pyro/Archon)Follow

#1 May 29 2011 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
Howdy folks!

I'm relatively new to RIFT, but I'm an MMO vet, and I love playing around with the soul tree calculator. I'm going to stick with a mage class, and right now I'm building up Elementalist/Pyro/Archon.

Here's what I figure a good endgame build would be like (I'm only level 21 atm, so this is purely speculation). I'd love some feedback:

35 Elementalist
21 Pyromancer
10 Archon

First of all, I have to explain that I love elemental pet classes. I've been playing one since my days as a Magician in EQ1... so I'm pretty glued to playing that type of class out of personal preference. However, I'd love to maximize DPS with my alternate soul tree options. So here's my rationale for this build:

1) Focus on maximum fire DPS
I don't quite care for the stormcaller tree, so I focused on fire DPS. In this build I tried to capitalize on crits: 5/5 in Biting Cold and Improved Fireball should give some great crit chances for the Pyro's basic spell. I also maxed out Tempest in the Ele tree to provide a 30% crit bonus. On top of that, there's a 17.6% increase to fire damage between Archon's Soul Fire and Pyro's Burning Bright.

2) Powerful pets
The tree is pretty obvious when you look at it: I wanted to maximize pet damage. I sacrificed 1 point in planar expansion for Tempest for my DD dps, but otherwise, I'll mainly be looking to use air/water elementals with this build (when I reach 50).

3) Infinite Mana
I think that this build might be able to offer infinite mana, and I'd love some verification. The build includes the Elementalist's Channel Elements, which provides in-combat mana regen from charge. You pretty much get 100% back with a 100% charge, and a 100% charge is pretty easy to rack up quickly. Aside from that, I went 5/5 with Archon's Exhilaration, which gives 2.5% total mana back for each crit (I should be critting a lot, so mana will stack up nicely with that, too). Additionally, the Pyro's improved grounding improves mana regen by 100%. Triple threat.

I've been tinkering with these three souls for a while now, and I think this is pretty good, but I'd love feedback!


Tithonus (Galena)

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#2 May 30 2011 at 5:43 AM Rating: Decent
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I'd suggest something like this for end game pve:

Yours looks pretty good, but it appears to me you could get just about everything in the pyro tree as you did in the archon tree except you also get the 31 pt talent which looks to be a great DPS boost, plus wildfire which could only help DPS, though maybe not much. Improved ground of power in the pyro tree does basically what soul fire does and improves the ground effect which I'm sure you'll be using all the time anyway (only downside is when you have to move around).

It looks like improved smoldering power could save you lots of mana also, if you were really worried about it(the fact that you can then use it in combat could be very useful, esp since you still have revitalize from Ele for out of combat mana regen, and then channel elements for another in-combat one).

Also, going further into pyro would get you just one point from withering flames if you took just one pt out of Ele. I don't know much about it, but it sure looks better than all the archon abilities your getting and you wouldn't lose any root Ele abilities. Anyway, just my quick, first glance ideas. I haven't delved into pyro tree too much.

possibly taking another point out planar and putting it in a number of places in pyro. Mainly for withering flames if it is worth it. Probably my preferred order would be smoldering (more mana, though you shouldn't be worried about this at all I imagine...), flicker for utility, firestorm (for fun and any aoe encounters), pyromancer's armor (maybe some use though I imagine you'd use fire armor more) or maybe possibly burning bonds, though I don't see much use for that in end game pve (and you already have encase).

I took away the Elemental heal as I don't imagine it'd have much use (already has 50% more health and you can still heal it if really needed, just not for as much, plus it looks like you could summon it back quick if it got one-shotted by some boss's aoe or something...). If your elemental is going to die then you probably are too, and a heal probably wont matter so much, maybe not though...but if you plan on criting lots, tempest is gonna be a direct and great damage boost. I even think its worth taking one out of planar expansion...I guess I just don't have much faith in your pet's abilities/damage being more important than yours, but if that is the case, then you'd proabably want to switch that back.

Edit: I just noticed that you say in your post that you max tempest. So we agree more than I realized I guess...its just that when you click on your link, tempest is not 3/3...

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