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Newb Mage AoE at lower levels?Follow

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So I've been looking into Rift lately and have liked what I see, especially the AoE capabilities. I played a frost mage in WoW for a long time and loved downing as many mobs as I could at once. I was annoyed by the AoE nerfs WoW went through recently.

I plan on trying rift out and incorporating AoE pulls into leveling, so I wanted to see how others who have experience think of the viability of my ideas.

I plan on starting out Ele/SC/archon. At level 10 I think I'd choose this build: And I believe AoE may actually begin to be possible even at this lvl (I certainly think this is the best and likely only build you could attempt to AoE at lvl 10). A main idea would be kiting the mobs well. I imagine I'd focus my gear on Endurance then Int then SP in that order, at least as best I could at low levels.

I'd also probably choose outfitter, apothecary and forager for my professions. Or maybe trade apothecary to be a skinner if its easy to get potions made by another, when you have all mats. I think it might be lame to have two gathering skills though. Any tips here? Basically, I want to be able to have decent armor and the potions, and have the cheapest, though ultimately, quickest way to access them. Are loot/quest items usually just as good or better than craftable cloth armor? Cause then maybe I could just drop outfitter...?

Anyway, before getting into my pull ideas, I would make sure to have these buffs maxed w/ sufficient duration to last the AoE encounter: Searing Vitality, Pillaging Stone, and Endurance Serum or Intelligence Serum depending on what I may need more commonly (and maybe any other buffs I can pick up from friendlies if possible, assuming they all stack, which I would think is logical...I surely hope at least). Scrolls could likely replace the potion buffs if I have them, but those I imagine would not stack. Info on how all these and more can stack would be great.

My pull idea and sequence would likely go something like this (though I have several variants):

1. Round up 3-5 melee only mobs with earth ele pet (max 4 if Forked Lightning (FL) can only hit as many. I've seen differing reports, yet tool tip sounds like 5) depending on the spread of mobs & how much pounding pet can take.
2. Cast Artic Blast (AB) at max range; mobs will be reduced to 75% movement. (switch pet to passive if it keeps any aggro)
3. Hit them with 1-3 FL depending on how much charge you want to build.
4. Activate Building Storm (nothing else to use charge on anyway)
5. As many more FL as you can before they get to you, leaving time to activate Icy Vortex and also throw up Warding Potion before they start hitting you
6. Throw Minor Venom Philter (assuming I can get them easy enough, that potions truly are on seperate CDs now, and that you can take a pounding for at least 4-6 seconds so they stay in the targeted area as I'm almost sure would be needed for full damage deal. I imagine that you can take a beating for that long also since 838 absorbed damage seems like a crap load at lvl 10 and you have 25% damage reduction also) cast FL 1-2 times during this.
7. Strafe away when its best, to the optimal distance (if even needed). They will have 75% movement reduction again
8. Cast FL until AB is back up if it isn't already, it should have a great increased chance to crit, and 100% crit dmg bonus. (I would think they should be dead by now, if not long dead. At least some of them and you could likely couldburst, or lightning strike if more damage needed, if 1-2 still stand). Yet if not, can still do more FL etc...

Some of this is going off some hopefully safe assumptions. One that you don't run out of mana. Also that mob health is quite high. Surprisingly I couldn't find info to help determine either, so that is for sure a question I would pose here. That sequence alone includes a base dmg of 376-392 (w/ 6 FL) assuming no resists, yet also not accounting for any spell power or crit, which crit is significantly buffed w/ the talents I'd have. That may be total overkill for all I know, in which case I may have overthought things, yet that'd also mean it'd be less likely to go OOM. So what is roughly the average health of a melee lvl 10 mob and average damage they deal for that matter? And what is the base mana and stats of an Eth mage? (that is the race I'm leaning toward the most)

Other questions and concerns:

What is the chance mobs have to resist your spells and how does Cold Weather Training work? Is it like if you have a 92% chance to hit a lvl 11 mob at lvl 10, would 4/5 in this talent cause you to hit 100% of the time with water spells? If that is the case, I might go 4/5 into this instead of 4/5 High Voltage since getting a resist to the opening artic blast could be disasterous enough to have to abort the pull, unless maybe ele pet can tank it for a while. Also, has anyone looked into how the chance your spells are resisted by mobs scales with lvl difference?

What abilities does your lesser earth ele have? Any? Maybe a taunt ability?

What is the range on the philter potions that do damage? (I can't believe this isn't on tooltip)

Does building storm (BS) deactivate if you run out of charge? (this could be very annoying) Say you had 33 charge (AB+FLx2) then cast 6 other damaging abilites with BS up, so you have 3 charge left. Would casting another damage ability take away that last 3 charge and deactivate BS, or would it simply just not cause another stack for BS and BS stays up?

I would think, and hope that BS wouldn't deactivate, even if you landed directly on 0 charge resulting from a damaging ability, as it doesn't require charge while active; and thus only be deactivated if you manually chose that or used an ability that applies hypothermia. And please tell me that Icy Vortex's hypothermia effect does not somehow deactivate/trigger BS. All true?

And just as a disclaimer, I really have tried hard to look for answers to all these question w/ google and all sorts of forum searches. I know a lot of them would probably be easily answered if I just went ingame, but that really isn't possible for a while.

Lastly, I do not hope that AoE grinding will be the quickest way to level, nor am I promoting that idea (I just don't have a clue either way). I mostly love to kill lots of mobs at once, especially at low levels. I actually rather hate grinding and would likely do all the quests and mostly just AoE when I could as questing and for fun sometimes.

Any input and advice is much appreciated!
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