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#1 Jun 02 2011 at 4:14 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi guys,
I am relatively new to MMO games, I have some experience in Guild Wars, but that is all, and when I started playing Rift it came out to be surprisingly good game, now it consumes most of my free time.

So I am a level 31 rogue and I have 3 available profession slots purchase right now.
My initial build was Nightblade/Assassin/Bladedancer it gave me really good DPS but at level 31 it is very inconvenient build because if attacked by more than 2 enemies I usually die or end up using potions. And with setting up new builds I am not sure in which skills I should invest points first.

So Considering I am level 31 and have 41 available points to spent
I need:
1 build for PvE, I want this build to have very high DPS so I can go into dungeons etc. as damage dealer, it is not important for this build to have ranged attacks I want it mainly to be [in your face] combat build. This build should include Assassin as main tree.

2 build for PvE, I want this build for being able to survive difficult areas solo when more than 1 mob is aggroed on me, I was thinking about Bladedancer/Assassin/Riftstalker but I am not sure as to in which skills I should invest points first.

3 build for PvP, this build should include Assassin as main tree and 1 tree for ranged attacks, I am not sure about third tree, most probably it will be Riftstalker.

If you guys would help me with this I would be very grateful, please remember that I only have 41 points to spent.

Previously thank you.

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#2 Jun 02 2011 at 9:50 AM Rating: Good
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Alright, I've come up with a couple that might be good for you based on what you asked for, though I don't necessarily think they'll be the best builds.

Build #1 - [riftstc]0MMiV.MVRcxof0dbM.V0x[/riftstc] (When you hit level 32, get Slip Away in the asn tree, which will also get you impale)

Build #2a - You have 2 options here. The first is a little bit more durable build that uses some defense from riftstalker, [riftstc]0MMpV.MVRfx0boz.Vcbhho[/riftstc]. You retain most of your assassin offense, but gain some good defensive capabilities from riftstalker, most importantly the combo point heal. The thing about this build is that you won't kill mobs as fast, and you won't kill multiple mobs at once... but you can survive multiple mobs while you just kill one at a time. Just be sure to kill mobs when you have 5 combo points on them so you get that nice heal. Bladedancer is chosen as the 3rd soul so you get the 50% dodge ability for extra survivability. The nice thing about this build for single target mobs is that you'll still kill them fairly quickly, and if you plan your combo points right you'll heal after every kill and never have to sit and drink.

Build #2b - Your other option is a slightly more deadly bladedancer build that focuses on dodging attacks while killing multiple mobs quickly and efficiently. [riftstc]0MpiV..V0x.xbduzsRRMdz[/riftstc] The most important move here is Dancing Steel. It is an absolutely awesome aoe ability. Just gather up some mobs, pop Blade Tempo then Dancing Steel (maybe Side Steps first if you're worried about living), and watch them all fall. Just be careful because Blade tempo is a channeling ability - you can move while it's on but you can't use other abilities. If mobs are still alive after that, just use Weapon Flare from the nightblade tree to finish them off. This build also gives you False Blade, a defensive finisher that increases dodge, a couple reactionary abilities based off dodging, and also great single target damage abilities in keen strike, quick strike and precision strike. Riftstalker is the current 3rd soul for this build for the blink, but this is flexible. You could take Saboteur for the Adhesive Bomb (aoe slow), or Assassin for the Virulent poison, or Ranger for a pet, etc.

I'll let someone else help you with build #3, cause I don't PvP at all.

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#3 Jun 02 2011 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
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Thank You mate for quick reply I really appreciate all the help, I will test those builds right away and then post results :)
#4 Jun 02 2011 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
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So the results or tests are :D

I played with the build u advised - Assassin (31) / Nightblade (10) / Bladedancer (0) for the whole day, I got so carried away with the amount of damage this build gives that I did not even have chance to look at other builds :D
I mean this is awesome, I went to dungeon with it and my damage output was incredible, I played PvP and god 40000+ damage with this, the only problems this build lacks maneuverability and healing, so what is i go for

I already Invested 32 points into assassin and 8 points to the nightblade, so from now on all I have to do is to invest points in riftstalker.

Take a look and tell me what do you think :)
Thanks in advance, I will test other builds tomorrow :)
#5 Jun 03 2011 at 1:32 PM Rating: Good
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Sorry, I was a little unclear. I designed that build solely for instanced PvE content as you requested for your first of 3 builds. Thus healing and maneuverability are not really necessary. What I recommend if you want those is this: [riftstc]0MMpV.0ARfxobodbR.VI0IhqbRoz[/riftstc]. This is my max level solo build, which splits your maneuverability/survivability down the middle with your damage output. I think it works very well. At your level, it's up to you how you want to split it up. I'd recommend something like this: As you level, fill out the rest of assassin first then go into finishing riftstalker. Basically, I think it's best to go ahead and have the healing from rifstalker so you minimize your downtime / maximize your survivability. Still a little limiting on the movement but not too bad.

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