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cleric healing soul help plzFollow

#1 Jun 03 2011 at 12:42 AM Rating: Decent
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ok, I've been a rogue since beta but I have found that at 50 there are a couple endangered species... healers and tanks, at least ones worth mentioning. So I have decided to roll a cleric with intent to heal end game content. I find myself, however, scratching my head at the right kind of balance for my healing roles. The sheer number of posts, albeit daunting, has left me only marginally closer to what I need than before I started reading up on the subject.

I wish to have a role for single group dungeon runs and a role for healing in a raid setting (undecided as yet whether to be a tank healer or raid healer for raiding) and I seem to find myself always wanting about 10 more points to spend in my trees :P

I would appreciate some well venerated opinions on what soul combinations I am looking for, for what jobs I have listed above. Links to some well designed specs would be greatly appreciated. "cookie cutter" and "outside the box" specs welcome alike, though it is always nice to have a bit of info on what the intent/purpose was for the design for any of the unconventional ones.


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#2 Jun 05 2011 at 12:42 AM Rating: Decent
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first off did u play wow?
if yes, did you heal?
if yes than follow this advice

Druid healer - focus on warden
Disc Priest - focus on purifier
Holy priest - Focus on sentinel

Paladin... cry cause they will never allow a heal bot (sorry had to make the joke, but sentinel is nice)

Most people lvling tend to like the warden for about 27 points ... gives nice buffs to heals in general... nice hots.. and a mana recharger

^ is a pretty common build for healers starting off at 50... i would suggest as u lvl to go up the warden tree first, then start the sentinel.

What i've seen clerics do though is buy extra rolls as they get close to 50 and play around with healing on the different specs... but generally its a good idea to check out the build database and see whats been submitted (usually decent stuff)

the spec i linked is pretty cookie cutter... and typically the idea is keep hots rolling on tank and use hots to heal any splash dmg during fights, use ur direct heals on tank to keep him alive. Until you get pretty good heals, try not to spam aoe heals, cause that will make your mana disappear fast.

#3 Jun 05 2011 at 1:54 AM Rating: Excellent
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Two very strong, standard, and different roles for healing 5 man content.

These two builds are 51 warden and purifier/sentinel hybrid. You have a bit of play room with specific talent point placement. 15 points in sentinel for 51 warden can be move around a bit, though I would strongly recommend them all in sentinel to get "touch the light." The sentinel/purifier hybrid requires 32 points in each to get the 32 point abilities, but how you get there and the remaining 2 points are available to play with.

51 warden is a largely hot based healer, with hots accounting for just over 50% of your healing on single targets. 51 wardens have a lot going for them. Because they use a lot of instant cast heal over time spells they can do a lot of moving while casting (which is important in many T1 and T2 fights). They are the most mana efficient caster. They have the best aoe healing tools. And they are capable of the highest single target sustained HPS. For all the benefits this spec gives you, you trade nearly all of your "oh sh*t abilities," and all your versatility. If you can power through something with your normal, raw healing, then you don't have many if any cool downs to get you through it. They are also the hardest to play correctly. For example, they only achieve the highest single target hps by using the correct healing rotation, and if you don't know what that is and why you should do it, then your hps will suffer. I also think 51 warden suffers more when you have a pug group as it relies a lot on people doign exactly what they should be doing.

Hybrid Purifier/Sentinel is a highly adaptable and very strong healing build. You get a huge number of helpful cooldown abilities and versatile spells to get you through almost every situation. This is much more popular of a spec than the previous one. You get a lot of abilities to gurantee or increase your crticical healing chance, which procs a talent called seredipty reducing the cas ttime of your next heal by 1.5 seconds. This is the core of the build and is what will allow you to catch up on teh tank if you start to fall behind in heals.

Both builds are highly viable and effective. You can play all the 5 man content as either.

As for raid healing, that starts to become a bit more specialized and dependent on the encounter. One build in particular that you will want to keep in mind is the senticar. I didn't utilize every single talent point because I feel you have a bit more flexibility in this than many other builds. The key is 32 points in sentinel and 31 points into justicar. This gets you 2 in combat battle raises. Senticars are incredibly useful for many of the raid bosses. They exist in raids for 3 reasons: 2 battle rezzes, strong personal mana upkeep via "purpose," and "doctrine of loyalty." They also happen to bring an assortment of other helpful abilities and some minor dps to the raid. Doctrine of loyalty more than anything else is why you want senticars. DoL is the best on demand 10 man heal clerics can get. Many raid bosses (such as Prince Hylas in GSB or Galenir in RoS) have periods where they will damage the entire raid and no one can avoid this damage. To heal through it your guild will want the best aoe healing they can get, which is where senticars come in. During periods where there is no aoe damage, senticars spend their time reocvering mana, dealing light dps, off healing, or assisting the main healer. As soon as the boss starts to aoe they begin using doctrine of loyalty until they run out of convictions (a justicar specific mechanic that fuels doctrines) and then use healing communion if needed.

For end game raids, proper aoe healing and off healing tends to be harder and more important than main healing.

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#4 Jun 05 2011 at 12:06 PM Rating: Decent
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thanks to both of you for the info. I think lvling up is likely to be a solo affair and was planning on Justicar tanking my way up. Though I will go ahead with a 2nd Role and play around with some healing as well on rifts and dungeons just to get the hang of it before 50 when people will be expecting a bit better skill than I would have waiting to start healing at 50.

@ TheRocky - yes I did play wow and I found your comparison to be very enlightening. I had both a holy priest and a resto druid but was always most comfortable raiding as my Priest. With this info I feel I can weed out unnecessary abilities a bit better and check the builds lists to assess what a build really is offering much better. TY

@ Allegory - really dig the concept for the Purifier/Sentinel hybrid. The 51 warden looks interesting but I dunno about being that reliant on HoT's. and the Senticar spec you provided looks very much up my alley for raid content. Until you linked that I didnt realize just how simple it was to avoid the "tanking" abilities and use Justicar as a support healing vessel. TY

I have enough ideas now to get started with, now it is time to start lvling and spend my spare time checking builds to consider for my healing. Be well and good hunting!


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#5 Jun 13 2011 at 10:19 AM Rating: Excellent
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Obviously, a person should do everything Allegory says. In pretty much every situation. And certainly all those involving clerics.

So any further answer to your main questions is unnecessary, but my 2 cents on this in particular:

thorinkhalin wrote:
I had both a holy priest and a resto druid but was always most comfortable raiding as my Priest.

I don't have a high level cleric in Rift (that's right, I'm still dithering, you all want to make something of it?), but as a long time WoW Priest I can do a little comparing and contrasting if it helps you. People who hate WoW comparisons should stop here. :)

Barring the latter part of Wrath when Disc was just too tasty to ignore, I spent the majority of my time as Holy, and I was immediately comfortable with the versatility of Sentinel. If you've got all three healing souls, the 0 point HoT from Warden is your Renew and pretty much everything else you had in your Holy ******* is in the Sentinel tree, with Purifier having your shield (as Disc did). The only thing you'll miss is Chakra. (Which, make fun of Cataclysm all you want, but Chakra ruled.) In fact, even though I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a cleric main, one of the things that makes me meh about leveling her right now is that it's almost too familiar, when Rift has all these other shiny new things to distract me.

If you ever enjoyed mitigation healing as Disc, playing with the Purifier soul is fascinating. They've got more than one shield! And they don't build your spec around it, and then penalize you for using it! All joking aside, this really seems to be the true mitigation healer that Blizzard always fell just short of accomplishing with their Disc tree. Playing around with it is something I'm looking forward to doing at 50. The downside is, a lot of the good Purifier stuff is higher up in the tree, so I didn't even find it worth experimenting with until I got into my 30's.

If you liked Smite healing, reroll a Mage. Chloromancers are fancy Smite healers with a Shadow Priest (Warlock soul) on top.

Oh, and one other non-WoW related thing: I find an Inquisitor/Sentinel build for leveling (Warden as third soul with no points for the HoT) to be an awesome way to learn the basics of what's in the Sentinel tree while still having plenty of solo power. Great for healing rifts and questing in between. Might be something to check out.
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