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#1 Jun 04 2011 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Can someone please explain to me:

a) How mouse-over healing is beneficial
b) How to use mouse-over healing
c) How to set up macros for mouse-over healing

#2 Jun 04 2011 at 2:13 PM Rating: Decent
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b) Mouseover healing works by casting a spell at the target your mouse is hovering over. Let's assume you have a full raid with 20 people. With traditional healing you would have to hover your mouse over your heal target, click them to select them, and then enter in your heal. With mouseover healing you bypass the clicking step and simply hover over them and enter your heal without changing targets.

c) "/cast @mouseover Healing Breath" will cast Healing Breath (sentinel 0 point) on the target you are mousing over, even if they aren't selected. I would recommend using "/cast @mouseoverui Healing Breath" instead, the "ui" part at the end tells the game to pay attention only to the raid frames. The previous mouseover command would also target characters on screen if you mouse over them, something most people don't want.

a) I left this at the end because having used mouseover healing I feel far less strongly about it than other people. The supposed benefit is that it saves time, that you can get your heals off just a tiny bit faster than if you had to click to select target. Having been a top healer in a guild that has done 5/5 GSB, 1/4 RoS, and 3/4 GP, I didn't see much difference. MAny others will tell you it is far more important.

I don't see any reason to not do it, but if you find you are under-performing your potential in healing, this is not going to be the factor that boosts you up to your maximum potential.
#3 Jun 05 2011 at 12:14 AM Rating: Decent
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I mage heal as my primary... so i don't really feel the need to mouse over heals. I also have enough into archon to have a mass decurse so that helps.

I do make use of focus macros though... and with raid frames and the f keys... i dont really see an issue with decursing (although i loath decurseing and usually ask someone else to do it that can)

on my cleric i use focus macros and just click with raid frames to do heals.... using warden hots on party people and casting only on tank pretty much

I was never really into mouse over healing.... and i've seen it backfire before... but it works for some.
#4 Jun 13 2011 at 10:41 AM Rating: Excellent
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I'm not, like, a rabid evangelist or anything, but I love mouseover healing. Always preferred it to healing mods and click casting.

For me the primary benefit versus targeting first then healing isn't speed, it's that I don't have to change targets to do it. I can heal anyone in the raid while keeping my tank or my enemy (depending on the situation) as my target the whole time. This allows me to keep a constant eye on that target, and keep casting on them just by hitting my key, without the use of a mouseover or modifier. You can also accomplish that with focus, but that's just one more frame on your screen.
#5 Jun 14 2011 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
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If you've never used mouse over macros before it will take alot of getting use to. You'll probably still click targets for awhile just because it feels natural to. I never really felt like the "clicking" process was a separate process as moving the mouse to the target, so i've never really felt that alot of time would be saved.

Teacake makes a good point though, it allows you to have a set of mouseover macros for raid healing... and target heals for well... target healing; but the same can be accomplished through using focus healing on a tank with focus healing macros (which i use alot), and using target healing on the raid. I suppose if you have two targets you needed to watch (maybe raid boss cast a spell you need to debuff instantly) it would be nice to have the focus on the boss then... but generally if you in a raid your on vent and probably wont need to watch it (although it would be nice).

oh and the / in /cast, isnt needed in Rift's macro interface... it will just end up being edited out.
focus macros are done the same
/cast @focus (spell)
#6 Jun 15 2011 at 7:49 AM Rating: Excellent
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TheRocky wrote:
it allows you to have a set of mouseover macros for raid healing... and target heals for well... target healing;

Elsewhere I always used just one set of macros with conditions built in. Check for a mouseover target, if it exists, cast on them. Otherwise check for a friendly target, if it exists, cast on them. Otherwise check for a friendly ToT, if it exists, cast on them. Don't know if Rift can do this? But I'd hate to have to find space for two sets of buttons. I haven't gotten into it much in Rift because I'm not doing dungeons/raids and don't have to worry about a tank to heal. I just use mouseovers for my friendly spells and keep the enemy targeted for casting unfriendliness.

Edit: or you can just build modifiers into the macro, which I'm pretty sure Rift can do? No modifier for mouseover, shift for target, ctrl for focus or ToT, alt for self, something like that.

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