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#1 Jul 08 2011 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
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So I've been leveling my Cleric and have 4 Roles unlocked - using Justicar Tank, Warden, Purifier, Sentinel. I love how Purifier works, but the lack of group heals prompted me to take a Warden spec, and Warden's lack of strong single target "nuke" heals prompted me to take Sentinel for generic dungeon healing.

Playing around with the Soul Builder I came up with this for generic dungeon healing: The Sentwardifer

It has strong single target, decent HoTs, a few group heals, and a single target shield. I'm currently lvl 35, and in dungeons (especially with the people on my Shard) it's a tossup between having to heal everyone for various reasons (fight mechanics, bad pull, bad tank, trigger happy dps, w/e) and being able to just chill and focus on the tank (because of either a really good tank, or a support healer taking care of all the group heals). So I came up with this spec to be a "jack of all trades".

Thoughts? Opinions? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Criticism?

Like I said, I mainly made this to find a spec that would be a "jack of all trades" for general dungeoning.

That being said I use my Purifier role for tank healing (like if I have a bard and chloro in one group, or just a really good chloro) and my Warden spec currently is only used for Rifts, but once I can spec more into Sentinel in that build it's going to be main group healing spec.
#2 Jul 08 2011 at 10:32 PM Rating: Default
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I run 34 warden/32 sent/0 pur t2's are a cake walk
#3 Jul 09 2011 at 10:54 AM Rating: Good
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I think you're spreading yourself a little too thin there.

It looks like your focus is a bit more on AE healing. However, you spent the points to get Healing Invocation. Since you bothered to get Healing Invocation, you can drop most of the things in Purifier, especially since you're 35 and don't REALLY have all those points available yet.

Alternatively, you can drop the points in Healing Invocation, use it to get Ancestral Flame, and use Restorative Flame as your main big heal.

You CAN use both heals, but that would require more focus on both Sentinel and Purifier trees, and less dipping into Warden. If you like HoTs that much but don't like the warden single target heal Deluge, it's better to just stick with one of the other two big heals. They're all on the GCD anyway.
#4 Jul 09 2011 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
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I will preface this post with saying whatever works for you works for you. If you find you aren't having any problems then by all means ignore my advice.

That being said, like Ravashack I also think you're spreading yourself too thin.

You said you wanted to go into the warden spec to get group heals, but you went 12 points in and only got 1 aoe hot. It's true that wardens are great 5 man aoe healer, but they're great 5 man aoe healers because they have healing flood, ripple, orbs of the tide, healing cataract, and downpour. You have almost none of the tools that make them great 5 man aoe healers.

There are primarily two types of group healing situations. The first is where everyone is taking damage and tkaing it fairly equally. This is usually because of a boss mechanic that is expected and predictable. This is the kind of aoe healing warden's excel at in 5 mans. The second type of group healing is single target spikes on someone other than the tank. This can be because of a bad pull, the tank lost hate, or rarely it is a specific boss mechanic. If this second type is where your problems are, then wardens won't help with this too much. Single target damage on nontank allies tends to require quick and strong healing. Warden's don't have great emergency tools, and their aoe heals typically aren't enough to keep a nontank ally taking big damage up. Purifier and sentinel tend to have better tools in this regard.

I think a purifier/sentinel hybrid (putting at least 32 points in each) would suit you better. surging blaze (31 point purifier) is a fairly decent aoe healing tool. I also feel a tlaented restorative flame tends to be better than a talented healing invocation. You have great emergency tools to stave off unwarranted single target damage on nontanks.
#5 Jul 10 2011 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the input. The idea I had was to get a mix of different heals and buffs to heals at low levels to help in all situations. I know that I don't have all those points to spend - currently I have all the Sentinel and Warden points. My thoughts were to boost my single target through Sentinel, while picking up the HoTs from Warden, then get a few things in Purifier to help more with single target. Group healing is satisfactory right now with Healing Flood, Healing Communion and talented Healing Breath. Shared recovery helps too when I get a ranged mob on me.

I put the points into Purifier to boost Wisdom, unlock Ward of the Ancestors, and get Enflamed Rejuvenation. At least with the groups I've had, when I'm focusing on group healing, the tank is still taking a lot of dmg so the shield would help alleviate stress on me, and Enflamed Rejuvenation gives a boost to most of my heals so that's awesome.

I do have a Warden spec, but I just felt that it lacked in single target healing - maybe my tanks were just really squishy (especially the rogues). The HoTs weren't cutting it on the tank, and Deluge wasn't up enough, imo, for the dmg they were taking. I have much better gear now (almost full blues instead of greens) so it might be a different story at this point.

That being said, I don't expect this build to be useful at all in T1 or T2. It was just an idea for leveling and just hitting 50 and still doing normal dungeons.
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