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#1 Jul 26 2011 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent
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anyone "successfully" run a 51pt Sin in pvp? i typically use a Sin/Rift build for most situations, but wanted to try out 51 Sin for the heavy front-loaded attacks since i'm usually a FC ganker or node sniper.

not only did i trade a lot of mobility and defense, but it feels like i'm not even hitting as hard, which is hard to believe since almost all talents in Sin are dmg increases and Serpent Strike should just melt faces.

anybody use this build in pvp? my other pts are the +combo/finisher from NB and +AP from Rift.
#2 Jul 28 2011 at 11:35 AM Rating: Decent
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I also have 51 Sin / 8 NB / 7 RS build and frankly the only time I use it is when I get told to dps ---- for pve...

I am so unimpressed with the 51 Sin that I quit using it for pvp after 4 days of solid use to try to get better with it. I thought I was just missing something that was like the ultimate key to it... nope it just has jack and sh*t for mobility and jack left before open beta.

I pvp in 33 Sin / 33 RS. But I dont gank the FC and I dont really try to take control points. I am a flag carrier, sourcestone runner and I pick off the weak and wounded as they try to get to the back ranks for healing.

The mobility of RS via phasing makes it better than pure Sin. If they gave Sin a front position opener like assassin classes had in Dark Age of Camelot. I would use it more, but always having to manage to get behind the target to get a viable dmg lvl alpha strike is very limiting. I'd gladly take a little dmg off the top of a frontal opener for added effect though. For instance, only have weapon plus a raw value for dmg and no scale off of AP and give it a serious movement speed reduction for like 4 seconds or a confusion effect for say 6 seconds.

Put a little back into the concept that crippling the last in line while his friends keep going at normal speed is just enough to have him dead and vanish from sight before they turn around and overcome you. Or stimey the front of the pack that usually has Rush or some other ability handy just long enough for the rest of your forces to ambush, while you vanish and slip away.

Sometimes I also think we as players look at "assassin" as the 1 shot kill thought or at least very few shots to kill the opponent. But what about an ability that makes any applied poison uncurable and reduce healing received on target. So we could focus on innoculating the victim with poisons and running away to let them die of their wounds. Who says assassination is all quick and efficient.

But no, 51 Sin is missing flavor elements, and there is too much crit and not enough AP. Poisons are not a viable amount of dmg. Perma stealth and vanish are the only 2 useful things from that line right now in the grand scheme of things IMO.

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#3 Jul 28 2011 at 12:57 PM Rating: Good
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Basically macro Savage Strike and Quick Shot into one button, and then macro Serpent Strike > Final Blow > Headshot into one as well.

In r6 gear for me its basically this.

Jagged > Puncture > Foul Play > Blow codex trink > Final Blow/SS > generally dead > if not savage a few times.

Its not a friendly build for wf's but world pvp its killer.

(V)(;,,;)(V) Why not Zoidberg?
#4 Aug 12 2011 at 8:00 PM Rating: Decent
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51 sin is my PvP spec of choice, but as the above poster demonstrates, you need to put the rest of your points into Infil. The skill that reduces the next 5 heals is crucial when fighting clerics and paladins, plus it buffs all of your damage against players even further. I was in your situation about the lacklusterness of Sin as I was also using RS and NB. You lose some mobility and you can't go head to head against most warriors, but that's not what Sin is about anyway. Get in, front load, get out and watch them bleed to death, sometimes even AFTER they have already killed you.

Another point to add, placing Foul Play early in your macro is critical because you NEED to start off with Jagged Strike, to help stack on the damage.

Another point to add, macros help A LOT in pvp.
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