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Before y'all flood me with PM's, no, we're not necessarily hiring right now Smiley: smile But I have been getting a few queries and thought I'd post my standard advice.

The majority of us at ZAM are Content Managers. Our job is to create timely and interesting content and promote it. We also do some forum work and community management, but mostly we write guides, write guides and write guides, which can be anything from a dungeon walk-through to an explanation of stats to a list of hats. (I'm a Senior Content Manager. Smiley: queen I do all of the above but supervise multiple sites and get "other duties as assigned".)

We look for people who are very passionate about their game and gaming in general; we prefer people with US daytime availability because that's when the game companies are working; the kind of person we want to hire loves this so much they would do it for free.

The number one thing you can do get get hired as a Content Manager at ZAM is to actively participate in the site by contributing to and editing the wiki. If we have an opening and you can say "I'm Soandso and here's a link to all my ZAM wiki edits," you've got instant wow factor. And since the Content Managers have been patrolling your contributions you'll have an instant reference: "Oh, Soandso applied? OMGWTFBBQ, they freeking rock at quest walkthroughs, hire them!"

You'll need to learn ZAM wiki. This can be a steep learning curve for some, but once it clicks you'll be fine (knowing HTML helps). Cyliena and I will be happy to help anyone get going with wiki.

You need to write well. You can do the world's most awesome boss strats, but if you do not know the difference between a full stop and a comma, or your sentences are incomprehensible, we're probably not going to hire you.

Let's see. Some FAQ-ish stuff is probably in order.
  • Why Do You Ask For a Resume? Because it's a real job! We treat it like one and expect you to do the same. While we're talking resumes: add a Gaming section on yours that covers games you've played and other gaming type stuff we might find interesting. Yes, brag a bit Smiley: glasses
  • What Do You Pay? This is a more-for-love-than-money job. All our CM positions are part-time consultant work, and everyone starts working for peanuts. Those who excel can definitely advance to almonds, or even cashews. I'm hoping for Brazil nuts at my next review.
  • What Kind of Hours Does This Require? Enough to get the job done. We look more at the content you're producing/contributing than the number of hours you're putting in.
  • How Do I Advance? Have a general love for MMO's, because advancement often includes changing games or working multiple sites. Excel at creating content in a timely, interesting manner. Be proactive about getting the goods on new and interesting stuff. Be enthusiastic. Be able to take and give feedback.

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