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Hotfix 1.4 #4 - The PatchinatorFollow

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* Added a new achievement for defeating Vladmal Prime.
* Defeating Vladmal Prime is also now required to obtain the Hammerknell Fortress achievement.

Vladmal Prime
* Vladmal Prime no longer rotates to face his target when casting Asphyxiating Smoke.

* The damage buff applied by the Bloodplague Crawler is now applied in an area of effect, triggered on its death.

Matron Zamira
* Dark Concussion: Decreased the damage on this ability.
* Child of Night minions have reduced health.
* Matron Zamira will begin casting Host of Oblivion sooner.
* Nightmare Spirit and Child of Night minions should now despawn correctly if they're still up when Matron Zamira dies.

Rune King Molinar
* Visions of Honor now lasts longer.
* Prince Dollin's Consuming Essence now has a longer casting time.
* Incorporeal Revenants can now move while channeling and are vulnerable to knockbacks.
* Forgotten Steward's buff, Honor's Sting, now has a visible component to make it easier to spot.
* Reduced the casting time of the Forgotten Steward's Honor's Reward spell.

* Unholy Contract: Increased damage bonus from this ability.
* The Necromancer spell, Consumption, can now affect Sicaron properly.

* Veras will appear for his scenes, but will not stun you.
* Breaking the Bond: Using the quest item will no longer interrupt scripted scenes.
* Wishes of the Dominata: Should update regardless of whether the vignette scene completes or not.

* Matter of Motes: Now a Weekly quest. Rewards 8 Quintessence.
* Quintessence now has a chance to drop from Rifts and Invasions. It will also be available beyond the end of the event.
* PvP: Reduced the Prestige bonuses from Alternate-mode Warfronts.
* PvP Rifts: Increased the hit points of Planar Extractors, Extraction Attractors, Idols of Absorption, and Absorption Beacons by 25%.
* Crafting: Bottle of Lifeleech now returns 10% of the damage you deal as health to you once every 2 seconds, instead of 50% ability damage reduction.
* Fixed a case where Drake Filets could be used without consuming the item.
* Mending Soul from guild bank funds no longer incorrectly reports not enough coin available.
* Fixed a case where speed buffs or debuffs would fail to properly affect you when mounting or dismounting.
* Raid Tears should no longer collapse when a zone event begins.
* You should once again be able to select screen resolution options that have longer text than the settings window can show.
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