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1.5 Arrives on PTS - Here's a Rundown of What You'll Find!

I love the smell of PTS in the morning - that fresh, crisp, new car scent. It's time to get back under the hood as we unleash the latest round of features destined for 1.5. To make it super easy to read we've tried to use as many bullet points as possible.

Let us begin!

Planar Attunement

Basic System Overview

Attunement is all about Progressing your character after 50
Attunement Experience can be earned via any activity that awards XP normally so play whatever content you enjoy the most
Each “Ding” worth of experience will award you Attunement points which you can spend on Planar attunement
Players can spend attunement points in one of the six planes to purchase a variety of bonuses ranging from combat to utility

How to

Earn points by completing post 50 “Attunement Levels”
Open the Planar Attunement window, widget can be found on the menu bar
Spend points by clicking on bonuses
Purchasing bonuses will unlock adjacent bonuses
Purchasing a complete tier will unlock the next tier
Confirm and save your changes on exit (Same as soul tree)

Know Issues / Features

Tiers 2 & 3 bonuses are locked for initial launch of the system. These bonuses will unlock with later content
Bonus Values , Costs, and types are all “In progress” we plan on continuing to adjust these throughout PTS based on player feedback and internal testing


Basic System Overview

Chronicles are casual friendly, 1 – 2 player instances that give players a chance to visit new areas, get new awesome loot, and experience new stories. Currently, they are intended for players just getting started after reaching Level 50.

How to

Launch a chronicle through the widget on the menu bar
Chronicles have a Daily lockout, you can only do each chronicle once a day

Know Issues / Features

Not all Chronicles are released as of today, more chronicles will be added throughout the PTS period
Chronicles are not completely finished, balanced, and tuned. We plan on continuing to adjust these throughout PTS based on player feedback and internal testing

Master Mode Dungeons

Basic System Overview

Master Mode Dungeons are designed for 5 players looking for a difficult instance that will challenge them more than expert dungeons
Master Mode Dungeons are designed for players who have already completed our existing T2 dungeon content
Master Mode Dungeons will reward players with more powerful rewards then those found in T2 dungeon content, including marks of ascension which will allow them to purchase Tier 1 raid gear from the raid vendors.

How to

Choose the “Master” difficulty by clicking on your portrait (Same way you’d choose expert)
Zone into the dungeon

Know Issues / Features

Darkening Deeps and Deepstrike mines are the only Master Mode dungeons being tested at this time
Master Mode dungeons are not completely finished, balanced, and tuned. We plan on continuing to adjust these throughout PTS based on player feedback and internal testing.

Warfront Accolades

Basic System Overview

Warfront Accolades are a new addition to warfronts that give players mini achievements and goals they can obtain during each warfront match.
The majority of Accolades will reward the entire team, so teamwork helps everyone!

How to

Queue for a Warfront (yes it’s that easy)
Play as you normally would, there are a variety of Accolades for just playing!

Know Issues / Features

We are working on cool Voice Over options for announcing Accolades
We’re still tuning how each accolade is rewarded. We plan on continuing to adjust these throughout PTS based on player feedback and internal testing.

List of Accolades

All Warfronts

First Blood - First kill of the match, team awarded favor bonus.
Killing Spree - Kill 9 enemy players without dying. Opposing team receives bonus for killing them.
Annihilation - If you wipe the entire opposing team with at least one person alive on your team you will receive a bonus.
Juggernaut - take massive damage over a significant period of time.
Savior - Heal of shield a player that is being attacked and at low health.

Black Garden

Invincible - Hold the fang longer than any mere mortal could!
Death Wish - Given to the first player to grab the fang

Whitefall Steppes

Reclaimer - Return a flag to your base 5 times in a single match
Double Threat - Return your flag while carrying their sourcestone


Defender - Interrupt or reclaim your control point before the enemy claims it for their own!
Total Control - Control all 4 points at the same time

Port Scion

Massacre - Slay as many of their sourcestone carriers as you can!
Demolition - Destroy both of your enemies towers
Double Down - Kill both Lieutenants before they resurrect an Idol

Escalation: Whitefall Steppes

Blitz - First person to pick up a stomstone receives a bonus
Sabotage - Take a stormstone out of the enemy base

Library of the Runemasters

Mass Martyr - Entire team receives a bonus if you can hold on to 4 or more relics at the same time.

James "Elrar" Nichols
Community Manager
#2 Sep 02 2011 at 8:28 PM Rating: Decent
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The accolades system looks really cool. On one hand, it might serve as a tutorial for new players (*cough* and bads *cough*) by giving them a tiny bit of guidance around what they should be trying to do, but it might (hopefully) also encourage more organized group play. There's no cure for the generic chaos that is a full PUG warfront group, but if you give them incentive to work as a team it might help a bit.
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