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Healing T2 as Warden/ Solo Healing T2Follow

#1 Sep 13 2011 at 8:26 AM Rating: Decent
I need some help please. I have the following build for my healing cleric. I can run T2's in most runs with support. I have been kicked out of two t2's because i needed support. I'm trying to work on a build to help me solo heal. Here is my stats and gear make up.

I am 51/Warden, 10/Sent, 5/ Purifier
I have 499 Wisdom, Spell Power 947, and spell crit 406.

My helmet runes are wisdom plus 10, gloves, spell crit +11. i have two of my Spirit tempered gear, the blessed spirit beacon with wisdom +10, and the spirit tempered signet. I have the aricore tome as offhand and wisdom plus 10, my wand is slim touched wand, wisdom plus 10.

With all this build, i can't pump out enough heals to get a tank seriously healed and therefore I can't solo heal a t2. I am still working on getting my trinket the S.H.O.E. I have researched so much online about cleric builds and healing, I have changed my spec numerous times. I really could use some guidance on what runes to get and what i'm doing wrong. Please if anyone can help a fellow cleric healer, I would really appreciate it. What build is better for T2 solo healing? I just want to make sure my gear is going in the right direction.
#2 Sep 13 2011 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
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Now this could (and probably is just me) but I haven't had much success with Warden as a primary soul in T2s. The HoTs are great but Deluge (while it looks attractive) isn't really all that great for keeping a tank up. I prefer to use a Sent/Ward build in dungeons. You get the HoTs to stabalize damage and you have Healing Invocation to deal with bug chunks of damage. Sent also gives you a nice emergency cooldown (Touch the Light), as well as Healer's Haste.
With this build I use Soothing Streams to proc Serendipity so I can get a fast Invocation.

However, if you are **** bent on keeping Warden then I would suggest not going 51 points into it. I would put points into Sent or Puri so you can get the 3 second heal from them (Healing Invocation or Restorative Flame), having a spell that isn't on a cooldown, and one that doesn't depend on the number of HoTs you have will make life a bit easier.

As far as builds go I personally use 33 Sent/28 Ward/5 Cab (
#3 Oct 06 2011 at 11:20 AM Rating: Decent
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OMG not the normal split built? Wtf is this ****???
Oh I'll feed you baby birds

With every warden build, 4x stacks Soothing Streams on the tank, keep it up at all times, download one of those new addons, whatever you need to do, do it. Now.

We're about to start, wtf do I do?:
Put that orb on him so he survives the alpha hits from the pull with no issues
(note here is to make sure your tank is competant enough to know you're going to spike in agro from those orbs healing him, he should be prepared to do what he should be doing anyway)

Tanks dying *****************
Create macros, that you can triple click - Tidal surge, Touch the Light, and Healing Invocation. Possibly your long aoe too, but that burns up mana and we loves our mana.

[b]But But Deluge is ******!
No, wrong. Serendipity should be proccing quite a bit, making your deluge ~.5s cast, and the 4s recast on it makes it an effective on the fly nuke.

Tank damage? Check:
Keep 4x stacks of SS on tank, then Healing Spray, Healing Current as well, HC gives you the few seconds inbetween hot casts for a mini nuke, though it doesn't heal for much, it's okay it's just chaining till your next nuke, Use Healing Breath when it comes up, it's a nice little addition to your heals already, and nuke away with Deluge whenever you feel like.

Group Damage? okay I can do that too:
Your Healing Breath is Talented, it'll hit three people now, small, but worth it.
Healing Flood-> Divine call -> this will stop the burst damage to your party.
Take this GCD to use your aoe debuff removal, then pop Ripple on your tank, and follow up with 4x stacks of Soothing stream.
If that doesn't keep your party up, by this time your other heals have come off CD and you can start to polish up the other members.

Do note that with Ripple, yes it's a 45s cd, but then again, with t2's except for perhaps one fight, the really hard hitting aoe damage is on timers, which usually aligns perfectly with this spells cooldown.

Got a lot of mana to waste? Yes you do, since you have your new awesome mana regeneration blue lazer skill. Might as well use a Healing Communion for ***** and giggles.

Why is Luminous Gaze in there?
It's in there because you're probably not in a guild group, and they probably have one or two dps that is not geared for ****, and those T2 dps checks aren't the coolest thing this side of easy street.

If you're using Deluge as a main heal, why didn't you talent it?
Because no one wants to get kicked out of their groups for running out of mana on those intense fights that you've been dying at, also having the serendipity option negates that. Faster heals=moar hps.

And this is what I used Before they put T2s on ez mode for all of the players. Done and Done, sir.

I probably forgot quite a lot of stuff in here, but hey, I'm at work right now and winging it. Small things can be changed back and forth, The werewolf fight? +1pt into cabalist and you negate that first horrible fear (or just do what I do and start precasting a long spell, you won't move, and will continue to cast your heal, unless they fixed that somewhere along the line)
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