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(Cleric) Shaman Melee DPSFollow

#1 Oct 03 2011 at 10:13 AM Rating: Decent
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This is my build

So as you can see I focus a lot on Crit because that does seem to be pretty important for a Shaman.
At this very moment I'm only level 36, but I ran an instance with some people as a Support (Yet I still acted as DPS with the above build) and there were 2 Melee DPS Warriors in the group. After they seen I was only pumping out 200 DPS (I was lvl 35 at the time) they said "Yeah, Warriors are OP"... Now I didn't know if this was true, or I was just doing crappy DPS.

I Marco Fated Blow and Jolt over my Massive and Crushing Blow, as follows:

/cast Jolt
/cast Fated Blow
/cast Massive Blow
/cast Crushing Blow

Then I also use Lightning Hammer every 4 attack, to keep the DoT up unless I think there going to die in the next 4 seconds, then I just keep using the above Macro.
I switch between Vengeance of the Piercing Cold and Winter Storm, so that the Piercing Cold debuff is on, then go to Winter Storm for the damage, and then back to Piercing Cold.

I usually start off a fight with Light Bolt --> Life's Vengeance --> Battle Charge. Then Lightning hammer, and the usual.

This is Single Target DPS obviously, when its AoE its different but that's not what I'm focused on right now.

Am I doing anything wrong? Do you have suggestions? Thnx in advance.

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#2 Oct 04 2011 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
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No druid or all druid, druid is a poor offspec, 51 points shaman is worth it, macro in lightning hammer, offspec should be justicar for healing and sentinel for crit damage since shaman damage is based highly off of crits. If you want a couple more instant heals you can take one point out of Sentinel and grab Doctrine of Bliss, which will come with Doctrine of Loyalty.

Vengeance of the primal north for AOE, frozen wrath added to single target macro then vengeance of the winter storm for single target. Put your off global cooldown abilities all at the bottom of your macro it makes a difference. Add bolt of radiance, lifes vengeance and banish to the bottom of your single target macro so they'll shoot off when you're out of melee range.

This build gives you two heals including a nice instant one and your melee swings heal you. This build will do more single target and AOE damage.

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#3 Oct 07 2011 at 9:18 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok so, I'm not entirely certain which is better, but let me think about it.

Gains I get with your suggestion:
+5% to melee attack abilities
--- This is good of course
Bolt of Radiance
--- This is a small benefit
Frozen Wrath
--- This is a great ability.
30% more damage on Massive Blow and 10% AP contribution to Massive Blow
--- This is one of the most appealing, considering the buffs I get from the Shaman Tree to Massive Blow and its my main power attack.

Loses I get with your suggestion:
5% more Attack power from Spell Power and 5% more crit.
--- This easily makes up for the +5% Attack damage I get with Hammer of Virtue in the Justicar.
--- A little less damage then Bolt of Radiance, but its not a major part of my build anyway.
Fae Hammer
--- Just in case Ageless Ice is on cool-down
Luminous Gaze
--- Another 5% crit in a single target fight...

Yet Frozen Wrath and the Massive Blow buff seem very appealing... I think I WILL in-fact make this change =]

Also, you mention healing with Salvation and Doctrine of Bliss, when Shield of Oak is good too. but Im not focused on healing

#4 Oct 08 2011 at 8:28 PM Rating: Decent
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The heals can be a little more valuable, especially if you're in a group where the healer is not well specced for AOE healing and you need to throw a couple quick aoe heals in the mix during burst AOE damage. One great example would be the master mode werewolf boss. I tried similar builds to the one you put up but found them lacking in numbers. The only way druid is really great is when you stack to 51 points and use it for big AOE fights. In that case it really shines.

You also forget you get a dot which is very useful for extra single target damage.

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