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Hotfix 1.5 - 4: In which Trion doesn't post patch notes?Follow

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RIFT 1.5 Hotfix #4 - 10/6/11

* Fixed an issue causing characters to lose health when mounting.
* Fixed a character sheet bug where unequipped items would continue to be displayed and would overlap equipped items.
* PvP: You can no longer enter a Chronicle or Warfront while in combat.
* Planar Attunement Rift opener abilities now always open a Rift of the correct type.
* Corrected the Genesis Pylon effect so it once again has a cooldown.
* Zone event colossi, now with even greater hit point scaling.
* Tuned down the drop of epic currency from zone events with sub-bosses.
* Fixed a rare case where an ex-LFG tool group would enter a Master mode and receive a replacement group member popup.
* You can once again see experience rewards granted from LFG instance completions in the LFG window.
* Fixed a bug where the LFG UI would occasionally not show any queues to join.

* Killing base population mobs in the Greenscale's Blight and Hammerknell Chronicles now causes you to be saved to the instance.
* Sanctum: Ceremony of Attunement: You should no longer get occasionally stuck in combat in the courtyard area.
* You can now auto-attack with the flower weapons from the Greenscale's Blight chronicle. FLOWER POWER.
* Fixed another case in the Greenscale chronicle where Lord Greenscale could get stuck at 1% and not reset properly. Also reduced the length of his flight phase to 20 seconds from 30.
* Meridian: Ceremony of Attunement: Reduced the likelihood of getting stuck after your progress is saved when fighting Kain.

* Changes to the following solo accolades: Killing Spree, Rampage, Unstoppable, Savior, Juggernaut, Invincible, Defender, Double Threat, Sabotage, Massacre.
- Reduced the experience, Favor, and Prestige granted to the player earning the accolade by 10%.
- Teammates now earn roughly 30% of the experience, Favor, and Prestige when others on their team earn these solo accolades.

* Many dungeon terrain shortcuts have been fixed. Please bug report any that are still an issue!
* Instances can once again only be reset 5 times per hour. This was broken with 1.5.
* Darkening Deeps [Master]: Villizar: Break Free type abilities now work against Flame Javelin's stun.
* Darkening Deeps [Master]: Tegenar: Break Free type abilities no longer work for Cocoon.
* Hammerknell: Akylios: The death region on the dock should properly deactivate on Akylios' death.
* Hammerknell: Inquisitor Garau's minions no longer grant experience.

* Recasting buffs like Rogue poisons will now replace the existing buff rather than a random one.
* Dominator: Fixed an issue where Charged Shield [Rank 5] and Mass Charged Shield [Rank 4] would double-proc when triggered.
* Marksman: Vampiric Munitions: Fixed a bug where the healing siphon caused the Marksman to break stealth when the debuffed target was healed.
* Nightblade: Fell Blades: Fixed a bug where the healing siphon caused the Nightblade to break stealth when the debuffed target was healed.
* Pyromancer: Burning Bonds: Fixed an issue with the Unbreakable Bonds ability where Burning Bonds would only root a PvP target for 4 seconds instead of 8, even if the target was not under the effect of diminishing returns.

* Client optimizations!
* The game now tries to work around a bug in AMD Llano CPUs (AMD models A4-3XXX, A6-3XXX and A8-3XXX) that was causing frequent crashes. If you use one of these processors you should notice improved client stability.

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