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Can a girl get some help????? Rogue Build after 1.5...Follow

#1 Oct 09 2011 at 5:34 PM Rating: Decent
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I know this has been posted a million times, but I could use some advice as the number of posts is overwhelming and the information has changed with 1.5.

I have been using this build for really everything...(Mainly solo PvE)

And this build for PvP

I know, it is all a sad mess and I have been sucking the dps in dungeons and in general..I have 3 role slots to use and need some good advice for the following roles...

First...I need a good Ranged PvE build for Raiding and T2's as well Master mode eventually. I have enjoyed the ranged class and have come to rely on my pet to tank for me. Maybe it is time for me to "grow up".

Second I need a PvP build that is possibly ranged as well, I have not done too much "in your face" PvP so if a build is an in your face build, I would need some help as far as sequence of abilities.

Third I would like a decent support role.

Okay, I know I have asked a lot, and probably wont get many replies, but you cant blame a girl for trying.

Macros to go along with your build choices would be so wonderful I might just kiss you....Smiley: nodSmiley: wink
Smiley: winkSmiley: wink
#2 Oct 10 2011 at 9:21 AM Rating: Decent
Sure you can have some help Smiley: smile

I can give you the builds I use for DPS in dungeons/raids and my solo spec.

For starter if I would have been you I would not have used ranger anymore for any type of DPS in dungeons/raids.

I use a 51 Marksman build with 5 in Riftstalker and 10 into Nightblade.
Here is the build:

My stats:
Dex 597 - Str 306 - Crit 743 - AP 691 - Hit 247

It is important to remember to have the right buffs on. I use Silver Tip Muntitons, Electrified Muntitons and Planebound Recilience

Standard DPS rotation is Empowered Shot(when its up) --> Swift Shot(to keep building. If the target is moving use Barbed Shot instead the bleed it gives will have greater dps then Swift Shot alone) --> Rapid Fire Shot(finisher when it's up other wise use Deadeye Shot or if you are on the move Hasted Shot) This is you're standard DPS rotation.

CD rotation is Strafe --> Bull's Eye --> Rapid Fire Shot --> Quick Reload --> Strafe --> Bull's Eye --> Rapid Fire Shot

AoE rotation is Lightning Fury --> Fan Out --> Crossfire(as a AoE CD) Macro for this is

#show Lightning Fury
cast Lightning Fury
cast Fan Out

I can pull 1k easy with this build as only T2 geared, plus ofc the crafter gear from 1.4 :p

Thats about if for the DPS rotation now for the solo spec I use

It is a really really good build for soloing and leveling as a rouge.

Single Target Builder
#show Savage Strike
cast Reprisal
cast Poison Malice
cast Puncture
cast Savage Strike

Aoe Target Builder
#show Twin Strike
cast Rift Disturbance
cast Twin Strike

Single Target Rotation

S.T. Survival Rotation
Spam S.T. macro till 5 C.P. then Guarded steel then S.T. macro till 5 C.P. then
false blade. Repeat

S.T. DPS Rotation
Spam S.T. macro till 5 C.P. then Dauntless Strike then S.T. macro till 5 C.P. then
Annihilate then S.T. macro till 5 C.P. then Baneful Touch. Repeat

Aoe Target Rotation:
Aoe Survival Rotation
For this do S.T. Survival Rotation then Aoe macro and keep alive.

Aoe DPS Rotation
For this do S.T. DPS Rotation then just spam Aoe macro and if necessary hit
Compound Attack witch is a aoe finisher but not really worth the Energy. And or just smap aoe macro and it will do fine.

That is all I can help you with for now but I hope it helps Smiley: wink
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