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RIFT 1.5 Hotfix #9 - Stuff and nonsenseFollow

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* Rifts will now drop Sourceshards and Inscribed Sourcestones based on their opened level, preventing some Rifts opened with the Planar Attunement lures from dropping incorrectly low-level Sourceshard items.
* Due to the above change, Inscribed Sourcestones now drop from level 40+ Rifts (lowered from level 45+).
* Zone events have been updated to allow for any Rift or Invasion of a specified planar type to count toward the event objectives.
* Increased the rate at which Invasions scale in high-level zones; the Invasions should be somewhat beefier when the zones are highly populated.

* Hammerknell: Taught certain NPCs why killstealing is bad, to fix a case where raids could kill Akylios without getting credit.
* Hammerknell: Grugonim: Corrosive Bile and Unstable Spores have had their projectile speeds reduced, damage lowered, time between uses increased, and a new warning message.
* Fixed the Mathosian version of the Exponent's Hauberk so it looks like the version everyone else got!
* The Harbinger of Regulos companion pet item is now tradable.
* Nightblade: Blackout: No longer causes spell-based attacks to miss. Duration has been reduced to 5 seconds from 6 seconds.
* Gloamwood: A Woman Scorned: Seriously, the Hag's Curse shouldn't get stuck on people anymore.
* Quests in instances containing cross-shard LFG members (ex: dungeons) now work properly with quests that require you to use a quest item in a specific location.
* Dark Pulsing Crystals are now available for purchase with Inscribed Sourcestone.
* Fixed a bug with selecting targets for abilities cast through the /cast slash command.

* Slightly reduced the difficulty of the first unstable stage of Ashes of History Rifts, 'Gold Tenders' and 'Forged Menace'.
* The World Event quest sticky has less blank space around the on-screen text.

* The client should now be able to log back in properly after recovering from a crash!
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