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My theory how to add a new raceFollow

#1 Oct 31 2011 at 9:09 AM Rating: Decent
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So one of the bigger qq's about Rift that I see if the leveling is kind of standard and nothing really changes from one alt to the next which is right.

I think the easiest way to fix this is to add a new race. It can actually be done simply by taking the EQ approach.

The EQ approach is to add a island that is basically the lowbie leveling zone like Rotunga (rat race). Rotunga was nothing fancy mind you. You start out on a beach and the city is like two shacks. You travel around this small island and then meet up with everyone else around lvl 16.

I know Trion is pushing this time traveler stuff, but it is 2011 and they need to consider what their competition is doing. I'll put money on it that GW2 and ToR will be hailed for having separate starting zones.

Trion is mostly EQ devs, so I am sort of confused why this has not been done yet. Ember Isle is a missed opportunity in my view because they are basically reusing Dwarves and Kelari. I think with such hefty competition coming up in 2012 for long term viability of Rift the game needs more re playability even if it is just for 10 levels on a starting island.

Also 1.7 looks to be Planetouched Wilds. This is a closed off zone away from the other zones and seems like yet another perfect opportunity to add a new race. Just take a section of Planetouched and make it a lowbie zone and have a teleporter take people to Silverwood or Freemarch after they hit like lvl 6.

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The ex-SOE devs I know at Trion are EQII, if you want to quibble.

I betcha it's on a timetable somewhere :)
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#3 Oct 31 2011 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Adding a new race isn't going to change the alt grind. Level 1-16 takes an experienced player 3-4 hours tops. There's really no reason to add another race right now. I play alts to experience the other callings. It's way, way too early in the development cycle for the devs to be focusing on unique alt experiences.
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The thing with multiple starter zones is that it is empty and you barely ever see anyone. Take World of Warcraft for example, and include Everquest/Everquest 2/Warhammer Online; there are sooo many starter zones and even leveling zones that you never see anyone in. Rift has pretty much fixed this as there is content for people from level 10 to 50 to do in every zone. A lot of MMOs just feel like a single player game when you're playing it but with Rift it doesn't. There's usually someone always questing where I am questing, running by me when I'm traveling down a path etc.

Now with a new race, it's obvious they would add in a starter instance for each one or perhaps just use one new instance for Guardian for multiple new races and one for Defiants for multiple new races. But see so many capital cities and zones in World of Warcraft and other games, no thanks. I love going back to zones and having stuff to do not leveling in a zone and never stepping back into it.

Taking their Traveler idea I wouldn't be surprised if it was one big island like you suggested but that multiple newer races land at from wherever they come from. I can see that happening.

Also, Trion needs to take their time if they're going to add in newer races. I don't want them to rush anything really. And as for upcoming MMO competition, tried SWTOR beta and didn't like it. GW2 looks okay but it will only be popular because it's almost a F2P if it has no subscription model. To pay for bandwith and development costs, expect a cash shop to come into play. I think people will play SWTOR+WoW or SWTOR+Rift anyways. It caters to sword and board as well as sci-fi.
#5 Nov 09 2011 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Well there is technicalllyyy sort of a lore based way they could do this and people would love it. Technically the Kelari starting area could be that small port city and the Elf starting area could be that lvl 6 quest hub.

If you rolled Tauren in WoW, then you know the Tauren starting area was like 1-5 and then you were in that big city. The ToR hype is just that. If you look at any Beta leak site the game looks solid, but it will not come out and kill everything like some nutcases are claiming.

Also saw this posted and I 100% support this. I would roll one these as a alt in a heartbeat:

Dragonians are an awesome looking race, and I think they would make a great playable race.
After Maelforge is defeated, the liberated Dragonians could ally themselves with guardian or defiant forces. This would be a great thing to add in an expansion. Some pics of Dragonians:

Also, the Bomani would make a great race too.

Let me know your thoughts pplz!

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Edited, Nov 9th 2011 3:00pm by Puremallace
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