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IDK where to post this but id like some feedback (was forum=Follow

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Sb= Stormblade
Ef= Elemental Flux
Se= Surging energy

RW= Rising Waterfall
WoF= Way of the river
WoM= Way of the mountain
FoF= Fleet of foot
FS= Flowing strikes
Wm= Weapons master

Gs= Grim Satisfaction
Ps= Power strike
Pb= Punishing blow
Bf= Bladefury
Db= Deathblow
Ds= Debilitating strike
Sb= Slayers bearing
MoE= Mark of extermination
IF= Inescapable fury
Fs= Frenzied strike
Br= Bull rush
It= Intense training
Pt= Proper timing
Bp= Brutal punishment
Mb= Mighty blow

This is a build iv been drooling over for quit some time, to me I look at it and think fury warrior on crack, Obviously this is a Crit based spec Use Slayers bearing. Assuming this scales best for the highest end gear tiers. Fast paced and energy consuming, I don't recommend macroing the rotation since its situational.

I'm a little new on comprehensive guides on rotation spec and reasoning so I'll explain the rotation and show the benefits in my sloppy manner =]

(Fs) over all priority, the second it procs you use it.
Second priority is (If) use once it procs.




your Pb/Bf/Db might cut in earlier in the rotation, Infact it will quite often
thanks to (Wm), Now this might cause some issues with Energy, but assuming your geared for this, (Se) Will come into play from crits as well as (Gs)

Take note...the points in
(Fs)=5% Crit after dealing a crit
(WoR)=3% Crit passive
(MoE)=5% Crit on target
(Bp)=30% Crit on (If)
(Pt)=100% Crit every 30 seconds

This leaves you with 13% passive on your target not including your personal stats or(Bp) procs or raid buffs or (Pt). Now for this spec to be effective...the true measure is if u can keep your (Sb) rolling once its rolling and the dot is basically never off your target. Id say your geared enough for the spec.

Assuming you use (Pt) properly you need to crit every 5 seconds to keep your (Sb)Rolling
(note u have a 15% proc chance on white swings from (Ef))

Guess what 25% damage buff to your crits thanks to (It)? Now your a happy camper


Your damage is no longer based on weapon damage solo. you can now assume 16.6% weapon damage tact on to each of your ability's from (Sb) rolling dot and 30% weapon damage from (Wom).

(Ps) is virtually wiped out of your rotation thanks to (Wm)and the debuffs(Ds,MoE) Leaving you with 166.6%+ect Weapon Damage hits such as (Rw)And 136.6%(Fs) as your meat and potato's of the spec.

(WoR)= 3% crit chance to Assist keeping up your (Sb)However if u can afford the 3% crit
(WoM)= 30% damage buff on your meat and potato's which I highly recommend.

Feedback please, id like to get some figures of numbers and percentiles damage done from other specs vs mine. crit chances of top notch gear. not much information out there for me to theory craft with or i just dont know where to find it help appreciated.

A detailed dps meter addon as well if anyone knows

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