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1.6 Cleric tanking Guide. NEED HELPFollow

#1 Dec 08 2011 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
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I am currently a cleric healer and I have been looking for a way to convert to a tank. The build that I have been looking at is:

The only problem is since i have never tanked anything before I have no idea where to start on the spell rotations and such. Please any help, macros, and rotations u have to offer is appreciated! thanks!
#2 Dec 08 2011 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
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check rift forums... dozens of post there about that :)
#3 Jan 02 2012 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
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I want to build on ZAM's community, and am curious about this too (got a cleric lowbie that I'm enjoying tanking with).
I'll see if I can dig information and repost it here.

#4 Jan 02 2012 at 12:20 PM Rating: Default
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Seems there's a pretty good layout given in at:

Check a few posts down and they talk about rotations single target and multi-target.

#5 Jan 20 2012 at 12:22 AM Rating: Decent
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the build i've found the most success with was THIS

first off, i'm not the biggest fan of 51 point builds as the commitment it takes is huge, and doesn't give much variability in the build with your extra points...that being said, doctrine of authority is nice, but the mana cost is just too much for this build to bear as your only mana regeneration method is to use purpose

all that being said, this build is SUPERIOR when it comes to aggro control than any other cleric tanking build. period. i've tested them, and this build grabs and hold aggro the best....being that the main concern with cleric tanking in the primary forum is aggro control...this build excels in the necessary areas to make it more gives you extra magic resist from dark harbor in cabalist, and the addition of tyranny gives you an extra AOE to pull groups of mobs..

as far as your basic justicar rollout, i opted for defense heavy in the build, there isn't necessity in causing sovereignty to stun for just two still get rebuke, which is ever so handy for pulling ranged mobs in close to you, as well as all the lower skills that are pretty basic...

as far as shaman goes, i went in 12 points to get glory of the chosen, which goes first in all of your macros for this build due to it being off the GCD and assures you use it whenever it becomes available to you...same goes for fated blow, but its not nearly as useful...also courage of the bear is nice as the extra strength adds more to your block rate (which stacks nicely with precept i must say)

as for macros...i use only TWO primary macros for this build, one for single target, and another for multiple targets

single target macro:

#show massive blow
cast glory of the chosen
cast fated blow
cast precept of refuge
cast censure
cast bolt of radiance
cast sovereignty
cast lightning hammer
cast massive blow
cast strike of judgment

this macro keeps glory going when available while automatically debuffing magic with censure, keeping precept up, and holding the aggro with a mix of skills that will keep your convictions coming in

multiple target macro:

#show even justice
cast glory of the chosen
cast precept of refuge
cast even justice

simple macro to keep glory going and precept up while you're taking on lots of enemies

i use three other skills in my primary rotations, tyranny of course i use to pull, but as it uses decays i like to have more control over this skill, the same goes for obliterate, which is basically single target tyranny...the other downfall of these skills is that they are DEATH elemental, which means you will NOT receive convictions for these skills, the other skill is curse of discord, which helps a ton when holding aggro on single target mobs (i.e. bosses), but once again does not grant convictions, everything else aside from dark harbor in the cabalist tree is all but useless, as most require cast times...and quite frankly spells that require times greater than instant hinder your ability to tank in stress situations.

buff rollout:

vengeance of the winter storm
courage of the bear
mien of leadership
lurking decay
dark harbor
righteous mandate (cast this on your healer)

a word on righteous mandate: since mien of leadership grants aggro from overheals, when a you get healed, if its an overheal, it heals (in overhealing) to your healer, thus making your healer (especially cleric wardens) tiny aggro machines working for you, combine this with a doctrine of loyalty followed by a tyranny and you'll NEVER have issues holding aggro
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