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New to Rift tanking, ideas for a leveling build?Follow

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So having tanked my entire WoW career as I explore Rift I'm going to try and do the same thing and level as a tank so I am prepared for the endgame from (preferably) a MT point of view. I've played nothing but tanks in WoW (with my main being my beloved Prot Warrior). From what I've read the Warrior calling is the "best" (subjective ofc.) tank so I'm looking at creating a Warrior.

I've done some research but several of the guides seem to be out of date and were made with an earlier version of the game; in particular I stumbled across Ciderhelm's guide to leveling as a tank which recommends Reaver/Paladin/Warlord, with VK picked up later on. As I am new to Rift I'm not sure if this guide is still viable or if it's been obsoleted. I've also read a few things from the endgame which recommended going full into VK, but again I've also read things that say this was changed in recent patches.

As a new player, what would be a good build to look at if I want to be able to comfortably quest and when I hit appropriate level start running instances as a tank? Ideally something that wouldn't hinder me too much as a newbie tank (as I've tanked in WoW I'm all too familiar with the danger of having a brand new tank, let alone a totally new player, in a dungeon for the first time) or make me a liability as I would be going into the Rift dungeons pretty much blind.

I understand that the spec/build will change at or close to the level cap to tank the Expert dungeons and raids, but right now I have yet to even make a character so that is a long way off and I'm looking for something viable for both solo and group play from a tanking perspective, with the intention of tanking instances like the Iron Tomb or Deepstrike Mines as soon as possible and continuing to be able to quest and tank all the way to max level.

Any help would be appreciated, as right now I have only a few resources to go off of and most are either questionably out of date (e.g. Ciderhelm's leveling guide) or focus only at max level in regards to Expert dungeons and raiding, which is more than a little overwhelming for me at this point in time.
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